How a dead-simple blog is the turning point of an empire

When was the last time you wrote something on the internet? Probably today. You are hyper-connected. We all are. The difference between you and the average person on the internet? They don’t know my blog - Kidding. The average person on the internet doesn’t write. Did you hear about the silent majority? 80% of the… Read More »

Launching a website building business

After the t-shirts, polo and the awesome Life is a Game ebook, I'm moving onto something else. This time, it won't be a simple addition to Nerdow. It's something 100% different - here's the complet project, in french: As you know, I'm a french 19 years old who writes on Quora and on his… Read More »

Building a business as a challenge

The first chapter of Make Money Writing Building a business is one of the most challenging yet most entertaining achievement you’ll cross. It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to operate a business. It takes a lot of knowledge for a business to be satisfactory. It’s the ultimate defy because it’s a never-ending… Read More »

Launching the Lion Crown collection

I'm proud. I'm launching the new Lion Crown collection. You can now show your colors in our fancy clothes. T-shirts, embroidered polos, awesome cap. We have everything you need to show who you are. For this event, and up to the last day of August 2018, you get 20% off all the Lion Crown products… Read More »

Why ebooks and online courses are worth the bucks

First point first, I’m making my own promo with this article – and everyone who has written an ebook or more will thank me for this! Most people, don’t realize why ebooks are superior to articles. In this article, I will tell you why ebooks and courses are the next steps products you need to… Read More »