Be your own slave

When words are pronounced, actions are taken

Reliable men

Words matter.

Be a slave to your words.

Tell something and execute it.

When you tell:

I’m going to be a millionaire by the day I turn 25.

You’d better do it.

I do not only believe in the words I say, I live by them.

When I say something, I do it.

Whatever the cost.

If that’s something I can’t stand to?

Well, I hadn’t to say it in the first place.

It’s my own problem, and I assume it.

Must conquer.

Not only does it count for my own opinion of myself.

Who can claim to be a man if *he* doesn’t live by his words?

He would be an impostor. A sucker. A loser.

That’s the utter opposite of what we build on this website.

Now, let’s be clear.

If you can’t stand on your words, can’t control what you say and can’t achieve what you promise.

Why should anyone talk to you?

A man who doesn’t live by his a world is a slave.

Not to himself. To the whole world.

We can’t respect peeps who don’t respect themselves first.

And that’s what happen when you can’t live by your words.

When I’m saying that I’ll be a millionaire by 25 – and I will!

I mean it.

I’m doing whatever it takes. Writing day and night to ensure my words will match with who I am.

And you?

When you tell yourself…

  • I’ll lose weight
  • I’ll get a six pack
  • I’ll make money online
  • I’ll learn copywriting
  • I’ll get a girlfriend
  • I’ll hit the gym everyday for 2 months straight

All those words.

Do they matter to you? Do they mean anything?

If they don’t, you aren’t a man.

If you can’t stand to your *own* standards, you don’t deserve to interact with other human beings.

If you can’t live by your words. How dare you speak to someone else?

New year *resolution*

They are worthless.

Millions folks *decide* to do something for the new year.

Except when they say they’ll do something, well they don’t.

Find these people.

Avoid them like the plague.

They don’t deserve to be friends with anyone. They must first *earn* their own respect by respecting and honoring their own words.

Peeps saying crap they won’t do while they are drunk.


I’m only saying what I will do when I’m 125% sure I’ll do it.


I don’t say anything.

Better not risk my own integrity for some words I may not be able to live by.

When something matters. Your words matters.

And everyone *must* be able to stand by their words.

When I shake a man’s hand. And look right in his eyes.

Making a deal basically.

The man can be sure I’ll honor the deal.

Doing *whatever* it takes.


Shame on me.

Shame on my world.

I failed on my words. Why would anyone trust someone who can’t stand by his word?


Moreover, today.

Practically no one stand by their words.

How many times did I hear guys – not men – speaking shit.

“I’m going to XYZ”.

And they don’t.

They find an excuse – and another one.

To make sure everyone understand why they *can’t* do it.

All this bullshit. To make it seems that we can rely on these guys.

But let’s not be blind.

Kids, guys. They have zero words to live by.

Men live by their words.

They kill for words. They earn fortune for words. And they are respected *because* they live by their words.

Guys get zero respect. They can’t even respect themselves because they aren’t accountable for their words.

Why would someone trust anyone that can’t stand by his words?


When I say something. I believe it.

I live by it.

And so should you.

Not only does it makes you trustworthy.

It makes you accountable for what you say *and* what you do.

It matters.

And everyone will remember it.

You are the man who doesn’t take his words for granted.

You are the man who do whatever it takes to grant your words meaning.

Because of this, I respect you. And I want you on my blog, and my mailing list.

What will you say to tomorrow?

Will you climb a mountain?

Will you make money writing?

Will you conquer your own body?

Or will you become a champion?

I warned you.

Those words you pronounce. They matter.

And not only you will remember them, but your consciousness.

Once you choose your goal.

Make sure you’ll not regret it.

Make sure words you say become part of this world.

Once it’s the case.

Whatever you say *MUST* become.

And that’s when the fun starts.

Wake and say “I’m going to make 1,000$ today”.

And you will.

Because you decided it this way. And no one can stop you because you believe it all.

You are accountable to your words and so you can’t fail.

You *will* make these dollars.

I ensure you that you will find a way.

But only if you follow your words to the T.

Glory time

Now your words have meaning.

You understand that whatever you say, you *will* be associated with it.

And if you fail?

You’ll have no words.

That’s how men behave. Real men.

Now, you know.

You can’t say utter shit WITHOUT meaning it.

The reason?

When you are trustworthy and accountable with your words, people know it. And respect it so much they believe what you tell them.

They are afraid of you because you do what mean and you mean what you do.

I want you to be a slave to your words.

I want you to live by your words.

And I want you to conquer.

Write your *GOAL* in the comment.

It will be your deal. And you’d better achieve it…

Written in stone, it will not go away.

Live by your words!