How a dead-simple blog is the turning point of an empire

When was the last time you wrote something on the internet? Probably today.

You are hyper-connected. We all are. The difference between you and the average person on the internet?

They don’t know my blog – Kidding.

The average person on the internet doesn’t write. Did you hear about the silent majority? 80% of the internet don’t write, don’t answer comments and don’t do anything except reading what others write.

Maybe you read, maybe you write.

But did you know that being the loudly-internet-speaker is at your advantage? Having a voice, ideas and things to share… people read all this shit.

And when I say shit that’s in a positive manner.

Let’s be self-aware for 3 seconds. What are you reading? My writings.

I’m no different than you. I’m Yannick, a 19 years old who discovered websites… But you don’t give a damn and that’s fine.

Coming back to our sheep – they are marvelous. What I write, you read.

When you write? Other people read. There will never be enough content on the internet. Never ever. New ideas flourish every day. New videos come out of nowhere – hup,hup, huppa gangnamstyle!

Who publish these things?

People no different than you.

Your neighbor could be an internet millionaire without you knowing it – don’t make this face!

The more peep’s look at these content, the more they are shared and the more they are viewed.

Get the logic?

Once you are on the internet, you are there. You stay there forever.

What you write, your great-grand-son will be able to read it – if that’s not too boring for him to read.

What you write, someone in China will be able to read it.

What you write, anyone can find it and read it.

That’s where the internet becomes no more than a tool to connect readers and writers.

Look at the internet with 2 eyeballs.

One is the consumer. He reads, watch and laugh his ass of at some memes.

One is the enthusiast-happy-opportunist who knows that 90%+ of the internet is made up of consumers.

What’s the smartest move he can make? Write things that peep’s will read.

It’s brain-dead simple. Peep’s read things. So you write things.

The demand? The offer. As old as God’s green earth.

Write things and peeps will come to read it.

Write enough things and more peeps will come to read it.

The park is open 24/7. The carousel spin, spin endlessly.

And when they want to go? You get an idea. You don’t let them go.

No. You offer them a ride on the flashy roller-coaster. The roller-coaster spin, spin endlessly.

Maybe you caught the reference, maybe you didn’t – The Wolf of Wall Street.

The roller-coaster? The carousel? They are your articles.

When they – your readers – want to leave, you don’t allow them to.

Pin-point them the cool-giga-extra-cool article you wrote on an amusement park, they will read it.

Repeat, repeat endlessly.

You got your own amusement park on your blog, and this, my friend is the beginning of your empire.

Once your readers are entertained, they will move to the next step. Share it all with their friends in a good, positive manner.

That means more peeps on your 24/7 amusement park.

Until now there were no entry fees. Anyone could enter the park and spin endlessly on the roller-coaster and the carousel.

But you get a freaky idea. You open a water park in your amusement park, you make the visitors pay a fee to enter.

What’s inside the water park? A funny swimming pool, a clown, and a vertical water slide.

Three times the fun you could have on the flashy roller-coaster. Now when your visitors get used to the amusement park, you direct them to your new water park.

They pay a fee to enter. They are happy to do so. They had so much fun with the spinning carousel and the roller-coaster that they want to see the vertical water slide. The fee they have to pay? They pay it mindlessly knowing all the fun they will have with the water park.

When they leave, they tell all their friends.

“There’s a new water park with a vertical water slide that rocks!”

Peeps will come to your water park, pay the fee and be happy with it.

They’ll have the fun of their life in exchange.

Bringing more peeps to the party.

That’s how to run an amusement park.

That’s also how to run a blog.

The amusement park is your blog, with the carousel and the roller-coaster your articles. Add the water park which is your premium offer.

An amusement park is handled the same way as a blog is. The difference? You don’t pay freakish money to build some extra-fun machines. You write them instead – believe me, it’s much easier.

Now you may complain that you don’t have any kind of real-life experience in writing. I understand your point.

Did I mention that I’m French so English isn’t my native language? But… You read down to this point.

There’s something making it readable – and enjoyable.

That’s the originality of what you read. You will never find something similar on the web. It’s unique. It’s on my website.

That’s my tone, my voice. It’s a speech, I write like I’m talking.

That’s the special touch.

Now that you know, tell me.

What’s stopping you from writing like I do?

Is it the fear of failing?

What’s worse for you?

Trying and failing to build an online empire? You can try again, like in a video game.

Or never trying and living paycheck to paycheck because you never took a single risk? How will you try again if that’s all you are doing daylong?

How bad does the second option sound?

Pretty bad.

Psst, let me tell you a secret…

The game is rigged in favor of bold peeps. You read that far? You are a bold person. 70% of the readers already left the page.

I’m pretty content with this stat. Only the best will stay, sounds like Hunger Games.

And you’ll brutally murder them all with the tool I’m about to give you.

Launch your online empire

What you get?

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