6 life changing actions you can take right now

“Actions matter more than anything else”


Thinking is worthless when not followed by action. *You* taking action to change your life is main point of Nerdow. And ultimately, it’s why I’m writing words. This article will give you the 6 actions I believe will change your life as a young man… Let the show begin.

Action brings result – better be sorry than regret

Most young men will never put in the right actions to get what they want. Let alone getting results.

The first step is as simple as taking action.

Now, if you’re able to begin all the following quests by applying what’s written on this website, I can tell that you’re already way ahead of your competition.

Don’t believe me?

Your average young man…

  • Is skinny fat. Or just fat
  • Never went to the gym – don’t know the difference between dumbbells and barbells
  • Worry about the past
  • Has low self-esteem – he is not enough
  • Don’t talk to people he doesn’t know
  • Hate competition – thinks it brings the worst in people
  • Can’t speak in public without ridiculing himself
  • Argues on the internet for hours
  • Doesn’t show up – is afraid
  • Watch “motivation” videos to get things done
  • Eats shit – and doesn’t know it
  • Never get anything done because “Insert_excuse”
  • Highly negative – always see the worst

Young man, that’s your competition. If that looks to tough to beat for you, you should review your priorities in life and get out of this website.

Average people do not take action. Never shows initiative. And this is why you and I are quite different. We are dominant and have no trouble showing it. When we want something, we grab it. And that’s what differentiate us from the average man.

Below you’ll find 6 actions you can take right now – or should already have taken! The goal is to get you closer to the 3 killer pillars :

  1. Lean and mean look
  2. “Make” money online
  3. Stunning self-confidence

Let the show begin!

#1 Hitting the gym – or challenging exercices, calisthenics, climbing…

I’m not going to belabor this point. Hitting the gym is mandatory when you want to jump over average guys by dozens. Why? It brings thousands benefits I’ll display right below:

  • Increased muscle mass – looking good grants you several advantages!
  • High stamina – running, climbing, biking… it gets easy!
  • Good look attracts people – other young men will be jealous, girls will stare at you – this is someone you’ll experience in your daily life
  • Enhanced consistency. You don’t just go to the gym and get results. You must conquer the temple 4-6 times a week to get the reward – and that for a prolonged amount of time
  • Healthier body – living old AND strong sounds attractive? You’ve got your way
  • No apparent weakness – weak men are spotted miles away. You’ll be labeled as strong, dominant, superficial… Never as “weak”
  • Understanding your body like no one else does – these days people stop caring ’bout their body. Hitting the gym will get you to understand *how* your body works

Going to the temple everyday – at least 4/6 times a week – will net you a big change in your life. Just by doing so, you’ll start to view yourself as someone who can achieve. Someone who’s spending his time getting results.

Hitting the gym changes completely the way other see you. At first they’ll try to discourage you – true story! What they will never tell you? They are jealous. They can’t go to the gym themselves, they lack this kind of discipline. So they try to make fun of you… and expect you to stop hitting the gym within the first 3 months. Bad friends don’t want you to be superior. That’s how you spot them. Ditch as soon as you realize it!

Yes, it takes years to build a physique you can call manly. Yes, it’s hard work lifting heavy weights everyday for an hour. Yes, it requires a lot of time investment learning all the movements, tricks and tweaks associated with weight lifting. Yes it’ll be tough at times and you’ll want to quit when you stop getting visible results. All of this is part of the game. A game most people will never get to experience themselves.

You’ll make manly friends at the gym. Unlike other facilities, you’ll most likely *only* find high quality men spending time at the gym – especially young men lifting everyday. Consistent people later become high quality friends. Learning on the go at your local gym is the best way to progress.

Be proud to step your body’s level. The 20$ per month you hand at the gym owner are nothing compared to the perk you get by spending countless hours there.

#2 High quality food in your stomach

You don’t buy a Lamborghini to fuel it with corn syrup, do you?

Same goes on with your body.

This is no food.

