How to become Chad Thundercock in 5 steps

Who is Chad Thundercock?

(Updated 13 July 2019)

Chad Thundercock is a young man every young man dream to become. He’s a fictional character who embodies traits of an alpha male.

Before moving forward, I’d like to define Chad’s talents and qualities. So later we will define a strategy to help you become just like Chad.

Chad is…

  • Good-looking. He carries a muscular body with a body-fat of 8-10%. He looks lean and mean. Girls are are attracted by his advantageous physique – even young men stare at him wondering how he can be so impressive.
  • An athlete. Chad lives to lift weights at the gym. He practices 4 different sports at elite levels which explains his good look. Chad was born a competitor. He plays to win.
  • An extrovert. Chad makes plenty friends everywhere he goes. He has no trouble speaking up for himself, showing who’s the boss. He initiates conversation with people he doesn’t know yet.
  • A Casanova. Girls follow him wherever he goes. They are ready to fight just to become his “girlfriend”. Officially, Chad has 3+ girlfriends… He is so badass, girls don’t mind being in constant competition for his attention.

Chad is a dream, at best a wish for the young college/high-school student. He represents a man who’s part of the elite gang. He uses his notoriety and good-look to grab what he wants out of life. Chad is an alpha male.

Chad has his life fixed to the highest standards at all time.

He doesn’t lift weights to have fun. He try-hard the gym to improve his already perfect body – soon enough he’ll be competing for Mister Universe.

Chad is a leader. Men follow him without a forethought… It would be dumb to do otherwise. Anyone who’s in Chad’s path gets destroyed.

Chad Thundercock has a life based on actions. Instead of reading books, learning on the internet… He takes action in the real world moving him closer to his goals. By following this simple guideline, Chad lives his life under his own terms.

Thundercock is killing it because he has everything young men can dream of. This is no hazard. Chad worked hard to get everything working for himself. He developed his own assets by spending countless hours working relentlessly on them.

Chad is an Alpha Male.

Young men aspire to become like him.

How do I become more like Chad?

That’s a question worth asking. We defined who Chad is. Now let’s see how you can become more like him.

First, understand that being Chad is extremely complex.

If everyone could level up their life to become Chad Thundercock, there would be zero value in being a Chad.

That’s also why you don’t meet many Chad in real life.

The average young man doesn’t give a damn about getting in shape, learning business and having social-freedom…

To become a Chad, you have to kill everything “average” in yourself.

1) Chad is the king of ownership

We already discussed extreme ownershipit means taking control of everything you possibly can. Believing have power over the whole world and can change your fate.

Chad is above ownership.

He is control of his life and knows it.

So should you.

Chad is Chad because he always stand up for himself.

If he is scared. He goes after it.

If he feels demotivated – shit happens! He goes to the gym.

Chad believes that everything that’s happening to him is under his control – he takes action to solve his problems.

If he gets 2 extra pounds of fat, he doubles his gym time for a few days.

Chad is extreme and knows it.

Chad is obsessed about improving his life: business, bodybuilding, skills… he spends his spare training and beating down his previous performance.

If you want to become like Chad, you must take ownership of your life.

Everything that’s happening is there because of your previous actions. And you can fix it.

Whenever you do something, you have control over it.

If someone ask you to go out and you don’t want to, you say it.

“I don’t want to go out”

If you don’t feel like doing it, don’t do it.

You have ownership.

You have the right to say no.

You have the right to say whatever you want.

That’s what ownership means.

Be decisive.

Whatever happens, you have the last word on it. Period.

2) Before anything else, Chad is a winner

Winning is Chad’s favorite sport, he practices it everyday.

When he feels lazy but still hit the weight room, Chad is winning.

What would you do if this happened to you? You probably already skipped a few training days because you “didn’t feel like it”.

Chad doesn’t play lazy games. He plays to conquer.

Chad wins, no matter what he does, winning is his #1 priority.

