Increase your motivation by following these 12 tricks

Motivation is key when you have something to achieve. Whatever it is. From sorting your notebooks to building the next multi-billion venture. It takes motivation. It takes hard work. It takes your entire devotion…

That’s a great deal. Of course, you can achieve without motivation. But it’s not fun at all. You easily get bored and don’t want to pursue past what you want to achieve. If you don’t want it to happen, why do you need to go further for perfection? Right. You don’t need it.

When you are motivated, you achieve in less time because you want your goal to become reality. That’s more than just a simple goal on a piece of paper. That’s yourself. That’s what you want to give to the world. That’s the challenge that you will overcome.

To beat this challenge, you need to get motivated. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the motivation to sustain the work for days/weeks/months/years… It takes time build big projects. It takes even more time if you aren’t committed to your task. Let’s find the best way to get motivated. Let’s achieve my friend!

1. Change your wallpaper

Change it for a motivational wallpaper. It can be a quote, an idea that you love. Something that inspire you. If you are building a venture you can use your logo as a reminder of your hard work.

You open your smartphone more often than you open your wallet. Your smartphone is like a temple for you. That’s why you need to customize it so you can get your motivation from it. It sounds dumb. But some words on a screen can make the difference between success and deception.

Make sure to change the wallpaper of your smartphone/computer for something that motivates you. Whatever it is till it pushes you to achieve more!

Go for a catchy picture with an uplifting text

2. Find your why

Why are you doing it?

Why do you want to be successful with your project? “Because it will make me happy” isn’t sufficient. That’s a weak idea. Every project will make you “happy” in the end because you achieved it. What’s the reason behind your challenge? Why do you want to achieve it so hard? That can be because you want to make a difference in the world, because you believe that you project can save many lives… or anything. Your reason must resonate with yourself! That’s not something that I can give to you. You make your own reason.

No need for subtitles

3. Visualize it

What will your project look like at the end? Will you have an empire? Will you have an influence over many readers? Will you look better with a 6 pack? Will you make a difference in the world? Will you help people? Will you make the other smile?

It’s related to your why. Why do you want your achievement to be like that? It’s a tough question. You should think about it till you get the idea. If you can visualize your success but don’t have a clear why behind it, that’s useless. You won’t achieve it. The why is what dictate your project. The visualization is what you will get at the end of the travel. If you can’t visualize it, you can’t make it happen!

4. Get new tools

Depending on your goal, it can be: A new computer, new gauntlets, a new software, a new smartphone, a new water bottle, a new machine, new friends, a new luggage. It depends on your goal! The new stuff that you’ll get MUST motivate you to go further. That’s what the new wallpaper is all about. It’s to get excited about what will happen if you keep pulling the job!

New tools can also improve your performances. Let’s say that you need to write some articles for the internet. If your computer takes 2 hours to wake up every time you try to use it, that’s not great. You can’t write as fast as you want because your tools aren’t high level. If by getting an upgrade you can improve do your job easily, then go for it! That’s a win for you my friend!

Novelty make you feel better. For a short moment

5. Get friends on similar environments

We are who our friends are. Let’s think about it. Who are your friends? Are they cool? Grumpy? Sad? Depressed? Funny? Competitive? Strong? Funny? Find 5 adjectives for your friends and you’ll get a perfect definition of yourself. As a rule of thumbs, you always end up going out with people like you.

Make good friends. Make friends with people that are in the same field as you. If you want to build a venture, get some friends who are entrepreneurs. I know, I’m using the entrepreneur example way too much on Nerdow. That’s because I want to encourage you to become one. Maybe not the next Elon Musk. But making money on the internet is possible for everyone so don’t throw your chance! Go for it!

6. Cook food that you love

Maybe it only applies to me. Whatever. I always cook what I love because that is what helps me to wake up earlier in the morning. I know that I will get my amazing omelet. I’m a fanatic of eggs, it’s so easy for me wake up when there are eggs on the table!

You surely have a favorite dish. Don’t lie. Find what it is and cook it after a hard session of work! Your efforts will be multiplied!

Two eggs, bacon and cheddar… Wake up!

7. New hobbies

You can’t work every day for 12 hours a day without any interruption. That’s humanly impossible. That’s why you need to rest. Some enjoy to sleep, other prefer to play games while many watch the tv to distress from their day. That is all okay. What you do when you get tired is up to you. I won’t judge you.

Another way to look at this is to enjoy new hobbies when you have some free time. I’m sure that you want to try something out. Maybe that’s hockey, tennis or mountain biking. Whatever, go for a session and enjoy it. Do what makes you happy!

Try, try and try again hobbies aggressively. One day you’ll find a hobby at which you’ll be world class. This hobby may become your job later on!

8. Healthy to rule over the world

Getting healthy will bring you more motivation. Don’t believe me? When you are healthy you are motivated the whole day. You don’t even want to sleep. That’s why some people end up having not enough hours per day, they are always motivated for new adventures.

Let’s go for 3 sets of 20. You can do it!

When you are healthy, you can go for every challenge because it will be easier for you to sustain the hard work. You don’t need to rest as much as unhealthy people, you can work more and faster than everyone else. If you don’t do it to be more motivated, then just do it for yourself. Being good-looking is a huge boost to your charisma!

9. Get a schedule

Schedules look way too scholar. Maybe. But they do wonders to everyone that tries them out. You can get one with google calendar for free. You just put up all the information you need on the calendar and then you are set. You will get notification to remind you of what you need to do every day. The best way to handle it is to update your calendar frequently. Every two days is a great idea. You can also do it whenever you get an extra task/meeting. Using an agenda will help you get motivated in the long run!

10. Big red cross

Related to 9. Grab a calendar. Set an objective. Say 10 000 steps per day. Whenever you achieve the goal you sketch a big red cross on the day. It means that you achieved the goal for this day. Do it for several days and then you won’t have any excuses to break the row of crosses!

Feeling culprit of breaking the chain will help you move up

11. Make a todo-list

You already read about it somewhere on the web and are reluctant about the idea. I understand. Writing a todo-list means that you have things to do. Well, that’s in the name…

You can write every task that you have on it! The list will be glad to remind you of everything that you need to do. You can also do it on your smartphone/computer so it can become easier to track.

Make sure to cross every item that you achieved. Looking at an empty list is satisfying!

12. Use your free time to go further

You have a load of free time. You can use it as you please. Here is my recommendation about your free time. Use it to build a project. Whatever it is. A side business, a lean body, a network…

Your free time is what gives you the opportunity to stand out of the crowd. Many people would just rest the whole day if they had that much free time. Hopefully you are one of our reader and you already know how you can use your free time to make things happen.