5 of the best websites for self-improvement

Those are websites that I read practically every week – when I have the time. I profit from the knowledge of the writers and so should you!

All of these website helped me one day or another. It’s no surprise that I recommend them to you. Keep cool, most of them are a bit more extreme than what you can read on Nerdow.

Wall Street Playboys

An anti-average website. Standard individual shouldn’t visit it, they will get offended. It’s about making more money and enjoying a better lifestyle. This website speak about business and natural weaknesses in humans. Why we do such things in this context? How to take advantage of people? How to ignore noise? Wall Street Playboys is like the brother you wish you had earlier. They will tell you everything you need to know to get your life on point. From health to game, most subjects are covered!

Western Mastery

A website to boost yourself. Read it and feel enlightened. Why aren’t you doing more? Why are you still there in your life? Can you progress? What will you achieve at the end of the year? This website is about changing your lifestyle. It’s practically impossible to have a standard job, do nothing in the evening and work the whole day without getting sad at the end of the year. If you want to get boosted, read this website, it’s full of amazing idea that you can apply to improve your lifestyle. It’s also about manipulation and philosophy, some of my favorite subjects!

Get A Life by Good Looking Loser 

Get offended by the title if you want. Chris, the owner of the website is a pro at dating and gives you the best tips to overcome your social anxiety, to boost yourself and to make you take the bull by the horns. There is no other medicine if you are a weak man. Unfortunately no one will admit that they need a fix for their life. Few will read this website as it’s the most extreme that you can find. Chris is also a kind of bodybuilder, he knows everything on the subject and on health in general. He does his best to show how the human body works and how to get more of it. An excellent website that you should visit!

Alexander J.A Cortex

That’s not even a website, it’s a twitter account. This guy knows everything about health. He can solve all your problems and often does “Ask Me Anything” sessions which mean that you can learn from him very easily. More he owns a website with some thoughts on self-improvement and philosophy. He delivers a content of huge value through twitter and his mailing list. I’m not kidding, if you are into health/want to improve yourself, check it out. It’s worth the click!

The Quintessential Mind

Less known. Still worth a check. This website is about everything that a man can learn to improve his life. Most of the thoughts on this blog are about philosophy, improving your mind, strategies and problem solving around social situations. It’s way more serious than the previous one. The style is more defined with strong words. It’s not for everyone as most articles are hard to understand. But once you get on this website, you can’t leave it! It’s full interesting new insights that you never had!

With this list you will never lack of interesting articles to read. Make sure that you check those websites because they are some of the best related to self-improvement. Sure, It’s only 5 in an ocean. That’s because I don’t read on the internet the whole day. I prefer to write. I prefer to grow my website and my quora.

If you have more suggestion, if you have more websites related to self-improvement, make sure to comment! I’ll check them out and update this list!