Calories don’t matter when you train to get good-looking – except they do

You could eat thousands and thousands of high quality food without getting fatter and without slowing your progress. To be fair with you, that’s exactly what athletes who train for strength do. They eat over 10,000+ calories everyday… and they aren’t getting any fatter. Stronger, yes. Not fatter.

Now, there’s nothing magical behind what seems to be some kind of witchcraft. You could do the same by applying some tricks to your meals – and no, it has nothing to do with intermittent fasting.

I’m assuming you are lifting weights to get better looking – that’s the main goal of this blog anyway – and that you already understand nutrition’s basics:

  • Fat doesn’t make you fat – Sugar does
  • It’s not about how much you eat as it is about *what* you eat
  • Protein rich diet – basically at every meal you eat 30+ grams of protein
  • Low carb diet – zero sugar… More on glucose levels in another article
  • Avoid at all cost : fat + carbs food

In a nutshell, if you want to eat more calories *without* gaining fat, your diet should consist of high protein, high fat and low carbs.

This combo ensures your body is running on fat – energy to be used right now – and not on sugar which stocks excess energy as nasty fat on your body. When following this diet, some call it “Keto” you tell your body you have no reason to store fat because there’s lots of food on the table – which is actually the case!

Now, for the higher level stuff we didn’t talk about.

Food’s quality matters

While you could tip your meat in the finest olive oil and get away with it easily, try to do this with deep fryer’s oil and see the results. None. You’ll take on weight.


Low quality food = next to zero nutritious value. Your body knows it. And wants to eat a bunch of this food to compensate… So you start eating. A lot. And if that’s some carbs/fat… you already know what comes out.

And yes, finding high quality food is becoming more and more complex these days. Most cows are fed with corn. Cows NEVER evolved to eat corn. It makes them weak. No muscle mass. No energy. It’s like you eating ice creams day in day out. You’d feel awful. So, eating corn fed steaks will not get you as strong as eating a cow nurtured in big grass fields. One who’s receiving daily love and fresh grass to build muscle upon. High quality steak will get you more muscle for your bucks.

Poorly raised/grown food will bring you less nutrients – read results – than well raised/grown food. Comes to meat, fishes, veggies… Every type of food.

If there’s one thing more important than counting macro-nutrients in your food, that’s it’s quality. Always, always prefer high quality raised meat over poorly corn fed beef.

There’s no comparison possible. Prefer grass fed cows. They are born in pasture and live there. Not only is it healthier for them, it help them build stronger and bigger muscle which translate in more nutrients in your body long term.

Single ingredient food!

The less ingredients, the more natural your meals.

Let’s be honest for a second. Everything you eat that comes out of a factory… it’s non-sense to eat it. Factories manufacture cars, guns, smartphones and more in bulk. Those don’t need high quality nor special dedication to conform.

When it comes to food, that’s another deal. Industries know how to produce mass foods, don’t get me wrong. They don’t know how to craft high quality food. Because that’s nothing you can craft.

High quality apple? It’s the one you could find in your garden. Can’t compare it with an alien-apple grown in some forest under GMOs rains.

Natural – and I mean no human-crafted chemicals added to your veggies – will always surpass any kind of factory-made product.

My point? Anything containing more than one ingredient shouldn’t be eaten. Meaning that everything coming out of a factory? It’s no man’s land. Avoid.

Processed food is no food Just like video games, social media… it’s a consuming drug you don’t want to consume. Processed food is full of trans fat – fat you don’t want to eat – sugar, salt… in unhealthy proportions. And these words still carry weights when it comes to fast foods. Same limonade.

Too long, didn’t read – In fine

When it comes to eating, calories don’t matter that much. Most athletes eat *way* more than what’s recommended by health professional. They aren’t getting fat nor do they have any health problem. Because their body actually needs more energy. If you are lifting weights or practicing calisthenics chances are you can eat more calories without impairing your results. Especially when eating high protein, high fat and low carbs. Adds in some high quality food and you are all set to become better looking.