Month: November 2017

Young And Successful

How to surround yourself with valuable noises

Noises? That’s what you consume everyday. Noises come from various sources: Tv – I don’t own a TV Social media Friends Radio Internet Family Music Ads Strangers Believes Everywhere you can hear/watch/read something Whether you want it or not, you hear these noises all days. Whenever you read/watch/hear something, you are consuming a “noise”. What…
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28th November 2017 0

#2 On the road to the mighty six pack: Three tricks to lower your body fat

Three method to lower your body fat The mighty six pack isn’t there yet. Sorry. However I figured out 2 tricks that helped me to get day to day results on lowering my body fat percentage. And no, it’s not a joke. From monday to friday I noticed that I lost some belly with these…
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23rd November 2017 0

How to live aggressively – 8 samples

What is aggressively? It’s when you are extremely motivated to do something. Let’s say that you want to win a game of chess. If you do it aggressively, you won’t stop until you win your first game. No matter what happen, even if an asteroid strike earth you remain cool-headed. No problem for you. The…
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22nd November 2017 0

How to walk more – even with a busy lifestyle

In a day, you should walk, walk, walk. There is a quick quote based on what a physician experienced and it can’t be more true. “A body at rest will tend to rest. A body in motion will stay in motion” Thank’s Newton for this golden piece of advice. What does it mean? Not shaking…
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19th November 2017 0

Perks of the top percentile

My goal is to be in the top percentile in the following: Health Wealth Happiness To crush this goal, I will have to overcome a lot of challenges related to these three categories. I’m still young – 18 – so I have some rooms for errors. I will make many of them, for sure. That’s…
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11th November 2017 0

#1 On the road to the mighty six pack

Time to grow a six pack It made a long time since I posted the last article on health. Maybe I lacked direction. Not maybe. I lacked direction for this set. Hopefully I learned how to plan for everything! Well. Here I’m back with something better. My journey through the all mighty six pack A…
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2nd November 2017 0

Nothing can go wrong with the best decisions

Imagine that you live in a perfect world where you always make the best decisions. Imagine that you always take the best choice and never the worst. Imagine what could happen. You face a cake and a lettuce. You are hungry. You eat the lettuce You have the choice between a happy life with a…
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1st November 2017 1