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Macronutrients ultimate guide

Whether you want to lose fat, to build big muscle or to have healthier meals… macronutrients and calories are just the pillars you need to understand to swap these dreams in your reality. Already heard “You are what you eat”? We are diving deep into this one! First thing first, you are already eating lots…
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20th April 2019 0

Mastering calisthenics fundamental fives

Unlike lifting heavy weights, you don’t just add up weight to the bar when practicing calisthenics. And that makes all the difference when it comes to training, learning movements and practicing new exercises. Fundamental fives? That’s the 5 most important exercises of calisthenics. All more complex exercises are variations of these basics. You can’t skip…
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17th April 2019 0

How to build *more* muscle while sleeping

You’ve followed this blog to the T. First, you decided to hit the weight. You trained several hours each week. Then you got a glimpse of calisthenics and decided to throw in some of these exercises in your training. Recently, you read about nutrition and *how* what you eat transforms your body – hint: high…
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14th April 2019 0

How to win a mountain bike race: physical and mental preparation

My next challenge: win”la bellicime” Right in the Alps, I’ll participate in the race in less than 3 weeks. I have 3 weeks to train, 3 weeks to give the best of myself to achieve this race without any problems. Here is my plan, and here is your plan to win a mountain bike race.…
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13th April 2019 0

Calisthenic VS Weight Lifting – which one to get better looking

For those of you who don’t know Personal note: make an article on What’s Calisthenics? calisthenic is the art of using the weight of your body to train your muscle. Most people call it body-weight training. Think of it as all the variations of basic push-ups, pull-ups, squats… Weight lifting is the art of playing…
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11th April 2019 0

Calories don’t matter when you train to get good-looking – except they do

You could eat thousands and thousands of high quality food without getting fatter and without slowing your progress. To be fair with you, that’s exactly what athletes who train for strength do. They eat over 10,000+ calories everyday… and they aren’t getting any fatter. Stronger, yes. Not fatter. Now, there’s nothing magical behind what seems…
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8th April 2019 0

Actual secrets to progress at the gym

You can read thousands – even billions – of articles on the subjects. Most articles come with a picture: before, after of the guy/girl who trained for X months and got spectacular results. Most people are “lying” to you with such articles. What I know that you don’t is that you need to have 5+…
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17th February 2019 0

Efficiency by Wall Street Playboys : Review

The purpose of life is to find a way to be more efficient. Wall Street Playboys Efficiency being one of the primary investment of our life, it comes at no surprise we *must* improve it. Efficiency means the whole package. From useless expenses… to building the shiny essence of your mind, everything can be improved.…
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13th February 2019 0

What stops you from actually doing it? – Money, style, health and relationships

“Hey champion! It’s -2 outside. Today you will hit the gym and write some copywriting mails. Have an excellent day!” You just read the exact same message that’s blasting in my hears when I wake up in the morning. And to be frank with you, my official alarm clock blast “I’m sexy and I know…
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29th January 2019 0

Sending business owners coldmails to make a quick buck

Money gets exchanged a lot. Business. Buyers. Customers. More people and more. It’s like water. $$$ move in and out. And well, just like water there’s a quick hack to catch it. Be the middleman. Money flows from A to B. Be between A and B. By that I mean. Contact the business owner, share…
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26th January 2019 0