Right-now actions to get good-looking

What’s the easiest way to help someone who has the desire – and motivation – to get better looking? At first, I thought about helping you reach higher self-control – sounds like a great idea. Then I realized something even better. There are actions you can take right now to get better looking.

What’s your job? As easy as it sounds, you just execute these actions. No question asked. No justification. Doing these actions will ensure you’ll get good-looking in no time.

Will it be easy? Probably not. Hunger, tiredness and lack of motivation will still try to hit you – there’s no magical spell to increase your self-control.

I really love this picture!

How to use this list?

Figure out which actions you want to take, write them down somewhere and tick them once they are done. Most of these actions aren’t only stuff to do once. They are habits you can take and live with forever. Remember, getting good looking isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

Bonus point: this is one of these long list articles where I can throw in all the stuff I want together including article links. It’ll be easy for me to update it as time passes by, and for you to come back again and again grabbing more actions.

Take your time wandering through this list because it’s massive and truly has the power to get you good-looking – read lean and mean. The goal of this list isn’t to make you think, it’s for you to get good-looking. Crush this list and your goal will be wrecked.

Take these actions, get better-looking


Fajitas and Guacamole. Get your muscle growing!
  • Reduce your carb intake. It’s so easy to eat a bunch of carbs without noticing it
  • No cheese at dinner time – or anything else that goes on the “bonus” list
  • Prefer fresh food that you could find in the real world
  • Stop eating sugar. Sugar gets you fat fast, removing sugar from your diet is the easiest way to shred some pounds of fat without even trying
  • No snacks
  • Eat your proteins right in the morning. Most people are eating candies for breakfast. Be smart, eat your proteins. Eggs, peanut butter pancakes, meat…
  • Aim for 1g of protein per lbs of body weight
  • No more eating for fun – you are eating to get stronger
  • Only 3-4 meals a day – you don’t need to eat more often. Let your belly rest, you are eating to be alive. Not living to eat
  • High-quality food instead of processed food
  • Can’t eat enough protein – get some whey protein, it’s cheaper and gets result
  • Intermittent fasting: skip a meal. Breakfast is the easiest one to skip without big consequence on our days. Drink a coffee and you’re good to go
  • Prepare healthy meals in advance. Bulk cooking is the way to go
  • Eat like it’s your job to get good-looking
  • Drink plenty’o water during the day
  • Ginger or cinnamon after carb heavy meals – both reduce your glucose level. Make a ginger tea or add cinnamon to your coffee. It blends just great
  • Make your own meals
  • Replace sweets with nuts
  • When there’s a big meal ahead – think a-l you-can-eat. Stuff yourself with veggies before going all-in on high calorie food
  • Spinach do get you stronger
  • Track your macro – know exactly what your body needs to build muscle/shred fat
  • Eat at the same time everyday

Gym stuff

Go all-in. No question asked
  • Burn more energy than what you eat – following this principle alone will get you leaner
  • Lifting heavy weight 4-6 times a week is a must. If you aren’t into gym stuff, calisthenics or climbing do the job well too
  • Focus on compound movements instead of isolation. You train more different muscle with a single lift
  • Visible six pack isn’t the result of super strong abs. It’s you being lean
  • Cardio should not happen more than 2 times a week if you want to build muscle while losing fat
  • Track all your lifts – what can’t be tracked can’t be improved
  • In case of doubt, ask. Question your gym fellows, and maybe drop a comment below
  • Practice the big 4: squats, bench press, deadlift, military press
  • Don’t forget to train your shoulders – many gym people don’t look good because they have weak shoulders
  • Buy new gym gears if that gets you lifting more
  • Drink a coffee after lifting – this will help shredding fat
  • Practice progressive overload instead of adding random weights to the bar
  • Walk as much as you possibly can on any given day – burning extra calories every step you make
  • Sleep 8 hours + every day. Sleeping less makes it harder to drop fat and build muscle

Self-control and motivation

Self-control makes you look cool
  • You’ll feel hungry, tired and sometimes will not want to lift. It’s okay. You’ve earned some rest days lifting like a crazy man
  • Cheat meals don’t exist. You just eat more during some meals
  • Track your time spent at the gym. It’ll feel bad reducing it
  • The better you look, the more social advantages you get
  • Get an alarm clock telling you when to lift
  • Motivation works short term. Build habits
  • It should feel bad to you knowing you aren’t improving – when not lifting weights

Pour conclure

Choose 10 habits/actions and implement them in your life right now.

Take a pen, write them down and do what it takes to get them checked.

You don’t want to delay your results any further. Do you?

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