Chapter 1: Life is a game

Chapter 1 : If life is game, then who are you?

Are you the player? Are you the guy who’s holding the controller while eating some chips? Or are you part of the non-player character? Are you the main character?

Tell me! Who are you?

You don’t know. Me neither. But here’s what I found. We can pretty much control everything in our life. The crap we eat, the sports we practice, the area where we are competitive, the job we do, the players we see, the challenges we want to overcome, the way we look… We can control many, many parameters in this game.

But not all. We aren’t some sorts of gods or goddesses. Nah. We are just players of a game. We don’t know the creator and maybe we will never know who they are. After all, it doesn’t make sense. Do you really need to know who put you here? What’s great is that you are here. No need to figure out the how. It doesn’t make sense to search it as this comes from the past. A past we will never see again because… Well, it’s the past.

I think of our lives as a video game. You know, the kind of big RPG where everyone interacts to grow better, faster, stronger. The kind of RPG where you grind for hours on end just to loot the last item from the last update so you’ll be the first to have it! Maybe this item is only a cosmetic. But having it is a form of power – In your mind only. The kind of RPG where you can meet other people, make a guild – Venture – and grow together.

Life isn’t an individual game. Very few learn how to defeat bosses alone. That’s fine, there will always be exceptions to the rules. But we aren’t those exceptions, that’s why we will look at the standardized way to succeed in life. While it may seem like a lot of work, it’s more like figuring out the best tricks to helps you get better faster. Faster than the normal rate, which is quite slow. Let’s learn how to run where others are crouching.

After a few lines, you realized it. Life is a big game. You got lucky enough to have a ticket and play on it, remember that it’s very competitive to get this ticket. More than 300 million of wannabe players fought to get a ticket. You were a winner – you still are. That’s a little fact to remember when you feel depressed. You beat 300 million very similar individuals in a race, and that was before you were even born. How amazing are you?

Once you won the race, you had 9 months to recover. Yeah, being a top tier racer is quite tiring. Anyway, that’s after this ¾ of a year that the winner can start. At this point in the story, the game begins.

The game is already flawed. Some players get extra advantages that the other will have to counterbalance later on. Here is a list of the top advantages that one can get to place himself in the top tier of very young players. Those players are born…

  • Rich
  • With a great IQ
  • In a well-known family
  • With an abundance of food
  • At a great time
  • In a developed country
  • With high energy

All these advantages are unfair. Few people possess them. It’s an initial boost. That’s like when you buy a bundle when you just start a game. However here you can’t buy it. That’s totally random like those kinder eggs. You can’t know what’s inside until you open it. But you urge yourself to open it! Maybe that’s a crappy toy. Or possibly it can be the 3 head Megatron that you always wanted. No one knows what’s inside of the bundle. You get a random starter.

That’s the big lottery. It happens every time someone comes up here on earth. There is a ton of balls, rambling one against another. Again, and again. Making a huge noise. And then you get it. Hazard.

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that no one can influence this randomness. I can’t. You can’t. No one can influence it. That’s why there is no need to complain nor to brag.

You didn’t get what you deserved in every case. Let’s find out how you can use the gifts you got by birth. Even if you don’t believe me on this, everyone. EVERYONE. Has at least a gift somewhere.

You got spoiled. And you don’t even know it

Every damn kid got a gift. Not the one you believe.

Every damn kid didn’t get money, a loving family, a high IQ or other nonsense that we look with such admiration. That’s only the first side of the coin that everyone can easily look at.

What’ I’m telling you is that there is another side of the coin. Your job is to find out what’s on this side.

Everyone, everyone is gifted in a way or another. Your job is to find what’s your gift and how to use it effectively. Knowing your talent will already place you ahead of most of your peers.

Hints: They don’t even believe that they can talented

Knowing this little fact, you may wonder: How the fuck am I supposed to find my talents? There are too much of different skills on earth. I can’t try them all.

Your righter than right. And that’s the least I can say. Here’s an amazing process to find out about what you are really good. It’s not that hard. It just takes a bit of time, enthusiasm, and many tries.

I don’t know who you are. That’s why I’ll assume that you are just starting out with this kind of content. To find your talents, there is two ways. The hard one and the easy one. We are all lazy so I recommend the second one.

The hard way: Try it all

Every sport you ever dreamed to performed. Try them all. Not for two hours. Put at least one month of effort into them. Less will be meaningless or just dumb. That’s the time it takes to gauge if you are good at it or not. Do the same for every job you want to apply it.

Try them all! Even those activities which seem boring, even those which aren’t well defined like mountain running!

Yeah, that sounds harsh and hard by the way. Remember, you don’t have to get accepted at all these jobs. Perhaps being a software engineer is one of your dreams. Fine. Just learn how to code! Always, always find the quickest way to exercise. That’s the secret you waited for so long. Also, you aren’t there to bring value to people nor to help everyone else except yourself. You don’t need to stay for more than one month. Nor do you need to create some deep friendships with every guy or girl you meet during your trial period. Try-Harding to find what best fit you is the smartest move you can execute.

