Month: February 2018

Young And Successful

Moderation sucks. Be obsessive!

All in moderation, except moderation Is one of the worst quote you can find. Moderation is the enemy. Moderation is what dictates people’s life, that’s why their life is average. Living in moderation mean staying in your comfort zone, the exact place that you want to leave as soon as possible. It doesn’t make sense…
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25th February 2018 0

Third person character lifestyle

Life is a game. The most complete of them all. Life is an open world. You can do whatever you want. There are thousands of quests everywhere. Some never done before. You can move, jump and run everywhere in this world, you can do whatever you want. Life is amazing in its possibilities. One day…
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22nd February 2018 0

On time – Why you must have a schedule

Having a lot of free time is a problem. When your time is free, you don’t value it. Your time flows by everywhere. You play games You read comics You watch videos You get lost on the internet You forget about your goals You live comfortably or at least you believe it. The biggest problem…
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16th February 2018 0

Everyone wants you to be weak

And you’ll be weak if you follow everyone else. We live in a society which rejects power. See how your friends hate on rich people? How they hate on politics and everyone one of this level because they have more power than them? Yes. I see it daily. We are human, we tend to resent…
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10th February 2018 0

Your good resolutions are worthless. Go build some habits

We are at the end of the month of January. Maybe the beginning of February. One month after new year. The period where everyone gets a lot of resolutions that no one will ever maintain through the long run. Am I defeatist? No. Realist? Absolutely. Resolutions are developed to give you good conscience. A good…
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5th February 2018 0