There are only two states you can be at in your life.

Being in one or another defines ALL your actions and most importantly, the outcome of these actions. Understanding *how* to change from the former state to the second one is key when it comes to making changes in your life. And yes, jumping from the first state to the second one is EXACTLY how you can “unleash” – for a lack of a better term – your true self.

It has everything to do with you. Most people believe they need external validation to move away and grow. It’s wrong. What matters? Your inside. Because once you decide – read wake up – you can do pretty much anything.

  • Getting better looking becomes easy – you start reading tons of content on the “how” and decide to give it a try. After months, you start looking at visible results on your body. You built muscle. You shred some fat. And it’s only the beginning.
  • You decide you can “make” money on the internet. You start grinding, hustling, producing content and actually go all-in when it comes to ask people for their money for your product. You start making your first dollars online and then, it becomes like a drug and you can’t stop pushing your biz bigger
  • You understand you are the pillar of your life. Without you everything falls apart. It’s all in your mind. Just like you’re the main character of a video game.

And to be fair with you, this blog is nothing about me. It’s all about you. Every word you are reading, they are designed to light a little spark in your mind…

“What if that’s actually possible and as easy as this not-so-random dude tells me?”

That’s the whole purpose of my blog. Swapping your state. From sleeping to woke.

Nerdow’s about your awakening.

Turning your hesitation, your lack of self-confidence into lion’s roar. While I can’t do the hard job for you – hitting the gym, eating right, practicing calisthenics, getting better in social situations, learning persuasion, hard selling… – I’m laying the path for you.

By reading these articles on Nerdow – hopefully – you can have a new eye on what’s possible and what’s not. And everything’s possible when you take the right angle.

Before we get to these big changes in your life. There’s something else you should consider and be completely aware of.

You need to be awaken.

In the sense that you must realize ALL your actions matter and have consequences on your futur. Most troubles you’ll ever have in your life WILL be caused by your lack of futur oriented thought.

Let’s say you’d like to build an audience online – hint, hint. People reading your blog, your words and your life experiences because they can help them get better at whatever they want to become great at. It takes years to build a big website. I’m no talking about the main pages and design. This can be done within days. Grab an existing web design – or buy one – and you’ll understand what I mean. It’s no secret, easy.

What’s hard? Getting through all the bullshit.

When building your website, you’ll be the only visitor for a while. Yes, it sucks. Your words will not carry as much weight as you’d expect. Yes, this sucks. It’ll take months, even years (!) for your website to have some impact on the life of your readers and for them to find you on the big internet.

In fact it’s becoming so easy to begin a blog everyone is literally building one. And while it’s simple to make a good looking landing page, having a website full of ACTIONNABLE content is another game.

Writing articles takes time. Lot’s of time. And if you aren’t a fan of writing, you are in for a hard time. While it’s easy to write some words, it’s tough to write words everyday for the next few years. Just like that your website will either get traction or sink down in the abyss.

Secret? Just like anything else I’m preaching: consistency.

Do what it takes – from crawling to running

There’s no secret. Difficulty is in the doing part of the equation. Not in the thinking. Not in the needing.

What’s the one thing bringing all the results?


Let’s talk about your awakening, will you?

Waking up

In the first state, you are sleeping. Moving across life with no will nor expectation. You aren’t living, you are merely following a path like a zombie. Wandering without goals. Waiting for you to fail, leading to death.

Boring and crazy, this is how most people operate.

Living from pay check to pay check. Waiting week-ends after week-ends. Watching series after series… List goes on.

They are forced to take decisions. They let life break them down. They aren’t taking ownership. in fact, they believe everything happening to them “was designed to happen”. There’s no way to predict it. To get better. Or simply to change.

That’s the victim mentality most people live in. They aren’t living. They are suffering. And aren’t doing anything to change it. Maybe they like it tough?

On Nerdow we design our lives around 3 massive quests:

  • Taking money online
  • Getting stunningly good-looking
  • Developing extreme confidence

We believe these quests are the most important in the life of any man.

They are never ending – you can always make *more* money.

Provide increasingly difficult challenge – getting below 10% body fat will take your whole mental power.

Will get you in the top tier of human existence – confidence gets you the privilege to apply your will to the world.

It’s the only trifecta we try to maximise on Nerdow. As these 3 points works in pair. Level up one, and the 2 others get an upgrade too. They aren’t separate point. They work together to achieve the same goal. Becoming the master of your life.

But hey. Sleeping people aren’t playing the same game. They see these 3 quests as *impossible* to achieve. To be fair with you, they never tried. Which makes them different from us.

We woke up.

We understand our actions matter. They have results that can be tracked and improved. We carry weights. We can make things happen. And that’s our strength.

There’s no mountain too high nor challenge too tough.

Once you decide something’s possible, it translates right in your radar. It becomes possible.

You start to seek the actions you need to perform to get right through your goal. You find what moves you forward. And that’s a no-go. Based on your search, you decide to take action. Measure your results. Shoot again. Hopefully, destroy the target.

Comes time to crush another, higher objective… Never ending quest through the 3 main quests.

Start taking action young man.