How to apply extreme ownership

Someone asked me to go further on ownership. Here we are with the third article on taking extreme ownership. Let me think a bit about it, because well I don’t have much more ideas in the back. We already know that ownership is what separate those who complain 24/24 from those who are happy. Once… Read More »

5 of the best websites for self-improvement

Those are websites that I read practically every week - when I have the time. I profit from the knowledge of the writers and so should you! All of these website helped me one day or another. It's no surprise that I recommend them to you. Keep cool, most of them are a bit more… Read More »

5 computer wallpaper to stay inspired

I love cool motivational wallpapers More than being gorgeous, those motivational wallpapers are there to remind you of your goal. You aren't on Nerdow to be a random individual. You are here to wreck everything! We want you to become the very best. The cream of the cream. That's why we made 5 wallpapers to… Read More »

How and why you must be confident

Sounds very cliché. Like every article with a similar title: How to get confident, How to become confident, How to make other see you as extremely confident. There are many, many methods out there that you can simply find with a search on our good friend google. It doesn’t take time to figure out that… Read More »

#1 An undefined number of ways to get motivated

Motivation is key when you have something to achieve. Whatever it is. From sorting your notebooks to building the next multi-billion venture. It takes motivation. It takes hard work. It takes your entire devotion… That’s a great deal. Of course, you can achieve without motivation. But it’s not fun at all. You easily get bored… Read More »

A comprehensible plan if you lose everything

Let’s assume that I lose everything I possess My family, all my friends, the money on my account. Everything *pouf* isn’t there anymore. I don’t know why it goes away nor where. But that’s not the problem. Knowing this I’ll have two choices. If I wanted to complain, I could do it all day. No… Read More »