Attack, attack and attack. The only word to keep in mind

Offense is the best defense. Attack is also the best offense. It is well known, attackers always win. They are always more credited than defenders. Because attack is crucial. You can’t win with a defensive strategy. At the very least you can resist for years against Read more

How to get chunks of bitcoin in 5 minutes WITHOUT BUYING

Bitcoin is making it to the news. Bitcoin is everywhere! Bitcoin is climbing! Bitcoin will rejuvenate the world Bitcoin is the next gold rush No day pass without a big title on the blockchain. Look around, everyone speak about it. Why is that? Trends. Money. Read more

Blockchain, the new gold rush

Selling shovels and pickaxes will make you more money than gold digging This story takes place in a not-so-distant past, in a not-so-far away country. The inhabitants of this country discovered a rare-yellowish metal. It shined brighter than the sun, it was perfect to use as a currency. Read more

A game taught me sales

My non-linear progression toward sales through a game Games. Sales. These two words don’t match, right? Wrong. In many games there are economic systems. Systems which enable to make virtual money in a game and to use it. With this in-game money, you have a lot of Read more

What I learned from playing multiple games

Games are part of my life. I love them. Games make me live different adventures every time. While most self-improvement writers would say: “Damn, you play video games. What an average guy”, I strongly disagree with this advice. Games are huge. They come with various Read more