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How to develop critical thinking | a powerful filter for everything you read

A large part of what you read / view everyday is bullshit You aren’t aware of it. But I’m telling you. Watching too much informational content is bad for you. Your brain is like a sponge. It can only contain absorb a certain quantity of information. Once it’s done, he will digest them so you…
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11th July 2017 1

Your smartphone is a networking killer

When I go out with my friends, this situation happen again and again. I’m there, trying to make the conversation with some automates. I only get some grunts for answer. Quiet discouraging to make them change. It’s pretty annoying when you can contact random guys that you don’t know and speak with them with more…
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7th July 2017 0

The 3 daily habits of entrepreneurs who built million dollars companies

Do you think this guy is a millionaire ? Fuck no. It’s me. Hell, why are you making an article on entrepreneurs multi billions companies ? Why ? I have an amazingly great interest in everything that touch entrepreneurship. Yeah, lifestyle is something related. I learned about it. I read about it. I thought about…
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6th July 2017 3

Sell or be sold, Grant Cardone : Book summary

I read it all, the whole “Sell or be sold” book Kidding. You know it I’m for efficiency. I’m a blogger so I write. Being at both side of the same coin ( Reader and Writer ) give me new edges. Heck ! 80% of what you read in books is just gap filler. Same…
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4th July 2017 1

A comprehensive guide on how to ANNIHILATE social anxiety – 6 chances to become more extrovert

What is social anxiety ? Briefly, it’s the belief that you can’t speak to strangers. Those who have social anxiety are scared to talk with many people, including their superior, strangers and sometimes friends. Also extraterrestrials. Why am I speaking about a┬ábelief ? Because it ain’t true. That’s not that they can’t speak to strangers.…
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1st July 2017 0

What is downhill running ?

I find running boring It’s jumping from one feet to another one, again and again to get the further possible. It’s a nice exercise if you want to train your discipline. In fact, when you run your whole body scream you to stop. But you have to pursue the effort to bend near the goal.…
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29th June 2017 0

Business teachers hate him : He learned how to sell using a game

Selling is a tough art To learn it, most people do what we call a MBA (Master of Business and Administration), during the formation you learn how to manage a team, how to do taxes, how money works… In another word, you learn how to build your own venture. This include the “how to sell‘…
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27th June 2017 5

Figure out how you can rank in this world

There is a ladder. This ladder define us using a ranking system. There is not only one way to go up the stairs. The rank is universal. It applies for every human on earth. We often speak about being in the top 10%. This mean being at the top 10% of this scale. Gigantic stairs…
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25th June 2017 0

How to get rid of belly fat with this incredibly simple daily quest

When you picture your hero. Your future you who will succeed at everything. How does he looks like ? Strong, Big, Confident, Happy, Muscular, Knowledgeable Today’s article is going to show you how you can burn this horrible belly fat while having some fun – relative. It’s pretty simple and everyone can do it for…
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24th June 2017 0