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How to win a mountain bike race: physical and mental preparation

My next challenge: win”la bellicime” Right in the Alps, I’ll participate in the race in less than 3 weeks. I have 3 weeks to train, 3 weeks to give the best of myself to achieve this race without any problems. Here is my plan, and here is your plan to win a mountain bike race.…
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13th April 2019 0

Actual secrets to progress at the gym

You can read thousands – even billions – of articles on the subjects. Most articles come with a picture: before, after of the guy/girl who trained for X months and got spectacular results. Most people are “lying” to you with such articles. What I know that you don’t is that you need to have 5+…
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17th February 2019 0

Efficiency by Wall Street Playboys : Review

The purpose of life is to find a way to be more efficient. Wall Street Playboys Efficiency being one of the primary investment of our life, it comes at no surprise we *must* improve it. Efficiency means the whole package. From useless expenses… to building the shiny essence of your mind, everything can be improved.…
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13th February 2019 0

What stops you from actually doing it? – Money, style, health and relationships

“Hey champion! It’s -2 outside. Today you will hit the gym and write some copywriting mails. Have an excellent day!” You just read the exact same message that’s blasting in my hears when I wake up in the morning. And to be frank with you, my official alarm clock blast “I’m sexy and I know…
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29th January 2019 0

Sending business owners coldmails to make a quick buck

Money gets exchanged a lot. Business. Buyers. Customers. More people and more. It’s like water. $$$ move in and out. And well, just like water there’s a quick hack to catch it. Be the middleman. Money flows from A to B. Be between A and B. By that I mean. Contact the business owner, share…
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26th January 2019 0

What you should know before lifting weights at the gym

Everything you wished you know before lifting weights in the gym

14th January 2019 0

Looking like Chad Thundercock

Secrets to look like the most feared man on earth

12th January 2019 0

Be your own slave

Stop talking crap and live by your words.

9th January 2019 0

I’m angry – if you’re not, something’s wrong with you

Nothing enrages me more than the asshole driving a yellow lambo next to me.
I’m angry and I’ll get a better car. And so will you

3rd January 2019 0

How to be the decision maker of ANY situation

Ever been with your friend in a situation where NO ONE seems to be able to take a decision? You know, 5 of you are silently fighting to find a place to eat. Or something to do. These 5 peeps, including you already KNOW where they want to eat. For decency, they don’t tell anything.…
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5th November 2018 4