Welcome to NERDOW

Let me tell you a story.

Before being the original t-shirts store you know about, Nerdow was my blog. I wrote articles, ideas and essays on self-improvement, muscle development and anything to get an edge over the competition. My goal was – and still is – to be the very best in my category.

The problem is that I don’t fit anywhere. I’m not a talented sportsman, despise 6 hours+ spent each week training. I’m not a talented writer, despise 2 books and over 400,000 words last year. I’m not a talented student despise being in an engineering school. I’m not a talented entrepreneur, despite having started 3 “business”. I’m not a talented gamer, despite having spent thousands and thousands hours playing.

All these achievements, all these skills that I learned along the road… I had nowhere to store them. Not a single tool to remember them all. That made me sad. I could have written a book on those skills – I did – but I realized that there are more original ways to remind me of what I did.

That brings us on this website. The actual Nerdow which gives you unique and original t-shirts to express yourself. Your life, your skills are summarized on our t-shirts. Each one of these t-shirts tells an epic story. That’s a part of your tale. Rather than writing a book or taking pictures that you’ll never look at, we offer you to save your memory in these t-shirts. Are you ready to tell your story through your new t-shirts?

Nerdow is a part of my tale

Why you should choose Nerdow for your shirts?

Cloud soft tissue

Don't worry, there are no clouds in our t-shirts. Their softness come from our materials. Nerdow's t-shirts are made of 100% cotton.

State of the art design

Our t-shirts automatically stands out in any situation. Whether you want to brag about your secret talent or play it casual. We got you covered!

A secured experience

Nerdow uses https as you can see in your browser. That's the same level of encryption that Google and your bank use. Your security is our priority.

All your questions answered

Get a minimum of 2 shirts and we take care of shipping expenses for you

You’ll get your package in the 2 weeks of purchase date

Our products are neither taken back, nor exchanged.

Why? All our orders are crafted on demand. We do not handle any stock. When someone buys a t-shirt, it’s crafted on demand. As such we cannot exchange or take returns.

We don’t have any stock. Our t-shirts are crafted on demand, making sure that they are always at top quality!

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My friends and family inspire me everyday to find new designs. Most are representative of them

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