Attack, attack and attack. The only word to keep in mind

Offense is the best defense.

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Attack is also the best offense.

It is well known, attackers always win. They are always more credited than defenders.

Because attack is crucial. You can’t win with a defensive strategy. At the very least you can resist for years against an attack. But you will never win a war by playing the defense card.

To attack is to conquer.

To defend is to camp on your position, hopping that the opponent will get scared so he will never come back.

Chances are that the second scenario will never happen.

Defense never work.

What does it mean to attack?

It’s to take life by the horns. It’s to move faster than everyone else. It’s to do the things you want to do instead of complying to what everyone else want you to do.

Attacking comes in pair with being aggressive. An inoffensive attack is worse than defense. It’s nothing.

Either your attack with all your power or you don’t.

There is no point in pulling only half of your forces in a battle. Do it at 110% there are no other way!

Attack is the contrary of defense.

When you defend, you wait for something to happen before doing anything. You are reactive.

If X happen, then we will do Y.

When you attack, you make something happen. You are proactive.

I do X. If it fails because of Y, then I will do Z.

Attacking is a simple principle. You go ahead. You don’t waste your time on crap. You go right into the battle with a plan. You follow the plan. If it fails, you fork. And attack harder.

You only win when your enemy can’t comeback

How to attack life?

Attack with ferocity. Like your life depends on it. Attacking is the surest way to win at the game of life.

Work, attack, punch, hit. All are synonyms. Once you get one done, the other will follow.

Attacking is about doing the job the most efficiently possible.

When I write on Nerdow and on Quora, I attack. I’m working on my business + I’m enjoying these as hobbies. Meaning that it doesn’t cost me anything to do so!

Attack the gym

Attack faster. Usually I go for 1 hour at the gym with a planning. If I attack the gym, then my goal is to beat the timing.

I must do everything in less than 1 hour. Which is fairly easy.

For the next time, I will write my record somewhere or keep it in mind. My second attack will be to do it faster than the first best time. And so on.

This way I can always train with intensity. Of course, I don’t beat my time at every sessions. But the goal is to do it as fast as possible while keeping the movements clean.

It’s not easy to do.

  • It requires a lot of energy
  • Working out too fast is the best way to get injured
  • It’s less enjoyable, you are on a rush

Attack your business

If you own a website, set it up for years.

Write articles after articles. Don’t publish them right now. Use them later, when you’ll need to take a rest.

Writing articles takes time, it’s a never-ending process. You can’t stop your brain from thinking of another idea which can be beautifully developed in words.

Ideas make articles.

It’s possible to attack with intensity, even when you aren’t working. Take a pen and a sheet, write your ideas.

Some will translate to articles. Others will be perfect for tweets.

You can do it at any time. Open your phone, click on the note application and write.

Whether in the bus, or at the gym. Ideas fuse. Ideas are everywhere.

Don’t rest. Every second is an opportunity in itself.

Attack your health

Do it. Aggressively

  • Try intermittent fasting
  • Delete sugar
  • Sleep enough
  • No alcohols
  • Live stress free

And so on, you know the lyrics.

It’s not only about following principle. It’s about applying principles!

It’s about being a winner and stepping on losers.

When you have the choice between an egg and a cake. You don’t only take an egg, you take 3 eggs.

It’s not about being polite. Don’t make it an excuse. If you don’t like what’s on the table, don’t eat it

Prepare in advance. Say to the host that you will eat before because you follow a diet. It’s a good deal for your host, he doesn’t have to cook for you.

Don’t be shy. Apply what you know. Don’t let circumstance break you, keep applying the principles. Even during new year evening. Even at your birthday.

Principles are strong.

Only when followed.

Attack your charisma

How do you present yourself?

Do you have high energy?

Are you shy?

Are you embarrassed by these questions? Yes?

Make it a big deal.


Watch videos on charisma, learn how to speak with people, learn how to get more energy -Hint, make a schedule for your sleep!

If you are scared, go out.

Speak to a hundred random people. If that’s not enough and you are still nervous, speak to a thousand random people!

There’s no such thing as social-anxiety. It’s all in your head. It can be beaten!

Attack your believes

What do you believe in?

Is that real? Does this believes make you better?

Do they get you down?

It’s easy to get it.

Are you wasting time due to them?

Are you losing momentum?

Are they inefficient?

Well. Ditch them. Ditch those useless believes.


I believe in:

Hum. That’s all.

Attack who you follow

Not directly, hopefully.

Are your friends annoying? Do they blame you/complain all the time? Say good bye

Take in consideration who you follow.

Particularly on social media – If you are still there only.

I only follow specific accounts on twitter.

Inspiring accounts of other men who provide their vision of the world.

It’s powerful because I can see what others see through their word. I can touch their world.

I choose wisely who I follow because it has a clear influence on who I will become.

Following losers is the clearest way to become one yourself.

Take care of who you follow, take who you want to become, take winners and take conquerors. Read what they write, think of these ideas.

I don’t get lost in a useless amount of information. I don’t allow it!

I track what I watch, and what I consume. Don’t get lost in ideas, follow plans!

Block everything else.

Attack everything aggressively

Offense is a lifestyle more than a rule.

Once you know how to attack in any categories, you will notice that it’s not so different to do the same in any other

I don’t need to write an article over 5000 words on this subject. You already read what it takes to attack.

Now takes the most crucial part.

Are you going to attack? Are you going to play the offense by winning proactively?

Or are you going to wait. A lot. Till something happen to react accordingly?

Take your advantage right now. Don’t waste your time.

Offense is the best defense!

Many ways to attack

  • Hit the gym
  • Get into a new activity
  • Drink more water
  • Speak with people
  • Wake up early
  • Call old friends
  • Watch self-improvement clips
  • Build an audience
  • Write
  • Build a business
  • Use twitter to share your insights
  • Get into cryptocurrencies
  • Bet on yourself
  • Take a book, read
  • Make new friends
  • Eat healthy
  • Get rid of your smartphone
  • Take a cold shower
  • Change what doesn’t work
  • Get ahead
  • Meditate
  • Break them
  • Compete with them