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Mastering calisthenics fundamental fives

Unlike lifting heavy weights, you don’t just add up weight to the bar when practicing calisthenics. And that makes all the difference when it comes to training, learning movements and practicing new exercises. Fundamental fives? That’s the 5 most important exercises of calisthenics. All more complex exercises are variations of these basics. You can’t skip…
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17th April 2019 0

How to build *more* muscle while sleeping

You’ve followed this blog to the T. First, you decided to hit the weight. You trained several hours each week. Then you got a glimpse of calisthenics and decided to throw in some of these exercises in your training. Recently, you read about nutrition and *how* what you eat transforms your body – hint: high…
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14th April 2019 0

Calisthenic VS Weight Lifting – which one to get better looking

For those of you who don’t know Personal note: make an article on What’s Calisthenics? calisthenic is the art of using the weight of your body to train your muscle. Most people call it body-weight training. Think of it as all the variations of basic push-ups, pull-ups, squats… Weight lifting is the art of playing…
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11th April 2019 0