Abs are made in the kitchen

Two concepts to get visible abs

  • Visible abs = low body fat
  • Burning body fat requires you to be in energetic deficiency

In two basic sentences I destroyed thousands of crappy products selling you visible abs with weird vibrators or pills. 99,9% of them were trying to scam you anyway.

Truth being said, no matter where you stand in life, you just must go below 10-12% body fat to have visible abs. Obviously, the leaner you get the more visible your abs become.

It’s no sorcery.

Unfortunately, most people still don’t get it… Your average young man thinks he must do the following to get visible abs:

  • Do thousands of sit-ups everyday
  • Run for 30 minutes
  • Become vegan – worst idea you ever had
  • Drink water all day long

To be fair with you, it’s much simpler and you can start getting results after reading this article.

Everyone got abs – really. Most people have them covered with nasty bits of fats. If they go below 10-12% of body fat? Abs will show. No matter how muscular you are. No matter what you ate yesterday. No matter your mood, or the time of the day.

Go below 10-12% body-fat, get visible abs.

Here’s the blueprint you waited for so long. And yes, it’s free of half-ass advice. I’m not selling you anything. I’m giving advice like a good friend would.

Naturally, our next question becomes “How to shred body fat?”. The quick answer, you already know it:

Be in energetic deficiency. Meaning: burn more energy than what you eat.

Which can only be solved using two strategies:

  • Eat less – so you get less energy to burn before being in energetic deficiency
  • Exercise more – so you burn more energy, making it easier to be in energetic deficiency

Both are viable plans. They work very well.

Unfortunately, for most people it’s easier to NOT eat 500 calories than to run for 40 minutes – that’s where the whole good-looking industry comes from: laziness. Which is exactly why we are talking about abs being made in the kitchen.

We will mainly talk about the former solution: if you understand how to eat, you can get visible abs without even hitting the gym.

Fun fact: Abs without decent muscular mass looks ugly. That’s why we recommend you to have decent amount of muscle before trying to shred fat.

High-quality food.

Exit the cheapest food you can get at your average grocery store.

Get some high-quality food!

These days, most people are weak for two reasons:

  • They eat cheap food
  • They never exercise

The second being solved – 80% of Nerdow’s readers lift heavy weight. The former being harder.

While it always feels great to get “the best bang for your bucks”, eating high-quality food makes the difference: between you getting visible abs… And you building fat.

Most grocery store sell you the cheapest of the cheapest low-quality food. They buy it for even less than the price they sell it to you.

Instead of buying your food at the supermarket, you should find a local farmer – and buy him everything you can.

There are plenty of them. These people know how to make natural, high-quality food. This type of food as nothing to do with the cheap craps you buy at the grocery store.

If you’ve got a farmer near your place, buy him everything you can. He knows how to harvest and how to raise beasts the good old way.

Zero calorie drinks.

You probably underestimate how much energy gets in your body just by drinking.

Soda, juice… They are full of sugar and calories.

Getting lean is about removing useless calories from your diet. Those are useless calories. They are just about nothing your body can use, except stocking more fat – see how this work by reading our macronutrient complete guide

Cut these beverages completely.

You should only drink water, tea and coffee. Without sweeteners.

Everything else contains blank calories in form of sugar… and many more weird chemicals you can’t spell.

Stay away from them. Keep drinking your water, it’s good for you.

Plan your meals ahead & bulk cooking

He’s cooking many meals at a time. Saving time and worries

Instead of cooking just one meal, you can make 3 meals at the same time. Simply add more food to the recipe and you get 3 meals.

You don’t need to eat your 3 meals right away. You can put them in the fridge or even in the freezer.

Ensuring you never run out of good food to eat.

I’m always cooking 2/3 meals in advance, so I never get stuck with the infamous “What do I eat?”

The master way to do it is to plan your whole week of food ahead of time so you’re never wondering what the next meal will be.

Bonus point: planning your meals ends up in you eating higher-quality food as you won’t be tempted to buy cheap stuff. Everything is already planned.

Protein based breakfast

Feeling hungry before lunch?

Chances are you aren’t taking protein-based breakfast.

Most people are eating raw sugar in their breakfast. Jam. Fruits. Sugary cereals. Eating these makes sure you get an insulin spike that’ll crash later in the morning. Making you hungry.

Here’s the good news. Replace your sugar breakfast with proteins and you won’t feel hungry ever again before lunch time.

Some great breakfast ideas include:

  • Beef and cheese – extreme, and it works
  • Bacon omelet
  • Peanut butter pancakes

Cut sugar from your diet

Sugar is by far the #1 enemy of your abs.

Eating sugar and some more will make sure you’ll never have visible abs. Cut sugar as soon as possible

When eating sugar, you are telling your body:

“I need to store more energy. Turn the energy I just eat into fat for later use”

Which defeats our goal of getting visible abs.

Worse. Sugar is addicting as hell. You’ll crave eating sugar if you don’t stop completely. Another bad point is that sugar wreck your health from the inside, without you knowing it.

And by that, I mean it.

Stop eating sugar, you won’t regret it.

Ketogenic diet

Leaving ALL carbs outside your body.

Ketogenic diet is about eating only protein and fat as a source of energy.

On a normal diet, your body runs on carbohydrate. While following a ketogenic diet your body stops running on carbohydrates. It’s fueled by fat… And without carbohydrates in your diet, it means calories don’t stick to your body, and never turn into body-fat.

Does it work? Hell yeah.

Only trouble being that you should NEVER eat carbohydrates – or keep low, at less than 20 grams per day.

It’s one of the hardest diets to follow. And if you’re in, you’ll drop fat in no-time

Track your calorie intake and daily weight

Write down everything you eat. Have a spreadsheet on your smartphone and track every calorie that goes in your body.

All meals are written down with the exact number of calories and macronutrients they bring to your body.

Also, you weight yourself daily and write down the numbers on this spreadsheet – Always weight yourself first thing in the morning.

After several weeks you’ll have enough data to spot the following:

  • How great/bad you feel on certain food
  • Your maintenance calories
  • How many calories you are really eating
  • Which meals

Using these data you won’t have any trouble finding HOW you can get visible abs by getting rid of some body-fat – read losing weight

Intermittent fasting

We talked about the main principle of burning more energy than what you eat…

What if you skip a meal every day? Changing your eating period from 12-14 hours to a low 8 hours mean you can only eat so much before feeling full.

And good news arises… Moving from 3 meals a day to 2 makes it really hard for you to gain weight.

Intermittent fasting equals skipping a meal.

Personally, I tried this and did not eat breakfast… Meaning that my body had no food for 16 hours a day.

Is it hard? Only the first week. Then your body learns the new mechanism and adapts.

Nonetheless, skipping a meal is probably the easiest way to drop your body-fat.

You can skip any meal you want, but I suggest you breakfast or dinner. They are easier to skip.


Choose a plan and apply it to your daily life. There’s no easier task in the world. Those strategies brought me results, and you’ll get them too if you decide to take action.

  • High quality food
  • Zero calorie drinks
  • Plan your meals ahead & bulk cooking
  • Protein based breakfast
  • Cut sugar from your diet
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Track your calorie intake and daily weight
  • Intermittent fasting

Start now. Get results tomorrow