Actual secrets to progress at the gym

You can read thousands – even billions – of articles on the subjects. Most articles come with a picture: before, after of the guy/girl who trained for X months and got spectacular results. Most people are “lying” to you with such articles. What I know that you don’t is that you need to have 5+… Read More »

Efficiency by Wall Street Playboys : Review

The purpose of life is to find a way to be more efficient.Wall Street Playboys Efficiency being one of the primary investment of our life, it comes at no surprise we *must* improve it. Efficiency means the whole package. From useless expenses... to building the shiny essence of your mind, everything can be improved. Efficiency… Read More »

Sending business owners coldmails to make a quick buck

Money gets exchanged a lot. Business. Buyers. Customers. More people and more. It’s like water. $$$ move in and out. And well, just like water there’s a quick hack to catch it. Be the middleman. Money flows from A to B. Be between A and B. By that I mean. Contact the business owner, share… Read More »

What you should know before lifting weights at the gym

I'm lifting weights for more than year now. I learned a lot, by the hard way. Now it's my time to share with you *everything* I learned about weightlifting in some bullet points. You will see your body change over time. Consider the following percent toward your maximum muscle mass. Note: the more muscle you… Read More »

Looking like Chad Thundercock

Defining Chad with bullet points: Good lookingImpressive muscular bodyFancy faceVisible six packVery low body fat percentageNaturally talented with college girlsSpecialized in sports and weightliftingIs the biggest/strongest man in the entire campusGot an internet business to pay for whatever he wants Chad Thundercock is THE model many young men aspire to. And who would be after… Read More »

Be your own slave

When words are pronounced, actions are taken Reliable men Words matter. Be a slave to your words. Tell something and execute it. When you tell: I'm going to be a millionaire by the day I turn 25. You'd better do it. I do not only believe in the words I say, I live by them.… Read More »

How to be the decision maker of ANY situation

Ever been with your friend in a situation where NO ONE seems to be able to take a decision? You know, 5 of you are silently fighting to find a place to eat. Or something to do. These 5 peeps, including you already KNOW where they want to eat. For decency, they don't tell anything.… Read More »

How to be THE badass young man

When you get into you college, you get mixed up with thousands peeps. You don't know them, they don't know you. These strangers will eventually build an opinion on you, without even talking to you. And that's definitely important to stand on the highest end of the spectrum. You want to stand out. You want… Read More »