1/ Quora starter guide

Finding the right questions

Today you will learn how to find the perfect question to answer on Quora.

Finding the perfect question is critical, if you answer a question in which no one has an interest, no one will read your answer. Sad.

I don’t want to waste your creative juice!
Here’s the best formula to find an interesting question.
• Open Quora
• Log in
• Open the search bar
• Search for your favorite subject

You now land on a page which features all the questions on your subject. Isn’t it amazing? What do you do with this? Well, you scroll down and open each question.

I’m serious.

Open each question and check the number of followers.

If there is more than 100 followers, then you add your question in “Answer later”

If there is less, you keep searching for more questions that meet our requisite!

This process is simple and gives you full hand on which question you answer.

You are leaving many questions, but these questions aren’t worth much views if they don’t have 100+ followers. By getting more views, Quora will suggest you some questions to answer. Most have 0-10 followers, don’t answer them.

Now you know. This is how I select the questions I answer.

Note: I always have a list of 20+ questions to answer. I use my smartphone to do so. Whenever I have 5 minutes, I check the most interesting questions to answer. Let’s say that I have to wait for the bus, I’ll check quora to find questions. This way I always have some answers to craft.

P.S. You can download Quora on your smartphone!

Bonus: 5 questions with 100+ followers that you must answer!

1. What are the weirdest business ideas that actually became successful?

2. What are the best new products or inventions that most people don’t know about?

3. What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

4. What are some cool psychological hacks?

5. What did you learn too late in life?

Challenge: If you are serious about getting an audience on Quora, find 10 questions with over 100+ followers and add them on “Answer later”.

Talk again soon,


How I doubled my views on Quora

Yannick here!

You may already have heard of this nugget of wisdom.

Adding a picture will double your views on all your answers.

I’m lethally serious.

A simple picture like this one has powerful a effect on your readers.

It’s a simple picture, yet it enhances the quality of your answers by a huge factor.

When your potential readers scroll their feed, they find dozens of answers. Some have a picture, others haven’t. We are human, humans are curious. Give your readers a cool picture and let them imagine an answer. They will click.

If you have a picture, and the other answer below yours haven’t, guess who is getting the click?


To become a great writer, you must be known. To get known you must learn some tricks to increase your views. This is the purpose of my mailing list – right now.

Adding a single picture to each of your answers will make them stand out.

I cannot be clearer here.

This is the simplest trick you’ll learn. It’s also the easiest to apply.

Whenever you write an answer, take 1 extra minute to find a picture and include it in your writings.

It takes 1 minute to double your views!

You don’t know where to take your pictures from?

Pixabay. It’s a website which features amazing pictures. All are free of rights. You can do whatever you want with them, included commercial uses.

Which picture do you add?

The one you want. There is no rule. If you want to include a picture totally unrelated to your answer, you can do it. Your readers will try to guess why you used this picture.

Note: Some pictures bring more views than others!

• Girls
• Celebrities
• Landscape
• Pets

The first two are considered as “Clickbaits”, avoid.

Nothing wrong with the two lasts!

The game is rigged. Play at your advantage!

Challenge: Include pictures in your 5 next answers.

Talk again soon,


Building contacts using Quora

During your adventure on Quora you will meet many people. It’s impossible not to start a conversation with at least some of them.

Those people are your readers, your followers and your upvoters.

Some are extra-interested in what you have to say and will even send you message. What if you haven’t received a message from a fan yet? Keep writing more and refer to the previous mails!

I enjoy reading messages. Most are encouragements, some requests and others can be offers.

The more you write, the more views you’ll get. Meaning that more people will reach out to you. Chances are that your answers already received comments…

Here is how to manage these messages.

First, you MUST answer. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is. It can change the life of some people, it can brighten their days and it can help them overcome obstacles. Up to what you can, you must answer messages. That’s the very least you can do to thank your readers for being there!

Most messages will say that your work is great, that they enjoy your answers… More than increasing your ego, it means that you are writing right. Those messages are nice because your readers are telling you what is right and what is wrong with your answers. Listen to them!

I always answer these messages. Even if there isn’t much to say, answering may make the day of the person!

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your readers, you can offer them some gifts as a way to thank them. For example you can offer to answer one of their question on Quora. It’s very simple and provide huge value!

What about hatters?

Your time is meaningful. You are helping the whole world by answering questions. Arguing with hatters is a poor use of your creative juice.

Do not answer hatters!

Keep writing!

What if you want to contact someone?

Just do it!

If you want to contact me, simply answer this mail or send me a message using Quora.

If you want to message someone else? Find them on social networks and send them a message.

It’s that simple.

You don’t have to write fancy messages.

Contacting is already enough.

Challenge: Contact 3 people you always wanted to contact.

Bonus tip: Never contact someone with the famous “Can I ask you a question?”. That’s dumb. You already asked a question.

Talk again soon,


Brewing your own creative juice

A.K.A. How to never run out of answers.

Your brain is amazing. You already know this, so let me tell it another time with my words.

Your brain stores all your experiences. It gives you full access you EVERYTHING you experienced with a lot of details. You can access these data whenever you want, wherever you want and for how long you want.

It’s the same as having a notebook in which you write each and every activity/thing you did in the past.

Your brain is everything you need to answer questions.

You can run out of imagination. You cannot run out of experiences.

Imagination has its limits. You cannot imagine something that doesn’t exist. You can only imagine combination of existing items.

• A pink elephant? Pink is a color, an elephant is an animal. Both exist.
• A time travel machine? It’s a machine made of known components.
• A dream? It’s made of the memory in your brain
Imagination cannot exceed what you know.

Coming to your experiences.

Right now you are having one. You are reading a mail from Yannick. Maybe you hate the content, maybe you love it. No matter what, you feel a certain way due to what you are reading. Reading is an experience in itself. What you read is a complement. No one will have the same experience.

Take 100 different people, give them the same book.

Ask them for a summary. No one will tell you the same story!

The way you experience life is unique.

No matter what you experience, documenting it with your words is meaningful because no one can grasp the world as you can.

It’s nothing special.

By nature, we all have different experiences of the same events.

Writing about it ensures that you’ll never run out of ideas.

The next time you’ll find an interesting question – #2 mail – you will have something to answer it.

Your experience.

Even if there are 7 billions + people on this earth, you are unique by your perception of the world.

Everyone can read the same book, but everyone will have a different summary to tell.

Whenever you experience something new, talk about in your answers.

Tell your readers…
• your stories
things about you
• your favorite sport
• what you are doing
• your goals
why you are writing
• how you managed a situation
• a book they will enjoy
• an eccentric idea you just had
• your thoughts
• how you learned a skill

Not everybody will be interested in what you have to say. In this case, they can read another answer. It’s completely fine.

I’m completely fine with it.

Some people hate me. They hate my writing style, they hate my message, they hate my face…

No matter what, I’ll keep writing because I’m having a lot of experiences.

Because I know that these experiences will be relevant to some of you.

What should you do?

Share your message, write your story.

Do not be afraid to say something wrong or ridiculous because it will actually happen. That’s nothing to be feared of. That’s part of being a writer.

Challenge: Answer 3 questions with your experiences. You have 3 days!

Talk again soon,