Month: April 2019

How to begin calisthenics – and what’s calisthenics?

It’s not hitting the gym and lifting heavier and heavier weights. Calisthenics is about becoming physically stronger, so you can perform more complex movements. Instead of increasing the difficulty by increasing the gravity over your body with weights, calisthenics uses human architecture to build complex exercises requiring more and more

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Calisthenic VS Weight Lifting – which one to get better looking

For those of you who don’t know Personal note: make an article on What’s Calisthenics? calisthenic is the art of using the weight of your body to train your muscle. Most people call it body-weight training. Think of it as all the variations of basic push-ups, pull-ups, squats… Weight lifting

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Calories don’t matter when you train to get good-looking – except they do

You could eat thousands and thousands of high quality food without getting fatter and without slowing your progress. To be fair with you, that’s exactly what athletes who train for strength do. They eat over 10,000+ calories everyday… and they aren’t getting any fatter. Stronger, yes. Not fatter. Now, there’s

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