Top sports every man must have practiced at least once

Men and sports, what a love story! You cannot speak of men without speaking of sports. I don't speak about what you see on the big screen of death - TV - but the sports you actually practice. There is a huge difference between practicing and looking at someone practicing a physical activity. Guess what?… Read More »

How to become a winner

There are only 2 types of people in this world. Winners & Losers. If you aren't a winner, then you are a loser. Winners Winners have it all. Fame, wealth and health. Winners know how to handle each and every situation with the coldest calm while a loser would freak out Winners know that they… Read More »

Why I’m getting fatter

"Why is it happening to me" may you scream. I - Yannick - am not getting fatter. I'm surely gaining some muscle weight because I lift a lot, but I'm definitely not getting fatter. Who's more qualified to answer this question than a aspiring meathead of 165 lbs? I am. Today you'll learn why you… Read More »

The strongest people live in the mountains

I'm living in the Alps for a month. I can ensure you that people here are very uncommon. They don't look like the weaklings I used to find at my place. These mountain people are strong and healthy. It couldn't be otherwise. Difficulty in the mountains Everything is different when you live in the mountains.… Read More »

How to digest faster

That may be your most important problem right now, or maybe it isn't. If you are into sports, you know how much of a struggle it is to eat just before practicing your favorite sport. I know it. Swimming, mountain biking, lifting... just after after isn't super fun. You feel bad, dizzy and ultimately sick… Read More »

How to quickly stop your back pain

Back pain is a sin. We cannot even describe it as a disease, because back pain isn't really a disease. I'm 19 and I experienced back pain. That's not because I have a weak back. My lower back is solid. I can easily deadlifts and squats at bodydweight+ without any problem. I have another condition… Read More »

Battle royal- Darwinian selection

Defining Battle Royal It’s an old Asian movie in which teenagers are launched in an hostile island. There can only be 1 survivor. Note that there are thousands of weapons, guns and knifes on the island. The college men and girls have no other choice than to fight until death. This movie is a beauty… Read More »

Why I’m getting leaner

Did you notice? Successful guys are ALWAYS lean. With some exceptions. Do you know why? Fat people = poor Lean people = successful I’m beginning to understand why it’s critical to get lean as soon as possible. It offers a new world of possibility. Let’s see why I’m getting lean. Note that I’m not a… Read More »