99 Mantras to live by

Don’t show your true power unless necessary. No one should know what you are capable of Always walk out slowly. Don’t run. Never. Show that it’s trivial Don’t look at your investments more than once per year You are obligated to no one. Trace your path If you don’t make time for your goals, time… Read More »

Make time or spin the wheel endlessly

This is a follow up to the last post, you can find it here. Just to brag, one day I woke up at 5AM just to hit the gym. Are you obsessed at this point to crush what you want? Literally. I hadn’t much time this day so I decided to wake up 1 hour… Read More »

How to become a loser in 11 principles

I never highlighted it. However, there are billions of ways to be a loser. Billions of those ways can be summarized in some principles. If you follow them all, you are the perfect loser. Ready to hear how you stand on the loser’s scale? Not yet. Why I’m making this article? Most websites speak about… Read More »

Attack, attack and attack. The only word to keep in mind

Offense is the best defense. [caption id="attachment_613" align="aligncenter" width="512"] Nerdow's symbol[/caption] Attack is also the best offense. It is well known, attackers always win. They are always more credited than defenders. Because attack is crucial. You can't win with a defensive strategy. At the very least you can resist for years against an attack. But you… Read More »

Blockchain, the new gold rush

Selling shovels and pickaxes will make you more money than gold digging This story takes place in a not-so-distant past, in a not-so-far away country. The inhabitants of this country discovered a rare-yellowish metal. It shined brighter than the sun, it was perfect to use as a currency. The inhabitants gave a name to the metal: Gold. Gold… Read More »

How to live aggressively – 8 samples

What is aggressively? It's when you are extremely motivated to do something. Let's say that you want to win a game of chess. If you do it aggressively, you won't stop until you win your first game. No matter what happen, even if an asteroid strike earth you remain cool-headed. No problem for you. The… Read More »

How to apply extreme ownership

Someone asked me to go further on ownership. Here we are with the third article on taking extreme ownership. Let me think a bit about it, because well I don’t have much more ideas in the back. We already know that ownership is what separate those who complain 24/24 from those who are happy. Once… Read More »

5 of the best websites for self-improvement

Those are websites that I read practically every week - when I have the time. I profit from the knowledge of the writers and so should you! All of these website helped me one day or another. It's no surprise that I recommend them to you. Keep cool, most of them are a bit more… Read More »

5 computer wallpaper to stay inspired

I love cool motivational wallpapers More than being gorgeous, those motivational wallpapers are there to remind you of your goal. You aren't on Nerdow to be a random individual. You are here to wreck everything! We want you to become the very best. The cream of the cream. That's why we made 5 wallpapers to… Read More »