#2 On the road to the mighty six pack: Three tricks to lower your body fat

Three method to lower your body fat

The mighty six pack isn’t there yet. Sorry.

However I figured out 2 tricks that helped me to get day to day results on lowering my body fat percentage. And no, it’s not a joke. From monday to friday I noticed that I lost some belly with these 3 “tricks”. Actually they aren’t tricks. That’s all about logic and biology, sorry to disappoint you, there is no magical potion to take to BOOM your belly. Hopefully! Having visible abs is still high status!

Walking is perfect to help you lose body fat

No, I don’t mean walking to the kitchen. I mean walking over 10 000 steps per day, which is fairly easy if you are a busy individual. Else you can just take some of your free time to go out and walk for about 30 minutes.

“30 minutes less in my life?” May you scream. Tell me, what would you do with these 30 extra minutes? Are they really valuable to you?

If you would:

  • Play video games
  • Watch TV
  • Text with someone
  • Complain

These minutes won’t change your life.

And even if you would use these 30 minutes to:

I would also tell you that it’s a way superior investment to go out for a walk if you have for goal or side objective to become leaner. Walking is the easiest way to burn your fat. It’s a like doing some cardio. Except that you don’t sweat hard for practically the same gains. You practically burn the same amount of calorie by walking as you do by running. Why choose the hardest deal when you can just take an easy plan?

Being hungry won’t kill you

We all have a kind of problem with food. We all eat more than what we need.

  • You don’t need to eat 2000+ calories everyday
  • You don’t need to feel full
  • Being hungry is great. It puts you in uncomfortable situations
  • Your mind is sharper when you are hungry – try it

You don’t need to eat enough to feel full. Your body is pretty at detecting whether you eat enough or you don’t if you eat fast – what most of us do. That’s why it’s useless to wait for the feeling of satiety. You should stop before feeling that you can’t eat anymore!

Also I figured out that it isn’t that hard to fight hunger, up to a point. It’s a kind of meditation, a challenge. How little can you eat and still feel good? It’s an ability that you train. It’s another way to live aggressively.

Try to skip a meal or eat very light – Only a bit of meat for example

Then your goal is to fight hunger. Up to what point can you go?

Carbohydrates makes you fat

Which mean that every food containing a lot of carbohydrates tells your body to store fat for “later”.

In prehistoric age it was of a great use. When people had no more mammoth to eat, they chose to eat fruits instead. Fruits contain carbohydrates, triggering the storing function of their body. Then they would swap to another piece of meat and would again swap to “not” storing function.

Now we don’t need this feature anymore. Do you remember the last you didn’t eat anything for 2 weeks? Me neither.

You don’t need to stock food, so you don’t need to eat carbohydrates.

Because I always enjoy the proof behind everything, here is how carbohydrates make you fat:

Next time, say bye to your ice cream, fries, pastas…