5 games to skyrocket your brain

Playing these 5 games will give you a better logic

Sounds strange. How is It possible that some games can give you special habits? 

There is many, many games out there. There is also many, many different people out there. The best part is that there is enough style of game so that everyone can at least enjoy one of them. What’s huge is that those types of game all make references to certain abilities. Playing certain games will improve certain special abilities. Most war games will increase your logic. That’s logical! The more time you plan your attack, the more chances it will be successful. Trying again and again to build the biggest attack isn’t a waste of your time. It helps you develop a sense of strategy. It works for many games.

Even if games don’t look so smart at first sight. Take Call the call of duty. It’s all about running and killing the random dudes that you find. Well, yes and no. We can say that this is the first layer of the game. That’s how everyone can see the game. Then we can look at the tactical part of the game. There is different types of grenades, weapons, advantages that enable everyone to create his favorite character in no time. That is the essence of strategy.

It leads to many different logical thoughts. How can you beat this guy knowing that he will use a certain weapon? How will you use these resources? Where will you move your character? What’s the best buff for the current situation? The strategy becomes instantly more complex to grab. You have to master many different elements of the game to rule the leaderboard. You can’t win at these games if you think slowly. That’s just impossible. It’s one of the reason why playing games of strategy will lead you further in life. With further thoughts, life is also a game. More complex than all these games that you can play on your computer or on your smartphone.

Every game posses his own mechanics. When you switch to another game, you’ll have to learn the basics of completely new universe. Changing those basics from time to time is great for your brain. You have to apply a different logic with different patterns on each game that you are playing. More, you have to learn how to control the character for all of these games. It’s the perfect training for your brain!

No more speech. Here are the 5 games that will improve your logic.

League of legend

  • Pc
  • Online
  • Player vs Player: MOBA

You play a warrior, a rogue or a sorcerer in a 5v5 battle. The goal is to erase the building of your enemies. While pursuing the primary objective you can also kill your opponents and attack monsters of the jungle to get some buffs. At any given time, there is a lot of possibilities. You can farm, attack the other player, claim an objective, take a tower, switch lane to help another mate, back to the shop, or die…


There is more than 140 different playable champions. At each game you are fighting new players who are using new strategies. You must be flexible to adapt and overcome every game. You can’t always play the same champion as you can’t always play the same role in the team. You have to be polyvalent to succeed at league of legend! You’ll find a lot of different people, knowing how to relate with them is crucial. The best team is the team that communicate. If you don’t, it will be impossible to develop efficient strategies. results? You lose. If you have trouble with social anxiety, I wrote a solution there.

It’s not over

Everything can happen. From a sharp critical hit to the steal of a buff, nothing is done until the game’s end. You can even lose in the first 20 minutes of the game to make a win later on because your enemies became too confident. This happen more than what you think! Make sure that you never leave the battlefield because comebacks happen often!

Clash royal

  • Smartphone
  • Online
  • 1vs1

You play in an arena -again – in a one versus one fight. You are a summoner and can bring many different troops on the battlefield. The goal is to break the enemies buildings without letting him destroy yours. That’s also a game of pure strategy. You must have a defense, an attack… There is a bunch of cards that you can use to personalize your game. Making it more unique. Your deck won’t make the game. But the way you use your cards will become lethal to your opponent.

Resource management

Each [X] second, both players get a point of elixir. With this one they can summon troops or buildings helping in the quest of the opponent. The more elixir you have, the stronger the troops you can summon. You have an interest in accumulating the elixir. The problem is that you can’t stock more than 10 of it. You must use it! The goal is just to annihilate the attacks of your enemy by using less elixir than he is. Or maybe you counter attack or build some towers which can help in the siege. You have to manage the elixir. That’s where you can see the differences between players. You and your opponent have exactly the same amount of it, the deal is to use it more efficiently than your enemy.

