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You aren’t fluent in english? And so?

I received many mails from people stating that they can’t write on Quora because they don’t have a perfect english.

It’s already the 10th mail that I’m sending you and some readers still didn’t answer a single question because of an obstacle.

You know what happens when you have a problem on your road?

Two possibilities.
1. You destroy the problem
2. The problem sits on you
Doing nothing about this issue – if you have it – is letting the problem sits on you.

If you are meeting this problem, then you’d better solve it or you will never write answers.

“Not being good enough” that’s what you are telling yourself.

“But Yannick, I’m not good enough to write on Quora!”

My best tip for you is to start writing. More and more.

Do not procrastinate. Write right now. Leave this website and start writing.

Write answers, write mails…

Whatever you want, write it in english.

Maybe you aren’t a native english speaker, then what?

I’m not.

Yet I‘m teaching thousands of you how to write quality answers on an english website.


Because I decided that the barrier of language wasn’t a big deal.

I decided that I could do it.

I decided that I would do it!

Thank’s to Quora, my answers are better and so is my english.

Because I decided that I could do it.

Guess what?

I did it.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading what I’m writing.

The next time you tell yourself that you aren’t good enough to do something, remember that to become good enough, you must practice it.

Even if that sounds dumb.

Even if you may ridicule yourself? – Who care about this one?

You must write if you want to write.

No matter how bad your english is.

No matter how weird your ideas are.

If you want to write answers, then you can.

Even in a foreign language.

Practical tips to improve your english:
• Play video games in english
• Have an english dictionary around you. Not a translator, a dictionnary
• Read in english – Reading my mails is a perfect practice!
• Watch english videos
• Speak english
• Force yourself
I’m writing in english because it makes sense to me.

I could be writing in french. I could.

But you would be much less to read my mails.

And that would be against my policy that knowledge is for everyone.

In a single sentence:

Whatever your problem is, get started and solve it on your way.

A story you never heard

Not so far away, in a planet very similar to ours lived a young man.

By all ways he was average. Not that he couldn’t improve, but he didn’t use his time wisely. He preferred playing video games alone in his room rather than playing outside with the few friends he had.

He preferred his comfort over what he actually wanted.

One day, during his daily routine he discovered Quora.

He didn’t know that Quora would change his life.

He ventured on Quora to discover a load of cool people. He read their stories.

He never intended to stay there, but he did. It became his new hobby.

Quora became more and more important as the young man participated by answering various questions.

The young man enjoyed it.

By bringing value to many readers, thank’s to his experience, many persons read his answers full of wisdom.
More and more decided to follow him as rose in popularity.

His answers weren’t exceptionally nor very well written.

However, he had the thing.

The strategy.

The little plus that made his readers enjoy all his answers.

I was this young guy.

I started getting serious on Quora. And here I am.

6 millions views, 5,400 followers… This adventure is a success.

I learned. I developed my way right to the top.

What you received in the previous mails state how I transitioned from this young boy to the person writing you.

Well, this is only the top of the iceberg.

I delivered you the ideas behind my growth, but I kept the execution secret.


The complete blueprint is now available for everyone.

Writing style

Take 100 different persons, make them read the same text and ask them to summarize it.

You’ll get 100 different summaries.

That’s how the game works.

The way you “get” this story relates to your own life up to this point in time. A lot of actions get you there, reading this exact mail at this exact time.

Well, these actions/experiences have an impact on how you synthesize information. Let’s say that you are a chessmaster and the character in the story play chess. You’ll include this fact in your summary while most people will consider this at “not worth telling in my summary”.

The way you lived, and are living has a direct impact on how you see your surrounding, which affects how you write.

If your life is extraordinary or at least you believe it is, then you’ll write very well. Many stories, some amazing experiences… You’ll be able to find marking details that’ll stick and which you’ll want to share.

A boring life will feel… different.

• Nothing valuable to share
• Despair
• Jealousy
• Sadness
• regrets

Sharing there isn’t going to bring you anywhere!

Who wants to read this kind of content?

No one!

I firmly believe, and experienced that to live well is to write well.

If you have troubles writing, fix your life first.

You cannot blame someone/something else.

