3/ Quora starter guide

You aren't fluent in english? And so? I received many mails from people stating that they can't write on Quora because they don't have a perfect english. It's already the 10th mail that I'm sending you and some readers still didn't answer a single question because of an obstacle. You know what happens when you… Read More »

How to digest faster

That may be your most important problem right now, or maybe it isn't. If you are into sports, you know how much of a struggle it is to eat just before practicing your favorite sport. I know it. Swimming, mountain biking, lifting... just after after isn't super fun. You feel bad, dizzy and ultimately sick… Read More »

2/ Quora starter guide

How to write as much as I do? I enjoy writing. I write because it is so fun for me to write. Otherwise I wouldn't write this much. Keep in mind that I'm an engineering student, that I work out 6/7 days a week and that I write for 30 minutes to 2 hours every… Read More »

How to quickly stop your back pain

Back pain is a sin. We cannot even describe it as a disease, because back pain isn't really a disease. I'm 19 and I experienced back pain. That's not because I have a weak back. My lower back is solid. I can easily deadlifts and squats at bodydweight+ without any problem. I have another condition… Read More »

1/ Quora starter guide

Finding the right questions Today you will learn how to find the perfect question to answer on Quora. Finding the perfect question is critical, if you answer a question in which no one has an interest, no one will read your answer. Sad. I don't want to waste your creative juice! Here's the best formula… Read More »

The weakest dude at the gym

Subj: How to not be the weakest guy at the gym I received a message on my Quora. The guy is "demotivated" to hit the gym because he is the weakest dude in the room. At least that's what he feels. Chances are that's wrong. It makes 8 months that I train and I already… Read More »

Is it hard to build a first business? – Beating the invisible

Subj: Why not everyone will build a business You read it hundreds of time, it’s written everywhere on the internet: Building a business is easy I’m going to break this myth. Building a business isn’t easy. Building a business can be summarized in simple very general steps to follow which MAY create a business. We… Read More »

If you aren’t the threat, you are threatened

Subj : being the threat. Let’s be honest, if you aren’t a threat, you are threatened. If you cannot inspire fear, you cannot be feared. If you aren’t inspiring fear, everyone can steal from you without punition. Do you want this to be your reality? Do you want to be threatened day long because you… Read More »

You need to get punched in the face

Subj: Why you need to get hit to get ahead and how to get hit. Everything starts with energy. Big bang, planets. All those things follow laws. If they get hit, either they collapse or move further away. You are no different as you follow the same rules. When you get hit, either you choose… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Shopify store

A Shopify store based business How to build your business with Shopify Look at amazon. It’s an online store which sells for millions of dollars worth of products each months. You can replicate the same at a smaller scale to sell your own product. That’s called dropshipping. Basically, you set up an online store, attract… Read More »