5 Strategies to become a morning person – Don’t ever hit snooze again!

If you always wake up in a bad mood, this article is for you. If you want to wake up earlier, this article is for you. And if you are bored and don’t know what to do, then this is article is probably for you too.

That’s surely one of the best introduction you’ll ever read, profit. I won’t always get that much of inspiration to write!

The deal is that we sleep we every day. Except if you are a strange weirdo who doesn’t sleep, but that’s not my problem. When you sleep, you rest your mind. If you don’t sleep you’ll be tired. Everything is cool, someone already told you this. Maybe your parents or someone else. It doesn’t change anything. Usually we want to fight against our beds. We don’t want to go to sleep but we would love to sleep longer in the morning. We don’t like to wake up. I don’t like to wake up. You don’t like to wake up.

What happens when you don’t get enough hours in your bed

When you sleep you are in a wonderful world with many possibilities. Sometimes you dream. And for few people, they can even control their dream – How fun is this! It’s a pleasure to sleep and you don’t want it to end. Even more when you don’t get enough hours of sleep. You get grumpy and nothing goes right without enough hours on the counter. The solution may be simple.

Just hit the snooze button and sleep longer. Unfortunately, you have to wake up, eat your breakfast and go to work. Those are deals that you must meet. If you don’t you’ll get into trouble. I don’t want you to get into trouble because you read my website. This wouldn’t even be an acceptable excuse.

The “easiest” method to get more energy in the morning is to sleep more

You just have to go to bed one hour earlier and everything will be better the next morning. Usually it doesn’t work like that. In the evening you want to do things that you can’t do during the day because you don’t have the time or because you don’t want to. None of my business, I don’t know your reasons. That’s why you accomplish these tasks or just relax in front of the tv most evening. Unfortunately, you don’t want to leave that state. You feel like you deserve to read an extra 30 minutes because you worked so hard this day. It sounds credible. It isn’t. Every minute that you delay from your normal sleeping schedule will cost you two minutes the next day. You’ll get tired, weak, grumpy and all the negative adjectives that you can find. That’s not what you want. How can you apply your plan when you are in a bad state?

The simplest solution to this problem is to have a schedule

The goal is to define at which hour you will sleep every day. Meaning that you will get “exactly” the same hours of sleep every night. It’s rigorous but it works perfectly. You just need to follow the schedule to get your 8 hours of sleep per day and feel extremely happy the next morning.

Note: This method won’t work overnight – pun intended -, a sleep schedule is a paper that you need to follow for some weeks before you can see improvements.

How to make a sleep schedule? Define how much hours of sleep you want. Take the time you want to wake up, subtract the hours of sleep you want plus 30 minutes and you are set. Keep this schedule for a month and see if it works with you.

You probably already know that you should go to sleep at the same hour every day. The problem is that you don’t apply. Because you are lazy or for whatever reason you have isn’t the problem. The problem is that you don’t apply what you already know. It’s simple to get a sleep schedule. Just write one and apply. You’ll thank me later on.

Have the best breakfast of your life every morning

Another hack that I use to get motivated in the morning is that I always cook a breakfast that I love. When I wake I know that I will eat one of my favorite dishes within 20 minutes. That gives me a lot of energy, even if I have to cook the meal, I’m happy because I love to eat!

Find what you love to eat in the morning and cook it. It will motivate you to wake up. I can’t resist the call of an omelet. That’s it. I cook an omelet practically every morning. Eggs, bacon, cheddar… I love it and could eat it every day. This is why always wake up so energized. I know that I will eat my favorite meal!

Next to my eggs I have a mug of coffee. Or sometimes of tea. The deal is the same. I love both so I take them right after I wake up to motivate myself. That’s like a ritual. When I wake up, I make myself a coffee or a tea. I drink one every day. That’s a habit.

I’m getting hungry

Get excited about your day. For a good reason

Maybe you don’t like to eat. What a strange person you are! In this case, you should get excited about your day. What will you do today? Will you climb the Everest? Will you rest? Will you improve your business?

If you schedule something interesting every day, this will motivate you to wake up. I love to hit the gym and ride my bike. That’s why I always have these activities on my schedule. No matter what you think about them, that’s what I love to do! You can replace it with your favorite activities. It’s easy! What could you do every day? Get it on your schedule! It will give you the strength to overcome your days. Whatever it is, go for it when you have some free time. That’s an instant boost to know that you will have fun during your week!

Let’s say that you don’t like anything. You don’t like food, you don’t like any activities… I would say that you are quiet boring. But let’s go further and find another method specially for you.

Find an original way to wake up

How do you wake up? Surely with an alarm clock like 90% of the people. Maybe it goes for the “dring-dring” or maybe it plays the radio. Go for an alarm clock with the sounds that you love. If you get excited by electro music, make it your morning alarm. It will instantly make you happier. It works for whatever style of music you like. If you don’t have a sophisticated alarm clock, use your smartphone. You can put whatever music you want on it as an alarm. It’s easy to set up and you’ll always have the alarm clock on you.

The best way to wake up is to wake up naturally. Because you slept enough and it’s time to get shit done. That’s the best method out there but it’s hard to use it. We have schedules and can’t wake up whenever we want. We have priorities so you can only use it on the week-end or when you have free time.

If all these tips aren’t enough for you, you can go for some watches that vibrate when it’s time to wake up. That’s less annoying than to have a big BZZZ BZZZ at your home every morning. I know it, you hate this sound!

You will never use the snooze button again!

4 tips to become a morning person:

  • Get a sleeping schedule
  • Eat what you love
  • Schedule an interesting activity every day
  • Wake up to your favorite music