Online business blueprint: Quora

How to build your online business based on Quora Quora is a question/answer website on which you can write a lot, get a huge amount of followers and build your brand. How do you do so? By writing answers to the gazillion questionsyou find on Quora. Let’s see how it works. Someone asks a question.… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Facebook group

How does a Facebook group business works? A Facebook group is very similar to a website business except that here you are not the only one to post. You will add dozens and dozens of members who have an interest in what your group promotes. Don’t worry, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of thematic to… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Website

How to build an online website business How does it works? Did you ever wonder how websites owner's generate money? Ads? Sales? Product? Affiliate marketing? Magical spell? One of these is right. Website's owners make money by selling products. Ads are dead. You make a misery by spoiling the design of your website with ads… Read More »

Online business blueprint: Instagram page

Building an Instagram page as a business How does it work? You build a huge audience on Instagram using free of right pictures with some filters. Once you have enough readers, you target them based on their interest. Better, you start your page with a theme in mind. Once this theme is established and you… Read More »

Online business strategy: Minecraft server

Building a Minecraft server as a business Principle You may remember Minecraft as a cool old-school game. But that’s 100% wrong. Many, many gamers are still playing on Minecraft. Mostly on big mini-games server such as Hypixel, Hive, Mineplex and others. But… Nostalgia is a big factor to take into consideration. Most of these players… Read More »

How to get more followers on Quora

The goal of this article is simple. I want to teach you how to get more followers on Quora. First, let me tell you that the fact that you are on this page is the #1 reason you will get more followers on Quora. You already want to get more followers, that’s the beginning of… Read More »

Make a lot of views on Quora

This is the holy grail. How do you make more views on Quora? While being popular thank's to your followers is great, making many views on Quora is better. We are on the internet. The more views you make, the richer you are. If you don't make any views? Well, you are poor on the… Read More »

How to become popular on Quora

Why do you want to be popular on Quora? Because that’s your desire. You want to become popular on Quora, don’t you? Of course, you do! Being popular on Quora won’t change your life but is a great way to get noticed. Of course, random people may not tell you “Hi” in the street because… Read More »

How to write a great answer on Quora

Just to brag a bit, I have over 5 million views on Quora, 4000+ followers and the numbers keep growing while more and more readers come to my website. I’m happy with this. It brings me the feeling that I am helping people by answering their questions. Plus, more and more people are reading these… Read More »