Define success before you chase it

This quote comes from Tom Hopkins. A smart man who realized how important it is to have goals in one’s life.

Without goals? There’s no joy. You can never have this feeling of…

“I worked so hard for it. And now I crushed it. What’s the next achievement I must claim”

And this way, you are playing a never ending improvement game.

My life is broken down in successes and achievements in 3 different realms.

  • Get good-looking
  • Get paid
  • Get extreme self-confidence

Without these goals? I would wander aimlessly.

What should I do next?

It’s not me. So I defined several goals for myself to crush – and whatever I’m doing, I’m always aiming to break the next achievement on my list – you’ll find the success map at the bottom of this article!

It sounds like a video game. You train your character and unlock new perks by crossing achievements. It’s the exact same stuff.

Except you are doing it in the real world with an intense will of improvement.

Below you’ll find several achievements every young man should aim to claim.

These are distributed in 3 different realms you’ll find below.

Defining success in the good looking realm

There’s only two factors increasing how good-looking you are:

  • Muscle building
  • Fat loss

Basically, getting lean and mean. It’s the archetype ALL good-looking young men embody.


Having visible abs (lean), and a buffed body (mean) means your genes are highly successful. And you’ll share these traits with your offspring.

This young man achieved lean & mean success

It’s a social status symbol telling everyone looking at you “I’m high quality”. Compared to most people who look like slobs who can’t get out by themselves… Just being good looking is already an edge over the whole world.

If there’s only a real success in the physical realm you must claim, it’s getting a six pack to show the world your reproductive value.

Yes it’s 100% superficial.

And you’ll feel insanely great every time you’ll look at what you built. Only a handful of men will ever see their abs muscle.

So… What’s the goal you must cross? Go below 10% body fat with a decent amount of muscle – enough so you look like you are lifting weights, which is the case

How do you claim your achievement?

  • Zero sugar diet. Sugar is disrupting your body and you know it. It’s the worst drug you can get in your body. It tells it to store all excessive energy as fat. Which is the exact opposite of what we want
  • High protein, high fat, low carbs diet. If that means nothing to you, read this article
  • Hit the gym 5 days a week. No secret. Building muscle while lifting increasingly more difficult weights will get you more muscle… Which in turns burn more energy
  • Drink plenty’o water – your body needs it!
  • Sleep to build muscle. Sleep is neglected by most fellow gym people. They think gym and diet is more than enough. It’s not. You should rest to build your body

Maybe your goal is just to shred 5 kg. That’s okay. In the long run you’ll see the light and realize you can claim your good-looking status.

Success in the internet money realm

While it’s nice to make your first sale online. It shows how much you can really achieve using the internet as a tool to sell stuff.

Once you understand how to sell on the internet, you just have to scale it up… And make even more money in the process.

  • Improve your salesman performance
  • Have more visitors to your sale page
  • Higher quality prospect – better targeting
  • Ranking your website on Google

Success in the make money realm is about making 2,000 dollars per month online. That’s my definition.

Once I’ll cross it? Numbers will grow. Again and again. I’ll probably never get bored of making more money. It’s an endless quest.

Real achievement is to make enough money so you can stop working a regular job and drive all-in in your ventures.

Biz plan

For some of you it may be as low as 500 dollars. Others? It’s higher.

What’s sure? It’s possible to make this kind of money online. And everyone can do it.

It depends clearly on your talent to solve other people’s problems… And how well you understand the internet and sale strategies.

Next thing you know, you become a millionaire selling subscription to weight lifting programs – helping young men get better looking.

Here’s how I made my first sale online on this exact website. I’m giving away the blueprint I used, feel free to steal it.

Defining self-confidence success

Do what you want most of the time.

That’s it. Just doing what you want most of the time will increase your self-confidence to stellar levels.

Most young men NEVER do what they want.

  • See a girl they want to talk to? Find two excuses. Let the opportunity slips away
  • Want to get better looking. Read articles online. Figure out the first steps. Decide gym isn’t for them. Get fat.
  • Want to make money online. Never builds a website. Never learn sales. Never send cold mails. Wonder why they aren’t making dollars online

Not doing what you want to do is the easiest way to get frustrated with your life. Unhappy young men are all frustrated because they self-limit themselves by never taking any action.

It’s a vicious circle you should never get in.

Achievement cheat sheet.

Instead of wandering without goals, here’s a sheet full of goals you can pursue

Click to view the full picture – you should download this picture!

How to use it?

First step : cross the goals you already achieved.

Next level, define which success you want to unlock.

Go figure out how you can get them.

Hint : use the search feature on Nerdow to find your answers.

Conquer all achievements.

Good luck my friend!