The original Thundercock.

The guy that everyone wants to emulate.

Who is Chad?

Chad Thundercock is a fictional character.

He is the representation of the alpha male.

Chad is

  • Strong
  • Athletic
  • Massive
  • Good looking
  • Muscular
  • Social
  • Attractive
  • A woman magnet
  • Not your average guy
  • An Alpha
  • A leader
  • A champion

You get the idea behind the character.

Chad is that guy that everyone is envious of. Girls want to fuck him, guys want to become him.

He doesn’t give a damn about anyone nor anything.

Chad has his shit together.

When he plays a sport, it’s to win.

He is the leader of the team, he manages everyone and make sure that he will win the game.

Chad is the white wolf of the pack.

The winner.

Everybody want to be with Chad.

He is charismatic, strong and apply his will on the world.

Chad doesn’t get lead, he leads.

He is the creator, not the follower.

This guy is killing it because he has everything that everyone dreams of:

Chad is the Alpha male by excellence.

If you want to emulate someone, that’s your man.

However we stick with a little problem…

Chad doesn’t exist.

He is a byproduct of our imagination.

Fortunately? We have a picture of him.

The perfect young man.

How do I become more like Chad?

Of course, who doesn’t want to get what Chad has?

He has everything someone can dream of.


He lives a happy go lucky lifestyle, lift daily and exercise his will on whatever moves.

He would easily win a Hunger game

He doesn’t respect rules. Rules don’t apply to him.

He is socially free, he can do what he wants without any consequence. Of course, everyone enjoys him, far from someone with social anxiety.

Chad is the perfect example of what you should be aiming for during your early 20.


How do you become more like Chad?

How do you become a Chad?

This is the million dollar question.

If everyone could become Chad, there would be no value in being a Chad.

Usually you don’t meet many people like Chad.

They are very rare.

The average population doesn’t give a damn about getting in shape, business, hobbies…

That’s why Chads are very rare.

Let’s see how you can turn yourself into Chad.

1) Chad is the king of ownership

We already discussed ownership.

Chad is above ownership.

It’s not in his lifestyle.

It’s in his genes. Chad crush everything that annoy him.

He doesn’t let others get over him.

He stands for himself, strong.

He is the only one in control of his life and knows it.

So should you.

Chad becomes who he is because he always took ownership.

Even when he is afraid, he gets after it.

Even when he doesn’t feel like it, he hits the gym.

No matter what, Chad believes that it’s always him bad if something wrong happens to him.

He always put himself first, and in a situation in which he has control over anything that is happening.

If something importunate happens, he takes ownership.

If he gets 2 extra pounds of fat, he will hit the gym twice this day.

And every other day until it gets away.

Chad is extreme and knows it.

He is obsessive about what makes him.

If you want to become like Chad, you must take ownership of everything you do.

Whatever it is, it is your bad because you did it or didn’t do it.

Assume it.

Whenever you do something, you have to take control of it.

No matter what it is.

If someone ask you to go out and you don’t want to, you say it.

“I don’t want to go out”

You don’t follow because it will make someone happy, no.

If you don’t feel like doing it, don’t do it.

You have ownership.

You have the right to say no.

You have the right to say whatever you want.

That’s what ownership means.

Be decisive.

Whatever happens, you have the last word on it. Period.

2) Before anything else, Chad is a winner

Winning Chad’s favorite sport.

That’s what he does everyday.

When he goes to the gym but feel lazy, he is winning.

Most wouldn’t even go out, but he is the real deal. He goes out, move to the gym and lift heavy.

Not everyone would act like this.

Chad wins, no matter what he does, winning is his #1 priority.

If he goes out?

He is here to win, to conquer and to beat the shit out of everything that doesn’t get his way.

Try to annoy him. You’ll get punched if you don’t move out of his way.

Chad is winning, that’s all he is doing day long.

He wins at life, he wins girls, he wins at games, he wins at money, he wins at business.

Every win create a rush of dopamine and testosterone.

These hormones are the strongest that human can experience.

The more you win, the more you feel like winning.

It’s a virtuous circle.

Winning day long will only make you want to win harder.

Once you get used this hormonal rush, you’ll pursue it, no matter the cost.

This is why Chad is always winning.

He wants to get is rush.

His body reward him when he wins.

That’s why he is always finding new ways to win.

So should you.

We all have the same body.

The sole difference is that we don’t win that often. We don’t get this hormonal rush that often.

Accustom your body to this rush by winning and you’ll crave winning more than anything else.

3) Chad is muscular, massive. He is a mountain

Why is so?

Was Chad born this way?


I don’t know.

Chances are that he built his amazing physics by hitting the gym, like every other guy that have an amazing physique.

They hit the gym to build muscles and diet accordingly.

Chad isn’t the only one.

