Month: September 2017

Young And Successful

5 games to skyrocket your brain

Playing these 5 games will give you a better logic Sounds strange. How is It possible that some games can give you special habits?  There is many, many games out there. There is also many, many different people out there. The best part is that there is enough style of game so that everyone can…
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28th September 2017 0

I believe in you – a plan to level up

Yet I don’t know you. How can this sentence sound true? I know nothing about you. You are just a viewer between many on a random site made by a random guy living in a random country on a random planet in a random universe. But it’s not a hazard. If you are here, there…
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25th September 2017 0

Taking ownership. One more step to get what you want

I already wrote an article on the subject, you can get it there. Why am I taking it to another level? Because it’s so important for me that you get the point. Ownership is taking the responsibility for everything that is happening to you. The good or the bad. It’s getting the propriety of all…
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20th September 2017 5

One single habit to improve your life

The only habit you need to develop in order to become successful It sounds too simple to be true. But maybe it is this which separate you from the top tier individual you’ll become in several years. I don’t know. But what I’m sure is that by following this clean principle, you’ll clearly improve your…
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19th September 2017 2

What to do when you get bored

This week I hadn’t WIFI. I was all alone in my flat without internet. The only occupation that I got came from my studies. I have ~30 hours of courses per week. That’s not much. I only have two hours of courses Thursday and not much more Friday. Knowing that I don’t have internet, I…
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16th September 2017 2

Life is a game

Chapter 1 : Who are you? Are you the player? Are you the guy who’s holding the controller while eating some chips? Or are you part of the non-player character? Are you the main character? Tell me! Who are you? You don’t know. Me neither. But here’s what I found. We can pretty much control…
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10th September 2017 0