99 Mantras to live by

  1. Don’t show your true power unless necessary. No one should know what you are capable of
  2. Always walk out slowly. Don’t run. Never. Show that it’s trivial
  3. Don’t look at your investments more than once per year
  4. You are obligated to no one. Trace your path
  5. If you don’t make time for your goals, time will eat you alive
  6. Health is more important than wealth
  7. Extreme ownership is the only way to live
  8. You must believe in something. Whatever. A god, a person an object…
  9. Each person stands for herself first
  10. Put yourself first. Always
  11. Power is having an influence over a chunk of the population
  12. Learning how to sell a pen will teach you how to sell anything
  13. No one believes in you, unless they make a profit from you – Emotional or not
  14. Leaders were the greatest fighters
  15. Don’t set goals. Use a system
  16. For others, you are only what they can perceive
  17. The problem isn’t that you are bad. You don’t believe enough in yourself
  18. No one gives a fuck about you
  19. That’s not because there is no proof that it isn’t real
  20. If you are doing it wrong, punish yourself
  21. Comfort is the opponent
  22. Be ready to offend the whole planet
  23. Loyalty becomes worthless when power is in the game
  24. When necessary, male a sample. It’s worth more than many threats
  25. Knowledge is cheap. Application is everything
  26. Be confident and everything will flow. Everyone makes it easier for confident people
  27. Your goal is entertaining. Everything else is a distraction
  28. Your body is your temple
  29. Life is a game. Either you play or you lose
  30. Get your health on point before anything else
  31. Being obsessed is the only way to achieve greatness
  32. Your home is a part of yourself, treat it as such
  33. Chess is the only game worth playing
  34. Believe in yourself like the world depends on it
  35. Never disclose all your knowledge
  36. De-clutter your life, home, smartphone, relationships…
  37. Everyday should be treated as a fairly new day, independent from any other day
  38. Only pain can change you
  39. Don’t compare to random individuals. Compare yourself to yourself
  40. What would Chad Thundercock do? Think. Act
  41. Look at the average man. What is he doing? Do the contrary
  42. News are nothing more than entertainment distributed to the mass
  43. A strong body builds a strong mind
  44. The lesser choice, the happier
  45. Get rid of what is useless. Things, food, people, software…
  46. Being dominant is key
  47. Sugar makes you fat
  48. Deadlines are stronger than any list of to-dos
  49. Attack is the best offense
  50. Motivation is worthless. You don’t need to be motivated to do something
  51. You are powerful
  52. Train your body or someone else will out-train you
  53. Always lie down
  54. Smartphones are killing your life, stay away. Profit from addicted people
  55. Don’t tell, show
  56. Death is the ultimate battle
  57. It’s not about who invented it first. It’s about who is able to claim it
  58. Your past is the past. Nothing can be changed. Focus on the present
  59. Don’t rely on someone else than you
  60. If someone fools you more than twice, then you are the one to blame
  61. You don’t need a plan B when all your plans A work
  62. It’s all a game of power
  63. You have full control over your state of mind
  64. Habits are stronger than stone
  65. It’s a contest. Between you and you
  66. Play in the shadow
  67. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it
  68. Social pression is totally inexistent. It’s made up
  69. Always use a planning. Without one you are lost
  70. Inventors and entrepreneurs are true winners
  71. Be proud of yourself
  72. Cold showers will tell if you dominate your body
  73. Perfect conditions will never happen
  74. Never trust anyone
  75. The beast is inside, not outside
  76. Never argue. Useless
  77. If you don’t conquer the world, someone else will
  78. Use cognitive biases at your advantage
  79. Your insecurities are made up
  80. Can’t find a mentor? Follow successful men on social networks
  81. You are only as strong as your mind is
  82. You only run as fast as you can when a tiger is running behind you
  83. Sleep is the only time when you are allowed to rest
  84. The weak will resent you
  85. Tea is better than coffee – Unrelated note
  86. If you are uninterested about something, don’t google it. Not worth the deal
  87. You are what you consume. Food, news, social networks, friends…
  88. When dealing with people, your strategy must never be same twice in a row
  89. The average guy is lazy. Take advantage
  90. Books are powerful. Read enough of them
  91. If you are not feeling tired at the end of the day, you are doing it wrong
  92. Waiting is losing
  93. Living alone isn’t a shame. It means that you prioritize
  94. First the look, then money, then fame. In this order
  95. Be competitive
  96. If you can’t follow your plan, you don’t deserve anything
  97. Feeling overwhelmed? Meditate
  98. To stand out, be like no one else
  99. The strongest isn’t the winner. The winner is the one who never give up

Remember that by following all these principles you won’t live a life free of problems.

In fact, you will offend many, many people and that’s perfect.

The more haters you have, the stronger your lovers are.

Don’t be afraid to follow these principles, that’s the surest way to become a somebody.