#1 On the road to the mighty six pack

Time to grow a six pack

It made a long time since I posted the last article on health.

Maybe I lacked direction. Not maybe. I lacked direction for this set.

Hopefully I learned how to plan for everything!


Here I’m back with something better.

My journey through the all mighty six pack

  • A goal: A visible six pack – the 10% picture is my goal.
  • Why?
    • Better look
    • More confidence
    • Healthier -> longer live
    • Feeling stronger
    • More energy
    • Appearance matter
    • It’s a challenge
    • Better performance
  • How?
    • Hitting the gym 3 times per week
    • Practically no carbs
    • No sugar
    • Eating less calories than what I burn -> Calorie deficit
    • Walking more
    • 8 hours of sleep per day

One goal. A six pack before the first of January 2018

It’s a tough challenge. It will be hard and blabla…

I don’t give a f*ck about it. It’s all about my health and how I want to rank in the top percentile. Life is too short.

Of course, a six pack won’t change my life. I will remain the same guy. Nothing will change except that I’ll look better.

You’ll get my fails and my win on this series. Everything that I will judge valuable will be shared on Nerdow.

Getting a six pack is, I guess a rough challenge so I’m not even sure that I will overcome it in 2 months. It means that I have practically no room for errors. I can’t fail. I must eat clean and train appropriately to overcome the challenge.

Let’s see how it will go!