What is downhill running ?

I find running boring It’s jumping from one feet to another one, again and again to get the further possible. However It’s a nice exercise if you want to train your discipline. In fact, when you run your whole body scream you to stop. But Read more

Business teachers hate him : He learned how to sell using a game

Selling is a tough art To learn it, most people do what we call a MBA (Master of Business and Administration), during the formation you learn how to manage a team, how to do taxes, how money works… In another word, you learn how to Read more

Figure out how you can rank in this world

There is a ladder. This ladder define us using a ranking system. There is not only one way to go up the stairs. The rank is universal. It applies for every human on earth. We often speak about being in the top 10%. This mean Read more

How to get rid of belly fat with this incredibly simple daily quest

When you picture your hero. Your future you who will succeed at everything. How does he looks like ? Strong, Big, Confident, Happy, Muscular, Knowledgeable Today’s article is going to show you how you can burn this horrible belly fat while having some fun – Read more

How to differentiate a nerd from a geek

Many, many people confound geeks with nerds. That’s like confounding a cat with a wolf. Nerds and geeks. They aren’t new. These two words create a lot of conflicts. It’s really simple to differentiate them, but people don’t search the difference. What they see for Read more