So smart that most people skip it. They think that they already know what they are good at. It’s false. Or partially. Maybe they found an activity when they can easily reach an above average skill set. Guess what? It doesn’t mean anything. They may be way, way better at another activity. That’s how people may end up losing their potential for utilities. Never settle. Usually, your dream is closer than what you can think of. Just try all the possibilities. You’ll get it. It will tick you when you will find the activity where you are the best at. Maybe not immediately. But after some weeks, it should be so obvious that you’ll wonder: Why haven’t I started earlier?

The easy way: Wait for someone to tell you that you are good

One day someone will tell it to you.

Mark. You are so good at [InsertRandomActivityHere]. Why don’t you make a career of it?

If no one tells you this, that’s because you aren’t born for this area. That’s simple as a compliment. Many dreams to get some. But few get them. Know that when you get a compliment related to how you perform, this is the sign. That’s your way. Keep pushing. Harder than ever!

Using this rule, I’m not that great at biking because no one told me so. I ride my bike alone for more than 10 hours a week, do some jumps and can even go to the mountain to ride downhill. It doesn’t make me a pro. No one ever told me that I’m super good at biking. So, I’m not. It’s just a hobby!

What if you only have jealous friends or a quiet one? It doesn’t matter. The rule still applies. Read between the lines. If someone is impressed – He will be if you are that great – then he will more likely than not watch you with big eyes / say crap / Ask you for advice. Those three are also indicators that you are great at an activity.

Wait. You only spoke about “activities”. What if I want to become a hedge fund manager?

If you want to attain certain jobs that you can’t train for, then it’s harder than the latter. You have to make friend with people related to those areas. Otherwise, it will be way too hard to enter there. Many, many people who aren’t qualified are doing so high-end jobs because they got a great friend to push them up.

Usually, you don’t end up there because you are the most talented. Nop. You can go climb up the ladder. Again, and again. But you will hit the roof at one time or another. Once you are at it, you need someone from the upper side of the roof to break this wall. If no one breaks the bricks then you are stuck on your ladder and look like an idiot. That’s why you must make some friends in the upper area. More than being potential mentors for, later on, they will surely help you out.

It’s not super hard for someone to tell their boss:

 Hey! I have a friend who wants to join the team. He’s great at doing [X] and can to [Z] faster than everyone else. He deserves his luck. Can you give him a try?

Notice how the same happens in every video game? If you want to join a team, you always make friend with a member of the team and then ask him to push you up. Because I feel generous today, I’m giving you a blueprint to help you make friend with everyone. Believe me or not, these lines already helped me to get out of weird situations.

Cheat sheet. How to make friend with everybody.

Using Facebook

  1. Search for a group where you can find the people you want to hang out with
  2. Join the group and do nothing but reading. Read. Read
  3. Figure out create the most interactions between the members
  4. Use a similar format: Question, how to, pictures, videos… Whatever is working in this particular group
  5. Comment on random posts. The more visibility you get, the easier the next step
  6. Cold adds random – or not -people in the group. Not more than 10 per day otherwise Facebook will make your life a living hell
  7. At least 50% will add you back if they see/saw a post/comment from you on the group
  8. Always introduce yourself first to them
  9. Hi, I’m [YourName]! We are both on [XGroup]. Recently I found [ZProblem]. Did you ever get into that?
  10. Repeat again and again until you find a valuable individual who can help you get what you want. Or just make friends for the sake of it

IRL – In Real Life                 /!\ Easier than what you think

  1. I’m a supporter of the all-in method. It may not suit everyone
  2. Wherever you want to meet someone. Just say “Hi”
  3. It’s as simple as this
  4. Scared to run out of crap to say?
  5. Ask a question instead. It doesn’t matter at all unless it’s totally unrelated/rude
  6. Just keep the conversation running
  7. Ask for a way to stay in contact
  8. Great, you made a friend

If you are shy, read our guide to annihilate your social anxiety!

  • Don’t make friends with random dudes on the internet
  • Never spam those friends. It’s useless. Keep great conversations for when you meet in person
  • Befriend people who are further than you. They have more experience and will happily help
  • If you know someone who can help a friend, refer them. That’s called networking
  • If they don’t match your standards, say goodbye
  • You owe them nothing
  • You are the average of the 5 people you speak the most. Choose wisely

After this quick introduction, you now get more about life than a bunch of people. To be honest, I’d say more than 80% of the population

If there is a sentence that you should never forget again, that’s the one I’m repeating till the beginning. Life a game. We saw in the first chapter that we can basically do the same as in every RPG.

  • Walk and explore the world
  • Choose an existent job or create a new one
  • Buy some items to improve your stats: Coolness, attractiveness, style
  • Play very competitively and destroy your opponents
  • Learn how to craft your own items
  • Shape your character
  • Interact with many other players
  • Experience every level – age -, however, not everyone will make it to the max level
  • Change your stats by eating differently: Strength, agility, intelligence
  • Train to acquire what ability you want to master
  • Create another little player
  • Sell items to every other player
  • Improve your character by training your body

You don’t need to read more of these bullets to make the point. We live in an open world with endless possibilities.

Sure, most of these activities are hard. And changes won’t happen at the very right moment that you start to give them a try. That’s more like the water which flows on the mountain. It takes years and years for the water to create a new path through the rock. It’s hard. That’s what we call erosion. But once the path is there, it will grow faster and faster. You have the same power. You are the water, eroding the rock which is your life. You want to make a clear way. But there will always be some randomness which will make you deviate. That’s why it’s so hard to create the perfect life!

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