You don’t build a strong & dominant physique to fuck it up with sugar, processed food…

High quality food ensures you’ll get the most results when lifting weights at the gym. It improves how your body recover and how much muscle you are able to build afterward.

Young man, don’t think buying high quality food cost you more money. It’s completely wrong. Remember, you need to eat a lot of stupid-low quality food to get the same effect as some high quality food. If you’d like to get the best bang for your bucks, you should consider a food upgrade.


  • Cut sugar from your diet – it’s more addicting than most drug, disrupts the way your body work, tell it to store fat, gets you in bad move when you crave it…
  • Avoid fast-food and processed-food. No question asked, those are just no food. That’s the lowest of the low, full of sugar and crappy crap you never heard about before. Avoid.
  • Buy your meat – and as many food as possible – to your local farmer. This man will be your best friend when avoiding low-quality food
    Cut alcohol – plain calories. If you need it to raise your social confidence? You’d better understand how to do it all by yourself – more articles to come!
  • Overall eat more proteins! They are essential in that they are the building blocks of your body. The more protein, the more muscle gain. Aim at: 1 g per lbs of body weight
  • Get rid of simple carbs – everything that’s full of wheat is a no-go. Upgrade to whole-wheat. Trust me, you’ll notice a huge change!
  • No more snacks. It’s 3 meals a day. No more – if you feel hungry, simply eat more!
  • Top food: salmon, chicken, beef, pork, avocado, carrots, spinach, oat…
  • Read our ultimate macro-nutrients guide

#3 Throwing the building blocks to your online biz – Aka : take money from people

I’m not saying this in the “steal” way – if you’d like to understand why “making” money is just another way to not earn an income online, you should read this article. You don’t “make” money online.

You take money from someone else’s pocket and pour it into yours – while giving them some value in exchange.

Define value the way you want. Some people want to feel less lonely, others want to get good looking… Find a way to solve their problems and they’ll be super friendly handing you packs of gold – simplified story, of course.

Good news being, all of this is completely true – and you must believe it at least until you can experience it for yourself by selling stuff.

You could start doing right now. The basics?

  • Someone who *wants* to solve his problems – we call him the client
  • Something solving specific problems – that’s your hand-crafted product
  • Something convincing your client he needs your product – sale pitch

See how it pays dividend? Help your future client meet your super product using a sale page.

When beginning at the long road of making money online, there’s only 3 things you must get right – more will come along the road, have no worries:

  • Finding the right person who *needs* your product – how to find the person, where to find her… Who’s your perfect client? Comes down to social skills. What do we teach at Nerdow? Right!
  • Crafting the perfect product solving a specific problem your *audience* is having trouble with – at least finding a solution to their problem, it’s called dropshipping or affiliate marketing
  • Writing a killing pitch so your reader becomes a faithful customer – that’s being a great salesman, and ultimately writing copy selling like no tomorrow. Hint: Copywriting

Below you’ll find the top actions you can take so you can land your first sale!

  • Finding your audience:
    • Build your very own audience. Nerdow is all about young men developing themselves to reach their goals. At least that’s who I want to attract there. Building your own audience could be as simple as creating your blog and writing articles. Learning the art of blogging and showing in Google queries so more and more people get to know your website – ultimately becomes an audience. Create your blog!
    • Write answers on Quora. To be fair with you that’s exactly how I started out. Writing answers to questions nobody care about. My first answer? “What’s the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?”. Boring you think? It made several thousand views – a lot for a first experience. I made a point to write more answers on Quora pointing to this website. I developed my own formula to make views – disclosed here.
  • Create your product – or steal one!
    • Write an ebook. The only difference between you and I? How many words we are writing. On great days – doesn’t happen so often, I’m up to 10,000+ words. That’s roughly 6 shorts Nerdow articles. Put 10 days of effort writing these words and you get close a nice ebook you can sell for a solid 47 bucks. And no, you don’t need to be Shakespeare. If your answers on Quora are getting views, you are probably good enough to write an ebook and sell it on your website – the one you created 2 minutes ago. Did you?
    • Steal a product. It’s called affiliate marketing or dropshipping. I’m showing you exactly how to do it on this page. No need to re-write the wheel!
  • Selling like there’s no tomorrow – or something sketchier
    • Build a mailing list – and sell to it every single day until someone buys. Then sell some more. There’s no better way to get great at something than practicing it – true story. If selling is something you’d like to get good at – it brings so much advantages I’m not ready to list below – you should practice this talent as much as possible. Get your Quoran readers on a mailing list and send them daily sales mails. Most will leave. Some will tick. Few will buys
    • Read some sale books. Yeah, boring. And this one isn’t really an action. Reading books sucks IF you aren’t applying what you read. That’s why I wrote a summary to one of the best sale book in history – don’t believe me? Check out these points, apply them and tell me you aren’t getting results. I bet you’ll get plenty!

