A game taught me sales

My non-linear progression toward sales through a game

Games. Sales. These two words don’t match, right? Wrong. In many games there are economic systems. Systems which enable to make virtual money in a game and to use it. With this in-game money, you have a lot of possibilities.

  • Buying resources to craft powerful items
  • Buying rare items
  • Betting on the price of certain items
  • Using money to improve your level on the game…

It’s similar to real life. You spend money to make events happen faster, or to be more comfortable. Well, the same system exist in this game. It’s based on the same logic, when you spend in-game money you get benefits, often that’s better stats, a more interesting experience or better loots.

In-game money find the same utility as our currencies.

The beginning of the adventure

I was 13 when this all happened. I still remember clearly most of the events.

First, I played this game (Dofus) without caring about money. I didn’t need it. When I fought monsters, they looted random items. That was enough for me to level up and to visit the next zone.

Everything was right in the unicorns country. And then, I got blocked. The monsters became stronger than me, I couldn’t fight them anymore. My armor was too weak, I hadn’t enough life and my damage couldn’t pierce the monsters.

I had no other choice. I had to buy a better armor. I managed to drink a potion to get into a big city. There I visited the equipment’s shop. I found many cool armors, way stronger than mine. I also saw the price. It was what I had in my purse, plus three 0 behind that number.

I was poor. I couldn’t buy the least expensive armor. I felt bad.

I decided to pursue money. I managed to farm a dungeon until I met headaches. I did the same dungeon 10 times in a row to loot some resources that I would sell to other players.

No one wanted these resources. They weren’t rare enough. Everybody could farm the dungeon and come up with the same resources. It wasn’t a smart deal. I lost 2 hours for nothing, no one bought my loots.

That’s it. My first try was an epic failure. I lost my time, I got worthless resources. Now what am I going to do?

I had to think. I had to use my brain to come up with a solution. I wanted the fancy armor. I wanted to crush the next zone. Thus I needed money.

I got a job and met people’s need

In this game (Dofus) it is possible to get a job to farm resources. The higher your job’s level is, the rarer the resources you can harvest.

I managed to become a farmer.

I was out, in the fields. They were full of wheat made of the purest yellow. It took me hours to harvest enough wheat to realize my firsts crafts. I learned how to bake bread. Bread is very useful, it restores your life by a simple click, otherwise you have to wait for your life to restore by itself, which takes a lot of time.

Making money on games is similar to making money in the real life. The sole difference is the use of this money. It’s worthless on a game while it’s super useful in real life. Guess that we can’t it all!


Farming in the fields
I discovered that a lot of people needed bread. Practically every fighter wanted a supply of bread to never run out of it -No one wants to wait between fights.

I took advantage of it, as I was taught by Grant Cardone. As I harvested the wheat to bake more bread, I leveled up. I discovered new recipes to bake better breads, which sold at a higher price for the same amount of work. It started to pay.

I managed to buy my armor. I handled the next zone perfectly. All my items made the difference, I beat the monsters without losing too much health, which I recovered with my magical bread.

All was perfect, until I met the next level. I needed a steed to run faster than the wind. The steed was a big investment, because I didn’t wanted the least expensive.

New tactic: Buy and sell

I had a significant amount of money. I made it with the bread method. Player, needed bread to heal themselves, so I served them. However, selling bread didn’t make enough money to buy a steed. I had to find another solution…

I figured out that some players were greedy. They had no time.

They wanted everything instantly.

Those players wanted to enjoy the game, but they couldn’t. They always needed to change their character, from their outfits to the class itself. These players were always in a rush, for everything.

Some of them needed money desperately. They would have sold their parents for a quick deal.

It wasn’t hard to spot these people who lacked time.

I had simply to shout the following in the chat:

I’m taking all your stuff for 70% of it’s value!

Within second, the exchange’s window opened. They were pouring items, asking for the best deal.

And they would come. One by one. Trading with me, they thought that they had great deals. Well, that was true. They sold their items for 70% of their value in an instant. They hadn’t time, it was a great deal for them.

The fact that the deal was made in an instant was attractive to them. It was so attractive that they were ready to compromise the price of their items for a fraction of its initial cost.

I did many deals, I owned many items. I had no utility for them. I sold them.

It was the plan.

I sold them for 90% of their value to speed up the process. I made 20% of the price of the item as a benefit. For each item.

The higher the value of an item, the more money I made.

It was simpler than the first method, I hadn’t to harvest wheat all day. I hadn’t to bake the bread. And I hadn’t to sell it.

Everything was smoother:

  • Find a greedy player
  • Buy his equipment
  • Sell to others via the sales hotel

It was simple.

I had practically an inexhaustible source of money: The greediness of players

I got rich, in this game

I bought my proud steed. I ran over the zone faster than the wind.

I won my bet, I learned the basics of sales by playing a game.

A simple game on a computer.

Coming back to the present

How to improve the buy and sell method

My best ideas, as of right now. None was applied, thus I have no feedback on them. It’s only a bunch of ideas to improve the buy and sell method.

  • Buy at a lower price, 50% of the original price of an item
  • Buy anything, including random resources
  • Build a system of referral. For each referee a person has, buy their items at 70% +1% per referral up to 10%
  • Build a real business. Set up a website where you show what you have in stock and indicate the price. Build a system of referral on the website because it’s easier to do it on the web than in a game
  • Create a network with the sellers. Add them to a facebook group and remind them that you are buying what they have for 70% of it’s value in an instant
  • Develop a funny speech, create an amazing experience for the sellers -Pretty hard to realize in a game, however it’s possible to gift the seller with cool items. The more he sells, the funniest items he gets

Building a business in a game, what a laughable idea. Anyway, it’s working.

When I played this game, I never thought that I would learn this much on business and entrepreneurship just by making enough money to buy a better armor. That’s crazy how I went from a bakery to a 7 seven figures business in some months!

Some people vilify games. I don’t see the point. I learned a lot by playing games, whether it is English, business or strategy. Games served me well.

Other ways I made money on this game

  • I took advantage of the updates. Whenever a new update was within reach, I moved to the beta’s server. It’s like traveling to the future, where the update is already live on the server. I took the information that I needed, came back to the past and applied to make money
  • I searched for items to craft. Some items have a high demand for a low production. I targeted this. I figured out what I needed to craft these items, bought it or harvested it. Then I crafted the items and sold them for more than what the conception cost me
  • For some quest, players need to have certain objects. The strategy was to be there when they needed it. I simply sold the items they needed at a higher price. They always bought. Because to get them at a lower price they had to take a potion, find a shop, buy, come back at the same location. Moving wasn’t worth the extra fees that I charged by selling directly

And you? What did you learn from games?