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How to write as much as I do?

I enjoy writing.

I write because it is so fun for me to write.

Otherwise I wouldn’t write this much.

Keep in mind that I’m an engineering student, that I work out 6/7 days a week and that I write for 30 minutes to 2 hours every single day.

If I find the time to write, so can you. No matter you are, you have at least 30 minutes everyday to answer questions on Quora.

How can I manage such a busy schedule and be happy with it?

Read again the first sentence.

I consider writing as a hobby; a fun activity to do.

I want to write.

Right now, not writing is more painful to me than writing.

Even if I’m feeling down before writing, when I do, I get happy.

This is now.

It wasn’t always like that

I wouldn’t have considered writing some years ago.

I hated writing.

It was a chore to me.

Writing meant essays at school, statements and other boring stuff that I did not want to do.

Writing was boring for most of my teenage years.

I found no interest in it.

I had my thoughts, my video games, my bike, my friends…

Why would I have written anything?

When I was 17, I stumbled onto an entrepreneurship workshop.

Here is a link to their youtube channel.

I owe them that!

This video changed my life. I learned that it was possible to be an entrepreneur. I learned that working for someone else wasn’t the sole option. I learned that it was possible to build your own venture. More, that you don’t need to have a team of 500 people to share your message but that you can do it all by yourself.

I watched at least 20 videos of their channels.

I learned a lot about entrepreneurship, growth hacking, leadership and story telling.

After all, I decided that I could launch my own website.

I did it using blogger. The least professional tool you can use. I was the sole writer and the sole reader. I closed it after 2 months. Still no viewers. Back in the time, the website was in french because I’m French.

Then I started another one: Horyzon: boost your mind. Still in french. I had some views with it, I even made shirts because I was very proud of it – I am still proud of it.

Then I discovered Quora but nothing really changed.

I was still 17 years old when I discovered Quora. I wrote 1/2 answers before becoming a passive reader. At that time, my second answer scored 20,000 views in a week, I simply explained how Pokemon Go worked. I was impressed, yet I didn’t realize the potential of Quora.

Another year passed before I took Quora seriously.

That’s when I realized the power of Quora.

Answer after answer, I grew. More and more subscribers. More and more views.

That’s when I started to write a lot.

Not for the sake of it, but because it brought me something unique.

An audience.

Readers that understood me, readers that loved my answers, messages of encouragement.

Writing became my hobby.

The more I wrote, the more I enjoyed it.

It wasn’t for the numbers anymore, it was because I helped people.

The more I write, the more I inspire.

The more I inspire, the better I feel.

If my writings can help someone, then it is useful.

Even if that’s only useful for one person, so I succeed.

That’s how I think. That’s why I answered, that’s why I’m writing.

If there is one sentence to remember, it’s the following: The more I write, the more I enjoy writing.

Defining your big advantage

What’s the common denominator of all successful ventures?

They all have/had a strict advantage.
• ​Google: Back in the time it was the easiest search engine to use
• Apple: Steve Jobs
• Amazon: Optimization of the click. If that’s on Amazon.com, that’s efficient
Without these advantages, these ventures wouldn’t be that big.

Their advantage give them an edge over their competitors.

This advantage is clearly defined. Usually it is part of the CEO traits.

Sometimes it’s a better narrative, sometimes it’s an extra dumb feature, and other times the creator is the brand.

Without these strong identities, no one would know about these business.

Today, you see them everywhere.

What happened?

They identified their advantage and leveraged it, and so can you.

First, identify what sets you apart.
• What are your talents?
• What can you do better than anyone else?
• How does your friends refer to yourself?
• What’s your personality?
What makes you different?
• Do you enjoy something weird?
• Do you have passions?
You are unique, we saw how in the #5 mail. This uniqueness is your strength. You must use it to take advantage. You must use it to build your identity. You must use it to answer questions. You must be yourself at a 100% and some more to make your voice heard.

But, but, what if I’m average/normal?

You are not. You have your own life that you built through your years on earth. Even if you aren’t proud of who you are right now, you can still share something.

Your road to a better person.

No matter who you are, you still have something to tell.

Your own story, your own narrative.

This can be your edge.

If you don’t want to use this, you must find something else.

Maybe you are good looking, maybe you know how to run like no one else, maybe you can jump higher than the average man, maybe you…

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t an edge.

However, I know a load of people who doesn’t use it at their advantage.

Find what you are good at and leverage it.

Use it to picture your words, use it to stand out.

Use it to create your own narrative in your own world.

You cannot be bad at everything.

If you have to try a thousand activities to find what you are good at, then let’s do it.

You are talented at something. Find it. Leverage it. There is hope for you!

Why your answers will be viewed

That’s something I know that you don’t.

If you answer correctly the right question on Quora, it’s impossible not to make views.

I’m being honest with you.

I taught you how to find the right questions and how to answer them in the first part.

Using this strategy will not fail you, here is why.

We are roughly 7 billions on earth, most people have access to internet.

Fortunately for us, most people consume more than what they create. If they create at all.

Being a writer is being a creator. You are writing – creating – an answer that people will read – consume.

There is nothing wrong with being one or another. To become a producer, you must first consume a lot to have an idea about what you can create.

The sole difference is that ALL entrepreneurs are creators.

What’s the main goal of a business?

Make money. How? By selling a solution that was created by the business.

Otherwise they wouldn’t be making money.

The same happens when you write: You create value with your words.

Coming back to the title.

Why your answers will generate views?

Because there is roughly 99 consumers for a single creator.

Yes, being a creator put you in the top 1%.

Note that readers don’t consume only an answer. They may read 10 or 30 answers per day. Knowing that it takes more time to write than to read, it becomes obvious that your answers will get views.

Quora has an algorithm that benefits this logic. When someone upvote your answer, it will be shown to more people. The more people upvote, the more views you get, so the more upvote you get and so on.

It’s a virtuous circle!

I cannot guarantee you that your first answers will make the title of an amazing newspaper – they won’t – but I can guarantee you that you will make views if you answer questions with 100+ followers.

Your odds are magnified if you…
• Write well
• Have an interesting edge
• Add pictures
• Use bullet points
• Have a nice layout – Bold, italic…
It will be hard for your first answers to follow all these guidelines. However, the more you will write, the easier it will be for you to write high quality answer.

At first it took me around an hour to write a cool answer… Talk about a lot of time!

Now it’s around 20 minutes, without any loss of quality.

That’s an improvement..

The secret is the following:

If you write answers on Quora, you’ll get views.

Challenge: Write 3 high quality answers