Why ebooks and online courses are worth the bucks

First point first, I’m making my own promo with this article – and everyone who has written an ebook or more will thank me for this! Most people, don’t realize why ebooks are superior to articles. In this article, I will tell you why ebooks and courses are the next steps products you need to… Read More »

Conquering lists – to do list alternative

Chances are that you heard about to-do lists. Those are lists on which you write everything you want to do. The principle is simple, yet lethal. You feel bad not doing what you should do, so you end up doing it. It works for everything. You just need a piece of paper and a pen.… Read More »

3/ Quora starter guide

You aren't fluent in english? And so? I received many mails from people stating that they can't write on Quora because they don't have a perfect english. It's already the 10th mail that I'm sending you and some readers still didn't answer a single question because of an obstacle. You know what happens when you… Read More »

2/ Quora starter guide

How to write as much as I do? I enjoy writing. I write because it is so fun for me to write. Otherwise I wouldn't write this much. Keep in mind that I'm an engineering student, that I work out 6/7 days a week and that I write for 30 minutes to 2 hours every… Read More »

1/ Quora starter guide

Finding the right questions Today you will learn how to find the perfect question to answer on Quora. Finding the perfect question is critical, if you answer a question in which no one has an interest, no one will read your answer. Sad. I don't want to waste your creative juice! Here's the best formula… Read More »

The weakest dude at the gym

Subj: How to not be the weakest guy at the gym I received a message on my Quora. The guy is "demotivated" to hit the gym because he is the weakest dude in the room. At least that's what he feels. Chances are that's wrong. It makes 8 months that I train and I already… Read More »

Is it hard to build a first business? – Beating the invisible

Subj: Why not everyone will build a business You read it hundreds of time, it’s written everywhere on the internet: Building a business is easy I’m going to break this myth. Building a business isn’t easy. Building a business can be summarized in simple very general steps to follow which MAY create a business. We… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Twitter

How to turn Twitter into an asset for your business Make money using Twitter You read it right. You’ll learn how to turn your Twitter into a part of your business. Each and every social media has this feature, however, some are easier to master. Twitter is one of those. So… How do you reinforce… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Pinterest

How to build your online business based on Pinterest Pinterest is an Instagram clone except that it doesn’t feature the same type of content. On Pinterest you aren’t going to find boobs and money. You’ll find a lot of “do it yourself”, business strategy and lifestyle pictures. Basically Pinterest enables you to reach whoever doesn’t… Read More »