It’s called ownership for a reason.

If I’m bad at biking, then I take ownership.

• What am I doing wrong?
• How can I improve?
• Can I ask a pro to help me?
• Is my bike on point?
• Should I ride more?
I find a solution.

I do not blame it on anything nor anyone. I know that it’s 100% my bad.

Hopefully I enjoy mountain biking and I’m quite decent at it!

Now, ask yourself some questions:

• How do you feel about your writing style?

• How can I write better answers on Quora?

• Can I reduce my mistakes?

• Do I have enough inspiration?

• Am I motivated?


Since the beginning I recommend you to write on the same single subject to build respect around your name.

Rules are created to be broken.

Writing on a subject is great to raise your name. It promotes continuity and authority on your subject as you are knowledge in it.

However, you will always touch the same readers.

Up to a point, every reader interested in XYZ subject will have heard about you.

Believe or don’t, but they already made their point. Either they love you and follow you or are indifferent.

Up to a point, your answers will gather less and less followers…

Why? Because everyone that already saw your answers made their choice. Either they follow you or they don’t.

What do you do when there aren’t anymore readers who are susceptible to follow you?

You find another subject, rinse and repeat.

As you may have noticed, this happened to me recently.

I’m getting less and less followers while still writing the same amount of answers.

The solution?

I’m now writing on different subjects…
• Entrepreneurship
• Business
• Life advice
• Body building
• Etc
And that works!

I’m again receiving a lot more followers from my answers.

That’s because I’m addressing a public that I never addressed before.

How can you implant this on your Quora?

If you aren’t getting enough views/followers/upvotes, then change your subject of predilection.

Find another one.

Write 5+ answers.

Are the stats different? If that’s the case, then great job because you are conquering another segment!

Keep it up,

Talk again soon, Yannick

Dealing with trolls, being savage

Since the dawn of times trolls populate the internet.

They are of various shapes. Fat, skinny, tall or tiny.

Most do not leave their cave unless they need to hunt for food.

Yet, hunting is a romanticized way of telling that they are moving to the nearest fast food to replenish their vital needs.

No more, no less, they come back to their online job which pays 0.

Trolls are below-average people who have nothing running in their life.

How do they show this?

By being aggressive online with total strangers.

No one healthy, successful or with a pretense of a brain would lose their valuable time insulting random people on the internet for no reason.

That doesn’t make any sense.

Whoever spend his time being an internet troll doesn’t understand our craft.

They don’t understand that they too can craft articles,answers, mails that people are eager to read.

Yet they prefer to play with their attention need. They want to trigger a war between them and the writer.

Guess what? They are already showing their inferiority by attacking someone else with words on the internet.

If I had a war to start, no one would know about it… I wouldn’t insult the guy on any social platform, that would bring too much awareness…

Anyway, trolls are part of the landscape.

You have no choice than to run around some trolls here and there when you are a creator.

This isn’t to say crap. That’s real. If you are writing on the internet, you’ll eventually meet them.

Being a writer, I recognize that they are all harmful to you.

Now, how do you deal with trolls?

1/ You are savage. You make another comment by mocking them for who they are. If you have picture of them, you make a savage comment on the picture making sure that they run out humiliated, feeling less than nothing.

2/ You ignore completely. That’s my strategy. You don’t answer, you don’t delete, you do absolutely nothing about the issue. Unless the troll has a massive amount of time and dedication ready to bother you, he will stop by himself if you aren’t going to write him a message

3/ Agree and amplify. Showing that you have balls to stand against them. Agree and amplify will show that you aren’t afraid of being who you are, of being the writer.

The 1/ and 3/ strategy work well on Twitter. It even gets you more views as you are being more savage than the guy trolling you. Human nature leads people to laugh at this because you are eating who’s trying to eat you. That’s strength!

Now, if you write on Quora, which is the case if you receive this mail – Or I hope so! – then you simply don’t give an answer. Nothing. Nada. Que peso.

Don’t give them your time.

Speaking of time, it’s ticking.

Ca. 2 weeks ago I released “Make money writing”, if you still haven’t started to build your online empire, it’s time to get ahead

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Things move fast.

One day it will be too late to start…