Online business blueprint: Twitter

How to turn Twitter into an asset for your business Make money using Twitter You read it right. You’ll learn how to turn your Twitter into a part of your business. Each and every social media has this feature, however, some are easier to master. Twitter is one of those. So… How do you reinforce… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Pinterest

How to build your online business based on Pinterest Pinterest is an Instagram clone except that it doesn’t feature the same type of content. On Pinterest you aren’t going to find boobs and money. You’ll find a lot of “do it yourself”, business strategy and lifestyle pictures. Basically Pinterest enables you to reach whoever doesn’t… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Quora

How to build your online business based on Quora Quora is a question/answer website on which you can write a lot, get a huge amount of followers and build your brand. How do you do so? By writing answers to the gazillion questionsyou find on Quora. Let’s see how it works. Someone asks a question.… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Facebook group

How does a Facebook group business works? A Facebook group is very similar to a website business except that here you are not the only one to post. You will add dozens and dozens of members who have an interest in what your group promotes. Don’t worry, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of thematic to… Read More »

You are no one until you decide to become someone

There are billions of people in this world. Not millions, billions. You brain cannot even imagine a billion is. Heck, it cannot imagine what a thousand people looks like. How could we keep up with these numbers? We can’t. In a human sea you're not recognizable. You are no one, among other people who are no… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Website

How to build an online website business How does it works? Did you ever wonder how websites owner's generate money? Ads? Sales? Product? Affiliate marketing? Magical spell? One of these is right. Website's owners make money by selling products. Ads are dead. You make a misery by spoiling the design of your website with ads… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Instagram page

Building an Instagram page as a business How does it work? You build a huge audience on Instagram using free of right pictures with some filters. Once you have enough readers, you target them based on their interest. Better, you start your page with a theme in mind. Once this theme is established and you… Read More »

Online business strategy: Minecraft server

Building a Minecraft server as a business Principle You may remember Minecraft as a cool old-school game. But that’s 100% wrong. Many, many gamers are still playing on Minecraft. Mostly on big mini-games server such as Hypixel, Hive, Mineplex and others. But… Nostalgia is a big factor to take into consideration. Most of these players… Read More »

Some principles which never failed me

I’m only 19 years old, yet I have a lot of words to tell. What I experienced, my stories, what crafted me… Many stories, many ideas that I want to develop with you. Here I will tell you my very best principles that I follow since the beginning of this blog. You may disagree with… Read More »

Battle royal- Darwinian selection

Defining Battle Royal It’s an old Asian movie in which teenagers are launched in an hostile island. There can only be 1 survivor. Note that there are thousands of weapons, guns and knifes on the island. The college men and girls have no other choice than to fight until death. This movie is a beauty… Read More »