How to be the decision maker of ANY situation

Ever been with your friend in a situation where NO ONE seems to be able to take a decision? You know, 5 of you are silently fighting to find a place to eat. Or something to do. These 5 peeps, including you already KNOW where they want to eat. For decency, they don't tell anything.… Read More »

How to be THE badass young man

When you get into you college, you get mixed up with thousands peeps. You don't know them, they don't know you. These strangers will eventually build an opinion on you, without even talking to you. And that's definitely important to stand on the highest end of the spectrum. You want to stand out. You want… Read More »

How to live an happy life

How to live an happy life I want to raise awareness on a growing issue: The standard lifestyle - Get a degree, a job, a wife, the reaper -  isn't the easiest way to live a happy and fulfilling life. I'm writing this article to share with you my thoughts on this type of life… Read More »

How a dead-simple blog is the turning point of an empire

When was the last time you wrote something on the internet? Probably today. You are hyper-connected. We all are. The difference between you and the average person on the internet? They don’t know my blog - Kidding. The average person on the internet doesn’t write. Did you hear about the silent majority? 80% of the… Read More »

Launching a website building business

After the t-shirts, polo and the awesome Life is a Game ebook, I'm moving onto something else. This time, it won't be a simple addition to Nerdow. It's something 100% different - here's the complet project, in french: As you know, I'm a french 19 years old who writes on Quora and on his… Read More »

Building a business as a challenge

The first chapter of Make Money Writing Building a business is one of the most challenging yet most entertaining achievement you’ll cross. It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to operate a business. It takes a lot of knowledge for a business to be satisfactory. It’s the ultimate defy because it’s a never-ending… Read More »

Launching the Lion Crown collection

I'm proud. I'm launching the new Lion Crown collection. You can now show your colors in our fancy clothes. T-shirts, embroidered polos, awesome cap. We have everything you need to show who you are. For this event, and up to the last day of August 2018, you get 20% off all the Lion Crown products… Read More »

Why ebooks and online courses are worth the bucks

First point first, I’m making my own promo with this article – and everyone who has written an ebook or more will thank me for this! Most people, don’t realize why ebooks are superior to articles. In this article, I will tell you why ebooks and courses are the next steps products you need to… Read More »