#4 Talking to people you don’t know

At the gym, at new year’s party… Just about everywhere. A young and attractive man like you must live his life to the fullest. And that means to being scared to talk to strangers, and ultimately mastering it.

Can you remember a situation where you needed to talk to someone you didn’t know… just stopped. Thought about it for too long. And refused to talk to them because “social pressure”.

Well, this is exactly the contrary of what I’d do. Now, it took me years to overcome this

This one sounds weird… Let me explain.

In many situations, you’ll be confronted with people you know nothing about. That’s the definition of a stranger. Well, these people you can learn a lot about them and some may help you on your main quest.

Now, for most people talking to strangers sounds like an awful experience. Just thinking of it they get cold in the back.

Not us. Young men of Nerdow just feel great meeting a new potentially high quality person. There’s no stress. Why would we have any trouble meeting someone we can ditch in an instant? Someone who knows nothing about us and someone who’s unlikely to ever say Hi back if we don’t give him the occasion?

Right, that’s called being in control. And it’s more than self-confidence and high social skill.

Knowing how to speak to strangers, telling stories that entertain to turn strangers into friends is no sorcery. It’s a skill you have to develop on your own.

Nobody is teaching this. Everyone want you to be alone. With your pack of college friends and friendship lasting forever. Damn, that means you aren’t changing at all.

Life’s no sunshine and butterflies

Not being able to meet new people is a serious flaw you’ll need to work on if that’s something you can’t do.

And to practice this skill you don’t have to be the life of the party – even if that helps.

All you need to do is to talk to them…

What do you say?

Doesn’t matter. They are probably as nervous as you are trying to talk to someone you don’t know. And that’s completely fine.

You aren’t being a jerk. Or an harassing man.

You’re someone of value who decided to talk to a stranger. And totally assume this decision and it’s outcome – or consequence.

And when it comes to consequences, talking to strangers actually have zero social consequence.
If that’s an issue for you, here’s the complete social extrovert guide so you can talk to anybody you’d like – even hot girls.

Nobody will remember the weirdo that talk to them for 5 minutes straight in a monologue. Nobody. It’s just nothing in the vast ocean of things. Same stuff when you go to a party and meet new people. By the end of the night, if you haven’t take a phone number, your “stranger” will remain a stranger. It’s very unlikely you’ll meet them again anytime soon.

Imagine being at the gym in front of a challenging lift and needing someone to help you get that first momentum. You went to the gym alone. And unfortunately have no friend there at that point of the day.

What do you do?

Ask to the guy who’s lifting weights next to you. No big deal. He looks tough and it seems he has experience – he’s performing some impressive deadlifts. He may be able to help you. Wait. He’ll help you only if you ask.

You know you can help me, right?

And then? Why not chat up a bit with him to ask for valuable advice you can apply next time?

So… Talking to strangers brings high rewards for low trouble… Exactly the kind of action you want to take.

Applicable step by step plan so you can talk to strangers…

Well, next time you need something and someone you never talked to has it. Ask him.

Next time you need a favor, no matter how small it is, ask the human next to you.

I promise, just doing this will increase your social skill by a thousand points!

#5 Control your time

People will try and try to take control of your time. You must be the only one who has the key to it.

As easy as it sounds, it always reveal self-control.

