A comprehensible plan if you lose everything

Let’s assume that I lose everything I possess

My family, all my friends, the money on my account. Everything *pouf* isn’t there anymore. I don’t know why it goes away nor where. But that’s not the problem. Knowing this I’ll have two choices.

If I wanted to complain, I could do it all day. No one would expect anything from me because I would have no job/studies to follow. All of my 24 hours are free each day, meaning that I can do whatever I want with the restriction of money and friends. I would be limited by these restrictions. The deal is that I could complain, blame it on the hazard and many powers that I don’t understand. I could say that the stars weren’t aligned, that it’s a tragedy and more. Guess what? This would not change anything. I would still be there with nothing.

Or I could take extreme ownership of the situation and make sure that I come back. It sounds instantly more credible. No one expect nothing from me anymore, I’m completely free. The only problem is that I’m homeless without a penny. How can I make sure that I will survive and comeback?

Here is my strategy:

  1. I would figure out that I have nothing. Just some piece of papers, my clothes, a bag and my brain. The three are also intact so I won’t have problems with them. I’d go in the street and ask for money. That’s what you do when you have nothing. I would go over some passerby and ask them for the time. Then ask for one dollar because I need to eat. That’s the foot in the door method. You first ask for something valueless, then you give the real question. It improves the chances to get a positive answer. Same for the “because I need to eat”. Studies shown that because you use “because” you get more favorable answers! We live in a crazy world!
  2. I will need to collect a bit of money to survive. I could eat at the university’s restaurant because it’s very cheap and you can get up to two hot meals for 3,25 euros. This will help me sustain this insane lifestyle. But the restaurant is only open for midday. I would have to carry an extra pizza from the university’s restaurant for evening and find something to eat every morning. I thought of eggs, raw eggs are excellent and may be very useful for this situation
  3. Within 3 to 5 days I will start to smell bad. Very bad. I will need a solution. I may take a shower in a lake or find free showers somewhere. I don’t know where I could find them. Staying clean is essential for the rest of the plan.
  4. I’ll need more money. Sustaining this life will become harder and harder with the time. I’ll get higher chances of being sick and no one knows if I could find a solution to this problem. I will have to make money. No, begging for money isn’t what I’m thinking about. This is only for the start when you truly have nothing. I will build a website and sell some courses with the bit of knowledge that I still have on my brain.Hopefully I played some games so I have the basics about a business!
  5. I wouldn’t have to invest anything at first. I can create a Paypal account for free and I can also build a blog for free using blogger. How do I log onto the internet? Most libraries offer free internet access over free computer. That would be perfect! That’s why I need to stay clean, if I’m not then I will get rejected. I don’t want this to happen!
  6. Once the website is set, I would keep begging for at least half the day. I still don’t know how much time it takes to collect the 5 euros per day to live. At this point I will still live in the street under my jacket. Then I will have to bring people to my website.
  7. That’s why I would write many articles so that google will maybe rank my pages. Also, I will make sure to connect with new people on internet. Remember, it cost me nothing to log onto the web!
  8. The blog will grow bigger and bigger and will hit a profitable line. I wouldn’t need to beg anymore to survive. That’s when I’ll need to change my strategy. I would have two choices:
    1. Aim for full time web. I would write more and more articles, growing the blog bigger and bigger, making more and more money.
    2. Or I would have to work like everyone else. The decision will be entirely mine from this point.

I hope that these words gave you hope. Life is a game and should always be fun to play. Make sure that you can sustain your decision and go away with all the consequences. At every time a bad event can occur. Fear nothing because it won’t be your bad. You’ll just get unlucky, because it happens sometimes, even to the most successful individuals out there.

Don’t be fooled by the drama. You can ALWAYS recover from anything. Many illness, the loss of a friend/family member and many other sad events. It’s all on your mind. You just have to clear the things up and ask yourself.

Is this really that important for me?

Because 99% of the time it isn’t worth the trouble! Make sure that you don’t worry for useless crap that you can easily avoid!

You are stronger than what you believe! Every situation is an opportunity to grow bigger and stronger than ever. What doesn’t kill you build you! You can use all these events around you as bricks to manipulate your final form. The only end of the game is the: “Game is over” logo. That’s when you die.

Hopefully you still have a lot of time in front of you.

Profit. Make many friends. Grow stronger! And of course become successful!

You are the builder! Make sure that your life will never be forgotten. You can build whatever you want to. Make sure that it will be your greatest achievement so far. Don’t waste more opportunity. Close this website and start working on your big project right now.

Or read another article and learn more about self-improvement. That’s your choice. Your destiny will always stay yours.