Conquering lists – to do list alternative

Chances are that you heard about to-do lists.

Those are lists on which you write everything you want to do.

The principle is simple, yet lethal. You feel bad not doing what you should do, so you end up doing it.

It works for everything. You just need a piece of paper and a pen.

Write down what you want to do and observe yourself magically doing it.

I cannot stand a not-crushed objectives.

When I see that something on my list isn’t crushed, I instinctively need to do it.

I need to pull out all my efforts in order to crush the task.

I won’t feel well until the job is done.

Conquering lists

Conqueror’s lists aren’t to do lists.

They also rely on you writing your goals and aspirations on a sheet of paper.

The difference is that you don’t only write tasks, you write the goals themselves.

A conquering list

  • Make a million dollars
    • Nerdow
      • Write 500 high quality articles
      • Publish make money writing
      • Develop a mailing list to 2,000 subscribers
      • Write on Quora to attract views
    • Secret project
      • #1
      • #2
    • Another secret project
      • #1

As you can see, there are 2 major differences with to-do lists.

  1. It’s not a one day list. Your conquering list can go on for your years. You just need to cut your big tasks into smaller one so you can see your achievements in real time
  2. There’s an ultimatum. If you don’t achieve the big goal by the end of the date, you lose

Admitting that I just got 2,000+ subscribers on my mailing list, the new list would look like the next one:

  • Make a million dollars 05/07/2023
    • Nerdow
      • Write 500 high quality articles
      • Publish make money writing
      • Develop a mailing list to 2,000 subscribers
      • Write on Quora to attract views
    • Secret project
      • #1
      • #2
    • Another secret project
      • #1

Once every small achievement is achieved, it’s time to move to the bigger ones. Keep going, keep striking until you get to the biggest achievement.

If you planned accordingly, you should achieve it when every small achievement is crossed.

If that’s not the case? Add new achievements to help you move toward your goal.

Build your own conquering lists

Whether you need a conquering list for your business, for your blog or for any other big goals, here is the complete blueprint to realize a conquering list.

Having a conquering list right to your side will help you to tackle down the obstacles.

It does more than the average to-do list.

With a conquering list you have all the tools to actually achieve whatever you want.

You simply need to lay out the steps once, and then let the list work for you. Nothing simpler!

1/ Defining your big goal

It’s the summit of the pyramid. Your big goal is what you’ll reach at the end of your long journey.

If this goal isn’t valuable to you, you aren’t going to fight tooth and nails to get it. It’s time to define it.

  • What’s your big goal?
  • How much time do you give yourself to reach it? – Be realistic! Usually it requires much more time than your first thought

If you don’t have a big goal yet, you are in trouble. I can’t give you mine. I can’t give you ideas. Your big goal must absolutely come from you. Otherwise you won’t the courage to stand for it, because you didn’t create it.

It must be a product of your mind. Define your big goal.

You don’t have any idea? Think about it for some minutes. Even more if you need to.

Don’t go past this line without a big goal.

Concerning the time by which you’ll achieve your big goal, it depends on you. How long do you believe it will take you to reach your big goal?

Too much time and you will procrastinate.

Too little time and you will rush everything.

Find the right window that fits you!

2/ Big steps

What will lead you to your big goals?

What projects are moving you forward in your quest?

Those are the big steps you need to take in order to achieve your big goal.

Once all these steps are achieved, then your big goal should be easy to crush.

These steps are projects, ideas or big problems to tackle.

They must be less important than your big goal.


Imagine that you are 15 years old and your big goal is to be a 18 years old multi-millionaire.

  • Make 3 million dollars by 05/07/2021
    • Invest money
      • Bitcoin
      • Nxt
      • Microsoft
      • Google
    • Invest time
      • Find a big project to make money
      • Learn how to sale for 1 hour per day during 1 year
      • Get rid of your TV
      • Block distraction websites
      • Read – Sell or be sold
    • Project
      • Build a most viable product
      • Get a website
      • Find the name
      • Create a logo
      • Search partners
      • First sell
      • Automate the business to the maximum

The big steps will become the way our 15 years old invest his resources to get to 3 millions by his 18th birthday.

3/ Small steps

The exact steps required to strike the big steps.

Small steps are tasks you could tackle down within a day.

They should be simple and require not so much time investment.

You should be able to do 1-3 of them each day.

They are small steps. A combination of all these small steps will get rid of the big steps and then of the big goal.

You cannot get to the top of the pyramid of the bottom isn’t built. That’s the same way here. We start by building the bottom before we build the top.

4/ Craft your conquering list

I use google Keep to make my conquering lists.

You can also make them on a sheet of paper, a spreadsheet or any other support you enjoy working with.

Final conquering list look

It looks amazing.

Simply write your big goal, big steps and small steps on a note.

Take care to space them accordingly.

Congratulation, you crafted your first conquering list.