Who am I?

I noticed that many of you visited this page.. Unfortunately it was empty. It only redirected to an error. Quiet sad.

It’s time for me to break the ice. After these articles, who am I?

I’m that guy on this pink bicycle. That’s how my family pranked me for Christmas. I thought that it was the bike of my dreams… and then I saw it. A bit different of what I thought. Notice how the tire are deflated.

Well, this is me. Yannick.

Wait, why are you on this page?

I can only think of three reasons.

  1. You want to learn more about me
  2. You are curious about who write all this crap
  3. You are stalking me. Care, I only take girl’s number…

That’s the time you waited for. I’m going to say a lot of things about myself.

When I was younger than 16

When i was born, I was quiet standard. You know, there isn’t a lot of models for babies. You are there, unconscious of all your actions. Usually you have nice parents that dress you so you don’t look that bad for a starter. That was my case. I don’t remind well this period of my life, I was too young and innocent.

Then I grew up. I learned how to pick up Lego and make fortresses with them. I got some small character that I made fight to get the control over the castle, the good time! When I wasn’t fighting for the Lego, I invented society games. Yeah. I was already an expert. But don’t expect too much. Those games where only basics. You throw the dice. Move forward by the number of cases that the dice gave you. Simple, effective. When it wasn’t enough for my fun, I added some events on these games. When your character stepped on a special case, I would randomly smash the board to get the advantage over my grandparents who played these games with me. I already crafted some games, used my imagination… Everything was already there.

For many years I lost this passion for creation. There was a thing called school. It was tiring. You go there by 8:00AM and come back at 4:00PM. It cut my days. I was also very small, I didn’t bother to rebel. After all, what could I do against the system as a kid? I had loving parents, funny grandparents and some boring time at school. Everything was perfect, or so.

Quick forward: between this period and 16, nothing was meaningful. Sure, I got my education but I did nothing that important, here is a quick summary:

  • Sport:
    • Judo: 3 years
    • Archery: 1/2 year
    • Swimming: 3/4 year
    • Ping-pong: 3/4 year
  • Social
    • Enough friend to be happy
    • Got a “girlfriend” for 3 weeks
    • Survived the school
  • Video games
    • Got into a competition in minecraft, 200/16 000
    • Met a lot of friend with games
    • Learned how to play many games : Lol, Dofus, Wakfu, Minecraft, Age of Empire, Crash bandicoot, Chess…

After 16. The interesting part!

That’s when I got the many ideas. I can do more!

I started to watch video on startups by The Family. That’s where I learned about business and all those things that I’m doing right now on the internet. before watching these videos I had no clue on how people got rich. I only saw that people got money by working for someone else. No more, no less. I didn’t know that someone can hire many people and make them work for him so he gets a better return of interest. Yes, I was pretty simple!

Now I know it, and I can grab how I will build my empire. But we aren’t there yet.

I learned how to make some blogs. I had many of them. I left them one after another. I wasn’t interested in them. I only did them because I saw that people were earning money because of their website. My articles were of poor quality. Nothing interesting. Copy and paste. That was lame. I still thought that I could do something great out of these websites.

It was a waste of time, I wasn’t invested in them. I called it my “business” even if it didn’t made me one penny. That was the good all time. I had no experienced.

I decided to learn how to code for the web. The basics of HTML and CSS so I could edit the website. It was a great idea.

But I lost a lot of time trying to grab a perfect design. Yes. I had no articles but the perfect design. What a mistake!

Nobody visited the websites. That was another problem.

I thought that when you publish a website, some people automatically go there to watch it and if they like it, they would refer it to friends.

I thought that making a website isn’t a big deal, that everyone can do it.

Well I wasn’t too far from the truth.

Everyone can make a website. Few can make a great website. Fewer can earn a living out of their website.

That’s when I decided to put the time to learn SEO. Search Engine Optimization. It’s some courses to learn what to write to tell google:

Hey mate! I want to be ranked first! Do your job and put me on the front page!

That’s what I wanted. That’s what every internet guy want. Visibility.

That’s the word that I searched for so long! SEO wasn’t cool. It isn’t. That’s a bunch of strange courses with strange word. Trust me, publish great content and you are set.

But this wasn’t enough for me. You know, I changed my website many times. I had to come back at zero + the knowledge that I get form the precedent fails.

After a lot of failed website I got an idea of what to put there and who to bring there. But more. I knew how to bring people to this website!

I learned about quora. A website where you can find answer to all your questions. The top is that you can also write answers to help other people. I got involved there.

I wrote – and still write – mainly on the self-improvement part. I even made it to the #3 of the most viewed writer of the month.

And now I’m there. Building my website, sharing my tips.

80% of what you read there is based on my life

The 20% remaining come from what I read. So everything may not be original. Maybe you already read it somewhere. I’m sorry for this, but this website is also my own way to concentrate my knowledge. That’s like a library of my thoughts. Make sure to take advantage from it. Not everyone will read this kind of content. Even fewer will apply it.

I don’t know you. But what I know is that you are interested in this website. Maybe you like the writing style – Why not? Maybe you are interested in self-improvement? Or maybe you just tumbled there with a bit of randomness. Don’t worry, that is okay.

If there is something that you should absolutely read on this website, it’s the first chapter of my book: Life is a game.

That’s where I show you how to program yourself to enjoy your life. Seems odds, work perfectly.