Life is a game

Chapter 1 : Who are you?

Are you the player? Are you the guy who’s holding the controller while eating some chips? Or are you part of the non-player character? Are you the main character?

Tell me! Who are you?

You don’t know. Me neither. But here’s what I found. We can pretty much control everything in our life. The food we eat, the sports we practice, the activities we compete in, the jobs we do, the players we see, the challenges we want to overcome, the way we look… We can control many, many parameters in this game.

But not all. We aren’t some sorts of gods or goddesses. Nah. We are just players of a game. We don’t know the creator(s) and maybe we will never know who they are. After all, it makes sense. Do you really need to know who put you here? What’s great is that you are here. No need to figure out the how. It doesn’t make sense to search it as this comes from the past. A past we will never see again because… Well, it’s the past.

I think of our lives as a video game. You know, the kind of big RPG where everyone interacts to grow better, faster, stronger. The kind of RPG where you grind for hours on end just to loot the last item from the last update so you’ll be the first to have it! Maybe this item is only a cosmetic. But having it is a form of power. The kind of RPG where you can meet other people, build your own venture…

Life isn’t an individual game. Only a handful will learn how to defeat bosses alone. That’s fine, there will always be exceptions to the rules. But we aren’t those exceptions, that’s why we will look at the standardized way to succeed in life. While it may seem like a lot of work, it’s more like figuring out the best tricks to helps you get better faster. Faster than the normal rate, which is quite slow. Let’s learn how to run while others are crouching.

After a few lines, you realized it. Life is a big game. You got lucky enough to have a ticket and play on it, remember that it’s very competitive to get this ticket. More than 300 million of wanna-be players fought to get a ticket. You won. That’s a little fact to remember when you feel depressed. You beat 300 million very similar individuals in a race, and that was before you were even born. How amazing are you?

Once you won the race, you had 9 months to recover. Yeah, being a top tier racer is quite tiring. Anyway, that’s after this ¾ of a year that the winner can start exploring more. Let the game begin.

And it’s already flawed. Some players get extra advantages that the other will have to counterbalance later on. Here is a list of the top advantages that one can get to place himself in the top tier of very young players. Those players are born…

  • Rich
  • With a great IQ
  • In a well-known family
  • With an abundance of food
  • At a great time
  • In a developed country
  • With high energy

All these advantages are unfair. Few people possess them. It’s an initial boost. That’s like when you buy a bundle when you just start a game. However here you can’t buy it. That’s totally random like those kinder eggs. You can’t know what’s inside until you open it. But you urge yourself to open it! Maybe that’s a boring wooden toy. Or possibly it can be the 3 head Megatron that you always wanted. No one knows what’s inside of the bundle. You get a random starter.

That’s the big lottery. It happens every time someone comes up here on earth. There is a ton of balls, rambling one against another. Again, and again. Making a huge noise. And then you get it. Hazard.

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that no one can influence this randomness. I can’t. You can’t. No one can influence it. That’s why there is no need to complain nor to brag.

You didn’t get what you deserved in every case. Let’s find out how you can use the gifts you got by birth. Even if you don’t believe me on this, everyone. EVERYONE. Has at least a gift somewhere.

You got spoiled. And you don’t even know it

Every damn kid got a gift. And that’s not the one you believe you received.

Every damn kid didn’t get money, a loving family, a high IQ or other nonsense that we look with such admiration. That’s only the first side of the coin.

What’ I’m telling you is that there is another side of the coin. Your job is to find out what’s on this side. I’m here to help you figure this out.

Everyone, everyone is gifted in a way or another. Your job is to find what’s your gift and how to use it effectively. Knowing your talent will already place you ahead of most of your peers.

Hints: They don’t even believe that they can talented

Knowing this little fact, you may wonder: How the hell am I supposed to find my talents? There are too much of different skills on earth. I can’t try them all!

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