If he goes out?

He is here to win, to conquer and to destroy everything that doesn’t get his way.

Try to annoy him. You’ll get punched if you don’t move out of his way.

Chad is winning, that’s all he is doing day long.

He wins at life, he wins girls, he wins at games, he wins at money, he wins at business.

Every win create a rush of dopamine. Making the next win easier.

The more you win, the more you feel like winning.

It’s a virtuous circle – spend your day winning by crossing down your goals.

Winning day long will only make you want to win harder.

Once you get used this hormonal rush, you’ll pursue it, no matter the cost.

This is why Chad is always winning.

He wants to get his dopamine rush.

His body rewards him for his accomplishments

That’s why he is always finding new ways to win.

So should you.

Win more often so you get rewarded by your body.

Once you start winning, it becomes a drug. You MUST win some more.

3) Chad is muscular. He looks like he is lifting weights

Hint: Chad lifts challenging weights 3-5 days for an hour

Chad built his lean & mean physique by training like his life depended on it. He isn’t special. Spend as much as him lifting heavy bars and you’ll look like him.

Every muscular guy out there hit the gym & eat to pack muscle.

Chad goes to the muscle temple daily – he knows insider’s secrets

Getting good-looking is about building muscle and shredding fat.

Chad is on a mission to improve his look beyond limits.

By hitting the gym, Chad is winning, he is getting more muscular days after days..

The real question… Are you getting better-looking?

Get a gym membership. Learn your lifts. Spend 3-5 hours per week training. Increase your protein intake.

That’s how you build muscle.

If you aren’t good-looking yet, either you aren’t training OR you are doing it wrong.

Now, you may find the “time” excuse convenient.

Hitting the gym takes 1 hour per day. No more.

Chances are that you aren’t that busy – do you have 3 businesses under your name? Do you play competitive sports?

Nah. You are spending (read: wasting) your time doing the following:

  • Watching TV
  • Scrolling down social medias – how can someone still do this?
  • Playing video games – will this help you conquer?

You are spending more than one hour a day on these activities.

If that’s you, then listen carefully.

You have the time to hit the gym.

4) Get a life

Chad never runs out of tasks to destroy.

  • Business building
  • Weight-lifting
  • Competitive sport training
  • Making views on social medias
  • Learning new skills
  • Mastering sales & social interactions

Chad will never be bored. He is always busy pursuing meaningful endeavors.

When you are sleeping. Playing games. Reading dumb social media articles, Scrolling down on Instagram…. Chad is chasing down his goals and you know it.

All of the above is possible because Chad crafted an interesting life for himself.

He never says:

“Oh, I don’t feel like doing it today”

Chad is taking actions!

That’s how your life should be.

Develop your life like a game of chess! Don’t stay behind… Live your life like a video game!

Quick bonus: Speak to men at your local gym. Be an extrovert. You’ll speak to experienced lifters who will help you and teach the basics of weight lifting. Always ask them questions, some lift for 10+ years and are experts in the domain. If you have a question, ask. gym people are always happy to help a newcomer!

5) Chad does what it takes to get down his goals

Chad always follows the road to his goals.

No exception.

If he wants to talk to a beautiful girl he doesn’t known yet?

Well, he moves closer and speak to her.


Chad owns his actions.

Chad does what he want, without constraints.

Chad applies his will to the world.

A goal, an action.

These actions brings him what he wants.

Chad is ready to do what it takes to get what he wants.

He doesn’t spend time on “fun” things. He works on what brings results.

Bonus) What would Chad Thundercock do?

Ask yourself this question when in doubt.

What would Chad Thundercock do?

If you can answer this question in every situation, you know how to behave in every situation.

Whenever you are lost, whenever you don’t know what to do, ask yourself what would Chad do in this exact situation.

More than telling you what you should do, this push you to act as if you are Chad, pulling you to your brightest!

Last step being execution.