Month: January 2018

Young And Successful

On systems: Goals, objectives, strategy and tactics

Do you even understand all the terms above? I’m sure that you don’t. If it was the case, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Let’s start. I won’t waste your time! The biggest entity is the system. The system of composed of goals, tactics, strategies and objectives. All of them together create the system. Without…
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29th January 2018 0

99 Mantras to live by

Don’t show your true power unless necessary. No one should know what you are capable of Always walk out slowly. Don’t run. Never. Show that it’s trivial Don’t look at your investments more than once per year You are obligated to no one. Trace your path If you don’t make time for your goals, time…
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24th January 2018 0

Make time or spin the wheel endlessly

This is a follow up to the last post, you can find it here. Just to brag, one day I woke up at 5AM just to hit the gym. Are you obsessed at this point to crush what you want? Literally. I hadn’t much time this day so I decided to wake up 1 hour…
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20th January 2018 0

On discipline – What keeps the hamster running

See this? It is a human. Not a hamster. I’m lying right in the title. Why is this hamster running in his wheel? Domesticated hamster Well, let’s start by how a hamster lives. A hamster lives in his own little bubble. He has enough food, enough water and can sleep whenever he wants. However, this…
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17th January 2018 0

Why I’m getting leaner

Did you notice? Successful guys are ALWAYS lean. With some exceptions. Do you know why? Fat people = poor Lean people = successful I’m beginning to understand why it’s critical to get lean as soon as possible. It offers a new world of possibility. Let’s see why I’m getting lean. Note that I’m not a…
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13th January 2018 0

How to become a loser in 11 principles

I never highlighted it. However, there are billions of ways to be a loser. Billions of those ways can be summarized in some principles. If you follow them all, you are the perfect loser. Ready to hear how you stand on the loser’s scale? Not yet. Why I’m making this article? Most websites speak about…
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6th January 2018 4

How to manage procrastination. One uncommon habit to take

Procrastination This word sounds bad. At first I didn’t guess what it meant. I had to google it. Then I knew. I knew that all I ever did was procrastinating. Putting a word on things/feelings/events is powerful, it made me realize that I was used to procrastination. Procrastination wasn’t my friend, far from it. It…
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4th January 2018 4