Sell or be sold, Grant Cardone : Book summary

I read it all, the whole “Sell or be sold” book

Kidding. You know it I’m for efficiency.

I’m a blogger so I write. Being at both side of the same coin ( Reader and Writer ) give me new edges.

Heck ! 80% of what you read in books is just gap filler. Same on blogs.

I don’t call bullshit on everyone’s content. What I tell you is that every book is made to captivate your attention. If each book had only 20 pages of bullet point, no one would read them.

It’s for entertaining purpose. When you read a book, it’s an experience. Someone write it to make you feel good about it. Yes, Grant use what he teaches in his book. Great news, his solutions work !

So… when you read, you enjoy it. That’s what make you want to buy more books.

It’s easy gratification : Money versus satisfaction.

However, reading a bunch of books won’t make your business skyrocket. Know what will do the job ? Start fucking doing it.

I don’t know who you are. You are one guy in a gazillion who is reading some crap behind a magical screen.

I have no clues on your projects, dreams and hope. I don’t know anything about them.

What I know is that reading many, many content daily will make you lazy.

It’s an instant gratification to get access to someone else work. You don’t deserve it. You hit the search button and get it.

Stories, gap fillers, some metaphors and a bunch of complicated words

That’s what these summaries remove. No need to let you read the author’s book.

They are entertaining, right. Are they useful ? I doubt it.

I made this bullet point list so you can find the best information of the book without even reading it.

/!\ Warning : It won’t give you the full content.

Why ? I didn’t read it all. Some passages are just stories, gap fillers…

The 20% of informations that this book provide is in this bullet point list. Actually it’s something like 15%. I don’t extract it all.

  • Sales apply everywhere in life. Selling is changing someone’s point of view to your’s
  • To sell well you need to believe in your product. You must be convinced by your product. If you aren’t convinced, someone else will convince you.
  • Put money in your product. If you don’t own it, why other would buy it?
  • If you are completely convinced, you do not worry about saving money. You buy the product! There are no exceptions to this rule, none
  • Observe, take notes. Some events, some sentences happen again and again. Knowing how to tackle them from previous experience is how you progress.
  • If you wouldn’t buy your product, then it’s a bad product
  • Being convinced is hard. Once you are, nothing can stop you to sell the product.
  • A low price says that you have a low-value product.
  • When you can’t close the first sale, try to sell something which cost more.
  • Give the prospect a solution to their problem. First find what your customer’s problem is, then propose a product to solve the problem.
  • Most of the time when someone tells you “It costs too much” it means that it costs too much, for this product.
  • The second sales is easier than the first
  • We LOVE to spend money
  • We love to show and brag
  • Selling is 80% social relationships and 20% product.
  • Learn to think how the customers think.
  • Search what your customers truly want. Social relationships are more important than the product.
  • Communication = sales
  • People are more important than the product. Build relationships with them!
  • Always agree with the customer
  • Similarities attract. Don’t disagree with the customer
  • How to agree with someone? Just say: You have a reason. Or: I agree with you.
  • Confidence in yourself and your products will increase your sales
  • Customers trust what they see, not what they hear. Show them that it works!
  • To defeat mistrust, show them.
  • You are a seller who will sell a product which will have benefits on your customer’s life.
  • Selling is helping.
  • Give before you take.
  • What are you going to do to make sure that your clients will be happy?
  • You don’t only sell a product. You are here to sell a service! Everything is important when you sell.
  • Your product and service exist to give pleasure to the customer.
  • Sit with your client, show them how your services will help them
  • Don’t settle. What you want to attract come with hard work. Never let someone tell you that you must calm down, do less.
  • Take initiative. Nothing else can bring you up.
  • Creation is bringing pleasure into your life. Everyone can do it, why don’t you produce more?
  • Whatever you want, multiply your initial goal by 10 times. So you’ll duplicate your actions by the same factor.
  • You already have contacts. Family, friends, neighbor, colleagues…
  • Remember your old customers
  • Use your free time to sell. The average American waste 3 hours per day watching the tv, and you?
  • People spend for entertainment because it makes them feel good. Learn how to make your customers feel good!
  • Smile, make them feel at ease.
  • How to get a positive attitude? Stop tv and radios, bad news. Don’t speak to pessimists. No drug, nothing. Just smile. Stay away for doctors and hospital, they have a bad influence. Don’t accept negativity. Say it to negative people. ‘ I don’t accept negativity “.
  • A great sale is easy and fast. No need to speak for hours.
  • Perfect sales:
  • Say welcome.
  • Find customers needs and wants. Ask questions to get information. Repeat again and again until you find the perfect product for your customer.
  • Make an offer for the product. If you don’t make up an offer, you aren’t selling.
  • Close or go away.
  • Train daily!
  • If you’re not first, you’re last. Take presence on social media.
  • Reputation is everything. It makes you close the sale or not.
  • Social networks are tools. No need to spend many hours on it daily.
  • Don’t compete with others. You are here with your product and your services, no one can provide the same value as you.
  • You don’t want to compete with others. You want domination over your market.
  • A salesman has a bad reputation because some rookies didn’t learn how to sell. They tried to manipulate their customers instead of providing value.
  • Use a textbook, write an answer for every situation. Sales depend on the situation.
  • Always seek for new things to do. Move quickly toward your goals, one action after another.
  • Be ready for people to tell you “No”.

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