When you try (and get results) to manage your time, you are in control of yourself.

These days just about anything everything try to steal your time.

  • Video games – they are building addictive systems based on casino games to trick you into spending more time playing
  • Social media – Jon from your high school can wait. You are checking his pic to see if you are more successful than him anyway
  • Notification – damn, cut these. Your time is yours, don’t get distracted by your smartphone
  • Friends – will you go out today? Get drunk. And ultimately waste two days recovering from you boozing

And time doesn’t add to the counter. In fact, it goes down. You only get so much time a day. So much time a life.

And that would be a waste to spend it playing Call of duty – or whatever game is the norm these days. There’s more to life. Spending 3 hours a day playing video games ain’t healthy bukko, talk about addiction and losing your control.

Because time-control is all about knowing where your time goes.

Think of it like a bank. You pour all your time in one slot : video games. What you get back? Nothing.

Invest your time in money generating skills, you may give birth to a nice biz generating money for you.

Send your time to the gym. Hours on end you’ll definitely get better looking.

Understanding how your time goes by is one of the most under-estimated skill of all times.

When you know what you are doing with your time, you can already predict the future… Yes you don’t need to be Esmeralda nor to spend your time reading the stars.

Where your time goes is where you are going.

How you spend your time is how you are ending up.

Now for the actions you can take right now…

  • Track your time. Know exactly how you spend your time… This way you can always tweak the engine in your favor. Spending 2 hours a day playing league of legends? You won’t get any better at life… Track and improve on data
  • Get rid of all your notification. It’s your time, you are free to see them as you please. Go to your smartphone setting and disable your notifications. You now need to check manually your mails, social media and other notifications. Keep your message and call!
  • Spend less time playing video game. This one is huge because I spent a lot of time playing them – and ultimately got good at playing Minecraft. But hey, it brought me zero benefits. Ditch games. Next thing you know, you are writing articles on autopilot. I know, I am.
  • Uninstall all your unused apps – they take space and aren’t useful, you know unused.
  • When waiting in line – it happens a lot! Don’t spend your time playing smartphone games. Write your next article. Find future partners. Send cold mails. Do something productive.

#6 Dedicate all your free time to building a business

It’s the last one of this list – and probably the most important.

Just like video games took over my life – I spent countless hours playing them… And didn’t improve at anything, except clicking fast on my mouse.

Learn to play your biz just like a video game. Writing an article, looking at its stats and analyzing them brings me much more pleasure in the long – and short term. Than running through the stunning world of Zelda Breath of the wild – yes, this game is marvelous

I know, I know, it wasn’t always like this. Years ago I would spend my weekend playing games. Raiding enemies after enemies – and eventually winning with my friends. It was old great time. Lots of fun.

But that’s over. I had to quit it. I’m an ex-gamer, whatever that means.

And these thousand of hours I poured into video games, I’m now taking them back writing articles, sending cold mails and answering questions on Quora. Stuff changes fast!

It was no simple process, don’t get me wrong. It took me months – read years – to overcome the “need” to play video games. More on that on another article.

Spend your time learning valuable crafts:

  • Copywriting – writing words selling like no tomorrow
  • Content creation – shooting catchy videos, writing easy to read articles…
  • Sales skill – how to get a stranger with targeted interest to buy your product
  • Product crafting – writing a complete course that’s full of actionable steps your clients can take
  • Building a targeted audience

And so on. How you perform in all these skills is a major indicator of how you’ll perform later in your business.

The better you get at them, the easier it gets for you to build your own affair.

These skills can be monetized easily. Take advantage of it on your way to building your business.

What’s the top action you can take?

  • Choose one of the above skill and spend your time learning this exact skill. You’ll get better and at one point be able to charge customer for your service – not everyone can exerce all the above skills with ease
  • Build an audience – get as many people as possible interested
  • Get comfortable selling stuff

Thank’s for reading this massive 3,000+ words article – hopefully there’s something you liked about it otherwise you would not be somewhere this deep. Feel free to drop a comment, I’ll answer all your questions.