How to write a great answer on Quora

Just to brag a bit, I have over 5 million views on Quora, 4000+ followers and the numbers keep growing while more and more readers come to my website. I’m happy with this. It brings me the feeling that I am helping people by answering their questions. Plus, more and more people are reading these… Read More »

How to become Chad Thundercock in 5 steps

[caption id="attachment_713" align="alignnone" width="860"] The real Chad ThunderCock[/caption] Chad. The original Thundercock. The guy that everyone wants to emulate. Who is Chad? Chad Thundercock is a fictional character. He is the representation of the alpha male. Chad is Strong Athletic Massive Good looking Muscular Social Attractive A woman magnet Not your average guy An Alpha… Read More »

How to create your character

Who are you? No. Seriously, who are you? It's getting weird. Who are you? What makes you? I already stated many times. I believe that we are in a game. Call it life if you want. In every game there are characters. In ours there are more than 7 billions characters online at the same… Read More »