Young And Successful

Building a business as a challenge

The first chapter of Make Money Writing Building a business is one of the most challenging yet most entertaining achievement you’ll cross. It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to operate a business. It takes a lot of knowledge for a business to be satisfactory. It’s the ultimate defy because it’s a never-ending…
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13th August 2018 0

Launching the Lion Crown collection

I’m proud. I’m launching the new Lion Crown collection. You can now show your colors in our fancy clothes. T-shirts, embroidered polos, awesome cap. We have everything you need to show who you are. For this event, and up to the last day of August 2018, you get 20% off all the Lion Crown products…
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12th August 2018 0

How to read a book every month – without getting bored nor spending too much time

You don’t have 10 minutes in a day to read? I figured out that by reading 30 minutes before sleeping you can read more and have a better sleep!

11th August 2018 1

Why ebooks and online courses are worth the bucks

Why ebooks are superior to books and why you should consider getting ebooks on subjects you know nothing about

9th August 2018 0

The 3 actual reasons you don’t make any progress at the gym – and how to conquer them

You ask: I don’t know why, but I’m not making progress in the gym! Here is 0 Reasons you aren’t making any progress at the gym Summary You lift with your smartphone You are only physically at the gym You look for progress day after day Random mistakes you make There are 3 reasons you…
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3rd August 2018 0

How and why I started a T-shirt store to shut it down 1 week later

When I tell you that building a business isn’t as hard as it used to be, I’m not even joking. In the past – Before 2000 – it would have taken a lot more time and resources to set it up. Hopefully, nowadays it’s “super easy” to set up a “new website” out of an…
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30th July 2018 0

How to win a mountain bike race: Equipement

Physical and mental preparation isn’t everything. Without a bike, you have no chance to win a mountain bike race. Here we go for the best tips you’ll get on how to win a mountain bike race, starting with the equipment. Take the lightest items with you You know what sucks? Having to carry on an…
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10th July 2018 0

How to get more time in your days

All days are 24 hours long. Whatever you do, every human on this earth and every animal has 24 hours a day. You can’t do anything about it. 24 hours days are stuck there for eternity. What does it mean? You have 24 hours a day. Warren Buffet also has 24 hours a day. The…
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6th July 2018 2

Conquering lists – to do list alternative

Chances are that you heard about to-do lists. Those are lists on which you write everything you want to do. The principle is simple, yet lethal. You feel bad not doing what you should do, so you end up doing it. It works for everything. You just need a piece of paper and a pen.…
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5th July 2018 0

Top sports every man must have practiced at least once

Men and sports, what a love story! You cannot speak of men without speaking of sports. I don’t speak about what you see on the big screen of death – TV – but the sports you actually practice. There is a huge difference between practicing and looking at someone practicing a physical activity. Guess what?…
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4th July 2018 0