Business teachers hate him : He learned how to sell using a game

Selling is a tough art

To learn it, most people do what we call a MBA (Master of Business and Administration), during the formation you learn how to manage a team, how to do taxes, how money works…

In another word, you learn how to build your own venture.

This include the “how to sell‘ part. Which is one of the most important piece of the cake.

To build a company, you must have a product and a way to sell it. Today we won’t make a product. That’s really hard, and I don’t know much on the subject yet.

We will work on how to sell.

Hopefully, we live in 2017. Meaning that you can find customers on the internet. I’m sure that you don’t get why this is so important.

Lately, entrepreneurs used to go to conventions to show their product. It was a tough competition because every builder and inventor was there, showcasing their own product.

You had to have a big advantage to win against others.

Now, when someone come on your website, you don’t have to worry about what he will see there.

He can’t find your concurrent, he can only find what you write down. Doesn’t sound too bad if you aren’t the worst writer ever.

That’s why you can use this to your advantage. On the internet, everyone can be a seller !

Selling is writing

Every writer is a seller. Till the moment you landed here, I’m selling to you.

But what am I exactly selling ?

I’m giving you free tips and advices. I’m making this site the best one you can find. So you will come back.

What I sell is information. My price ? Free. Everyone can get what I sell with a free request on google.

Whatever you are doing, there is a sale going on.

  • Arguing with someone ? You are selling your ideas
  • Having a product ? You are selling it
  • Writing on social media ? You are selling yourself
  • Playing a game ? Someone sold you a game
  • Trying to get a girl ? You are selling yourself
  • Friend in need ? You sell your services

I can go on and on. There is too much things in life which relate to sales.

What life taught me is that learning sales is hard.

You have to go out, speak with people, put yourself in the “seller” position, promote something, meet new buyers…

It takes time and efforts – as anything.

But most people don’t want to put these efforts and more than this don’t want to sell something for real.

Or don’t have anything to sell. Which is a problem if you want to learn how to sell.

That’s why I found a solution on how to learn to sell.

You don’t even have to build a site to sell products.

You don’t even need to call your grandma to give you money and buy crap to sell it

You don’t even need to go out

Selling is a critical skill. Everyone need to know how to sell. Here is how I learned !

I downloaded a game and played it

Looks easy ? It is.

You just have to download a game, play it the *right way* and you will learn how to sell.

Warning ! Playing the game without a good mindset isn’t bringing you toward your objective.

What’s the name of the game ?


The world where you will learn how to sell

Context please !

Why this game ? It’s an MMORPG. As you already know – smart man – MMORPG are designed to look like an alternative world of us.

With different customs, items, characteristics, landscape… It’s like another world.

In this world many people “live”. They all have a character who’s evolving through a new world.

When I say many, that’s really what it is. Many people are playing this game.

The more people are playing, the people you can interact with.

Create an account and download the game

How will this game teach me how to sell ?

Wakfu is complex. It’s a mix of the creativity of his inventors and real life. Which means that you can do most of what you do in real life in this game.

What interest us is sales.

We want to learn sales. I’ll show you how it is possible.

First we have to set up your account.

  1. Create the account
  2. Download the game
  3. Launch it
  4. Choose a server
  5. Choose a class
  6. Launch the game
  7. Do the tutorial

The class isn’t very important. You can pick whatever you want for your personage.

Once you did these steps, you are all set to start.

Learn how to sale using a video game

You must acquire something to sell it.

That’s why you need to obtain some resources to sale. You can get them by :

  1. Killing monsters
  2. Achieving quests
  3. Achieving success
  4. Pick up with your job – Even in a game you have to work
  5. Ending dungeon

Quest and success are unique events which give you great resources if you complete them. That’s where the problem starts. What is the better strategy ?

  • Killing monster again and again
  • Achieving every quest to gain resources
  • Level up your job to get access to the best resources
  • Doing every dungeon again and again to loot many resources

There can be an infinity of strategy in this game.

You are the main actor of it and you can do whatever you want in the world of Wakfu. Including selling these resources to other players.

You can do it by creating a merchant. That’s where your personage go when you aren’t on-line.

You can exchange directly with players if they want what you have to offer.

You can sell using the shop. Everyone can see your items and pay them so you will get what they are worth in money.

Money ?

This is a kama, that’s the money of the game

That’s the money you will receive in exchange of your resources. The more you have, the better deal you can get.

That’s part of the game you will play.

You won’t play Wakfu to beat the best bosses and hit the highest levels. That’s what normal guy’s do.

You will play Wakfu to make Kama by learning how to generate money.

Playing the game like a normal player will ensure that you won’t met the goal. You don’t have a goal ? Now you have one.

Make 10 000 000 kamas (10 millions) the fastest possible

What will you learn ?

I can ensure you that you will struggle to hit the aim.

  • Learn perseverance
  • Some strategy are better than other. I won’t give you any here. Because there is many on the internet. I don’t want you to replicate any tricks without understanding it first.
  • How selling occurs
  • The different way to sell
  • How to attract customers
  • How get something to sell – Hints : You have to build it yourself or buy it and sell it
  • Money is unstable

Final tips

You will meet many people playing this game. Make sure to stay in contact with some of them. Care if they are geeks.

It’s a game. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t make it your hobby, that’s just a mean to an end – Learn how to sell )

To make sure that you don’t forget your goal, you can add it as an objective in your agenda.  If it doesn’t suffice, you can also track your amount of kama daily using the cheat sheet to make sure you are moving forward the goal.

I really believe that this experience helped me get to where I am right now. Give it a try !

Still find it difficult to start? Grab our book, see life as a game.