Mastering the choices

Your deck is composed of 8 cards. You chose them between more than 70 different cards with different effects. You are making a strategy out of the cards that you are choosing. It will become the difference between the win or the lose. Make sure that they are congruent. Some cards can make combos while other don’t work well together. You can cook your own recipe out of all the possibilities. That’s what is really interesting in most strategy games. You aren’t only taking part of the battle. You create your own battle by making up your own composition. That’s how you develop a strategy!


  • Pc/Smartphone/everywhere
  • Online or offline
  • Different game modes

Minecraft is the kind of game where you have no goal. You land on a special cubic earth and you can do whatever you want. You can conquer other world, you can craft the strongest armor, you can explore the world, you can mine to gather resources, you can build your palace… It’s an open world with an infinity of possibility. Making it the perfect game for strategy.

Player versus player

War of territories. There is some server that have a special plugin: Faction. It enables the players to create guilds so they can have a base and share their resources. It’s also a protection on a spot of land so that non-members can’t enter there unless they kill enough members. If you want to steal this kind of base, you must have a strategy. How will you destroy it? Using some explosives? By giving the members gifts and then killing them? There is a huge amount of possibility! You can absolutely do whatever you want! The only goal is to have fun while growing the bigger guild with best sets of items and the strongest bow and swords. There are virtually no limits. You can build your base in other dimensions, you can attack the other players and you can even exchange with them if they don’t kill you first. That’s the law of the strongest. He is always right!


Minecraft is one of those rare game where you share the view of your character. Meaning that you see through his eyes, like if you were the character. More than being cool, it’s useful in a 3D world made of block. You can gather a better knowledge of all these shapes that you are building because you are already seeing them on the screen. Trust me, it’s really helpful in industrial drawing! Also, you can construct whatever you want. There is no limitation with gravity or logic. Your castle won’t fall if a mean player land a TNT on its center. You can even use a powder similar to electricity. It gives you more possibilities by creating complex systems to automate most of the game. You can create some farms with it. Yes, we are becoming lazier even in a game!


  • Pc/smartphone
  • Online

You pop in a singular world with many other players around you. They all look different. Gods aren’t making it easy for you with 18 different characters. Every character possess his own specificity making it harder for you to engage in a 1v1. Some can heal, others are good at removing mobility while another one is a pure tank. You can choose your class when you create your personage, that’s already a strategical choice. But trust me, you won’t create only one character. You’ll love to learn how to play every class! More, there is no goal set so you can go around and do whatever you please. Again, it’s not an open world but it looks like one.

Making money

These games are tools for entrepreneurs. You can do everything related to make money. Gather the resources, craft the weapon or clothes, improve their stats. All are jobs that you can learn and level up over the time. It isn’t the only possibility, you can sell practically everything on these games, making it easier than ever to learn sales. You are clearly an investor while you play these games, you can invent new ways to make money. There is an economy to develop and you can be a leader in this one!

Turn by turn

All the fights are turn by turn. Meaning that you can predict everything clearly, like in a game of chess, but harder. There are more possibilities. Every class has different skills and specificity, every character can have different items, giving them different bonuses. Once you understand that all of them are different but have a kind of counter, then you can build efficiently the latter. Of course! Every strategy can be countered by another one. It’s a never-ending story. For now, your goal is just to find how to remove the problem caused by your opponent. Let’s be lethal!


You doubt it? Life is a game too. Maybe the hardest one of them all. It’s an open world RPG where you can do absolutely all you want to! No latencies, no impossible monsters. Only positivity! If you want to get rid of some players, you can ditch them. If you want to craft the strongest armor, you can forge it! If you want to grow the bigger field of wheat, you can do it! Everything is possible in Life!

You can learn every job, build your own weapons and conquer the world. Everything is possible in the world! You are 100% responsible of what is happening to you right now. Good or bad, everything relates to you. Maybe you did some mistakes. Maybe you took the best opportunities. I don’t know anything about you except that you are reading this sentence. But what I can tell you is that learning to view life as a game is a great skill to develop. I wrote a book about this challenge. Don’t be fooled by the other players. You will be amongst the winners if you are hard-working!