Every muscular guy out there hit the gym.

Chad goes to the muscle temple daily – he knows insider’s secrets

Do you know who exhibit the more muscle?

Those exact one who goes to the gym every day.

No matter how cold it is outside, no matter how bad they feel.

They have a mission. They have to hit the gym and that is what they are doing.

By hitting the gym, Chad is winning. Big.

More than simply getting is normal rush of hormones, Chad gets bigger and bigger by lifting heavy weights.

Not because he is Chad, because the human body work like so.

If you go out and lift some heavy weights, your body will develop himself in a machine to lift those weight easily.

In three words : You build muscles.

Simple, yet not everyone goes to the gym

Which is a fact that I don’t understand.

Hitting the gym takes 1 hour per day. No more.

Chances are that you aren’t that busy.

Chances are that you are spending this hour doing crap

  • Watching the TV
  • Eating out
  • Playing some stupid games
  • Sleeping early

I can bet that for one hour, every single day you are doing at least one of those activities.

If that’s you, then listen carefully.

You have the time to hit the gym.

Remove one hour of one of these stupid activities and hit the gym.

Nothing complicated.

If you don’t want to?

Well, you are breaking the #1 and #2 rules already. You won’t become a Chad by doing crap.

Change or remain the same.

4) Get a life


This one is harsh.

But Chad has a fucking cool life.

He is never alone.

Always speaking with people/ meeting people/ Sleeping with people

Chad has an interesting life.

He has always something to do

  • A girl to speak at
  • A business to build
  • A guy to fight
  • A muscle to train
  • A sport to win at
  • A hobby to spend time

He his never bored.

Chad never do nothing.


Heck! He is the Chad Thundercock, the perfect dude.

He always has an interesting thing to do.

No matter what, when you are sleeping/playing/watching TV, Chad is doing something interesting.

Because Chad crafted an interesting life for himself.

He didn’t say:

“Oh, I don’t feel like doing something today”

He decided to have hobbies, to have activities and to never do nothing.

This is Chad’s life, and so can you have the same.

Get into clubs!

I’m sure that there some activities to do near where you live.

  • Climbing
  • Boxing
  • Biking

At the very least there is a gym near you.

You can go at the gym, speak to new people.

Usually rather popular people hit the gym.

Make friend with them and get invited at some parties.

Develop your social circle this way.

Get into new activities.

Don’t stay behind, develop your life like a game of chess!

Plus, if you hit the gym to make friends, you will also hit the gym to get more muscular, doing #3 by the same way.

Extra bonus: You’ll speak to experienced lifters who will help you and teach the basics of weight lifting. Always ask them questions, some lift for 10+ years and are experts in the domain. If you have a question, ask. Gym people are always happy to help a newcomer!

5) Chad always does what it takes to get what he wants

The most important one.

Pretty similar to #1 with some differences.

Chad always goes what he wants to do.

No exception.

If he wants to talk to this beautiful girl that he doesn’t known?

Well, he moves closer and speak to her.


Chad owns all his actions.

All his actions are based on his will that he exercises on the world.

Chad does what he want, without any constraints.

If he doesn’t want to do something, he doesn’t do it.

Nothing fancy.

Note: Chad’s want are related to his goals.

Chad doesn’t want to get fat. So Chad doesn’t eat crap.

Chad wants to get muscular. So Chad hits the gym.

See how it relates?

A goal, an action.

Nothing fancy.

These actions brings him what he wants.

Chad do things to get what he wants.

He doesn’t do something because it is fun.

He does what it takes to get what he wants

Bonus) What would Chad Thundercock do?

This is the most powerful question that you can ask yourself.

What would Chad Thundercock do?

If you can answer this question in every situation, then you know how to behave in every situation.

Chad Thundercock being the quintessence of the alpha male, following his actions is becoming an alpha male.

Don’t fear.

Whenever you are lost, whenever you don’t know what to do, ask yourself what would Chad do in this exact situation.

More than telling you what you should do, this push you to act as if you are Chad, pulling you to your brightest!

P.S. Chad knows how to make money. That’s why he always looks so cool. Here’s how you can make money.

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Alan · 2nd August 2018 at 5:49 pm

As much as I dislike these new trendy words, concepts and memes, this ended up being a nice motivational speech. You expect talk about a douchebag stereotype, and it really just develops into real behind the scenes of the “Chad” character. I wouldn’t want to be part of the stereotype, but what you wrote is something for every guy to aspire for in at least one aspect or the other.

    Yannick · 2nd August 2018 at 7:03 pm

    I agree with you. The name of the article is a bit suggestive, that’s wanted. I always was fascinated by the character of “Chad” so I decided to take it a step up! Thank you for your comment Alan!

Penis Sniffer` · 2nd January 2019 at 6:17 pm

Neat article, good for 2019

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